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Maybe U.S. Rep Mia Love Maybe Won't Allow Envir Solutions So Every 3rd World Citizen Can Invade US

Mia Love is a US Representative and a member of the will not allow environmental solutions Congress Climate Caucus. Mia had some tough words for President Trump yesterday, because Trump accurately called Haiti a s-hole, which it is. Everyone know Haiti has one of the worst standards of living on the planet, but that doesn't mean every person who don't have an American standard of living gets to invade, not immigrate to, but invade America.

But I think that might be Mia Love's plan. Maybe Mia Love won't allow environmental solutions, so when third world island nations get wiped out, Mia and every other treason against America national public servant can demand that US citizens roll over and allow every third world citizen on the planet to invade, and further deteriorate America the newest third world country.

100+ million Americans don't have a job, and Trump is right, America is overwhelmed with low skilled, costs taxpayers huge sums of money when they invade America. America needs quality immigrants, immigrants not invaders, who can come here and contribute to America not collapse it to worse than what all the illegal invaders have come from, which is exactly where America is headed, and soon.

But Mia like every other member of the U.S. Congress Climate Caucus will not allow solutions and only talks to groups who advocate taxing American citizens into poverty with a carbon tax. It seems Mia and her co-treason against America national public brutal dictators who all will not allow environmental solutions, only cares about destroying America every way they can. So today after Mia's comments to Trump yesterday. I firmly believe Mia just would rather wipe out entire island nation to further invade and collapse America.

The U.S. Congress Climate Caucus needs to be dismantled, because they do not care about environmental solutions. And Mia Love should resign from congress and have to work, or as so many Americans don't work, because of all the illegal invaders Mia thinks she works for.


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