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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Abuses Government Helicopter To Make Play Date

On Dec 7, 2017 Politico reported that this past July Ryan Zinke took a $6,250 U,S. Park Police helicopter ride, so he could make a horseback ride play date with Mike Pence.  I know a guy who got fired for driving a company vehicle two miles down the road, but Zinke pulls off this abuse and it seems it is just government as usual. Making a playdate, because you were in the area but not close enough to get there by car, is not a reason to abuse government resources and tax payer dollars. There are many we are so close, but it never happens because it wasn't close enough. But when you have government resources to order to helicopter taxi you there, why not?  Well because the tax payers are not responsible for getting Ryan Zinke to a play date.Using tax payer dollars in this manner, is beyond abusive and shows poor leadership and financial decision making. Plus the Department of the Interior has six top priorities, and climate change is one of them. The DOI has no solutions, and only states that they are going to participate in research, which is ridiculous in 2017 going on 18 with decades of research, and worse and worse consequences from not having solutions. Solutions that have been on Zinke's desk since he was a Montana national public not-servant. Solutions Zinke is still censoring from the world while being environmentally abusive. Zinke and Pence need to watch Environmental Educator week 12 White House Leadership, Thursday video about White House plane use. It is also interesting that Ryan Zinke would go to such great lengths to talk to his boss, because when Zinke was a Montana national public not-servant, Zinke didn't talk to his bosses, the public.  Ryan Zinke censoring the environmental education and agenda the world needs to solve our environmental challenges, and this abuse of government resources and tax payer dollars, means the U.S. citizens needs a new Secretary of the Interior. 

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