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About the EE is below. Before some blah blah blah,

Enjoy Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Moab UT


About Eileen Connors the Environmental Educator

Eileen was kept after by class by most every teacher she ever had, telling her how much potential she has, and scolding her because she doesn't even try. Every parent teacher conference had the same end result. Then Eileen has spent most her adult life not being allowed to achieve desperately needed global environmental betterment.


Eileen is an analyst and a problem solver. I had a real job for a decade before quitting and moving to Vail to learn to ski. That was Nov 1990. Two to three months into Vail I figured out that the tourist industry is probably the biggest sweatshop in the world, so I wasn't really into the work. But the lifestyle was really good so I wasn't going back to a real job anytime soon. 

November 17, 1993 while looking at the comics page I thought here, this is where you need to put the education the world needs in front of the world everyday. I had had other ideas, even when I had a real job, but I knew they weren't good, big or distributed enough, but the comics page was. So I started the Environmental Educator (EE) education. It was a topic a week, with a daily rectangular strip with text that had a blackboard in the upper left corner that drove home the main point.  During the many submissions process, syndications were impressed, but insisted there was no market for it. I kept trying but it remained a no go. Eventually the EE education became a website and app, which just had the daily education in an about forty second video, but until there is voices steering the public into thinking they need to become environmentally literate, this extensive effort didn't go far enough. 

Since when I started this I lived in Vail, shortly after Nov 17, 1993 I contacted both the Town of Vail and the ski area which was Vail Associates, and said let's lead the world environmentally. Lets end global environmental illiteracy and our disposable society. Let's partner with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and make and get seen the solutions movie the world needs. I got a free ski pass. I called the NREL and said I think I can get Vail to work with you. The NREL  offered me a tour, which during the tour I found out doesn't happen.  I also found out Vail doesn't do environmental, which remains to this day regardless of the shallow work they do and promote it as grand. Or that the ski area CEO (now Vail Resorts) signed the Open Letter to Trump, demanding Trump stay in a valueless Paris Agreement. Thing is, had Vail given the world solutions in 93, this problem would be solved. So shut up Vail.

I also immediately went to Al Gore and asked the same , which to this day still hasn't happened. I didn't wait long with Gore's silence to wonder who else could help? Robert Redford and Sundance was a no brainer. Of course they would help. How naive I was.  The NRDC was also first approached starting in 94, 95 at the latest. I got the last NRDC President to resign, when I left her a phone message one night. I had emailed endlessly, and called to always be treated horribly the switchboard. So one day I said I'm not going to let these people treat solutions so horrible, so I called at night thinking I would leave a message to a general mailbox. But they let you type in someone's name. So I typed in the Presiden'ts name, Francis Beinecke and I got put through. I explained exactly why she needs to resign, which is laid out in the NRDC chapter in my book.  When I called back in a night or two later to leave another message, she was no longer an option in their phone directory, but she did resign shortly thereafter. 

Point is no one will allow solutions. That includes every environmental voice, the Clinton/Gore and Barack administrations (I didn't even bother to ask the Bush.2 WH), and every national public servant who says we have to do something. So my computer gets turned on in the middle of the night, your website gets attacked, your youtube channel seems to have disappeared, and some other fun stuff. Also fun is living in Big Sky Montana who is so proud that they don't have to be environmental, because they don't care, and they're not into that. Big Sky also isn't into employing Americans. So in Big Sky North Korea you will be blacklisted from employment, by companies who tell the US government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans. Yes blacklisted, and bullied by virtually every adult, parent and business owner who is so proud to keep desperately needed global solutions suppressed, while telling their kids to go to school, learn and do something great for the world.

I'm mentally tough, but having been really battered for over twenty years, especially in Big Sky lately, and knowing $20 trillion debt is currency collapsing debt which is not going to make for good times soon, the last time my website got attacked I just ended up giving it a break for a while. That was May 2015. I was at Lake Powell on a Utah national park trip, without much cell or wifi service when I found out. I figured I'd get it fixed when I got back, but I ended up just giving it a break. I did some living. This is endless work. To produce a week of daily educational videos, seven about forty second videos, it takes at least 60 hours of work. So until time allows, the education that is on youtube EnvirEducator channel is what I have so far. There are 83 available weeks with 50 loaded right now. It is enough to get the world started on changing your thinking and actions. Just watching weeks 1-5 and you will change your thinking and actions. Then the world will too. Weeks 1-5 are essential building blocks. The rest of the weeks will change your thinking too.

Now the EE new website is up and the EE is hoping to get cooperation from individuals and prominent enough people, to encourage the world to finally do the right thing. Maybe finally one stadium will lead the world, and covert their disposable stadium concessions to reusable, or ski areas could actually become environmental and stop expanding on endless environmentally abusive actions and operations, working against the cause as they all do. 

Until we end global environmental illiteracy, and go back to the future, back to a reusable non-disposable world, our environmental problems will never be solved. 


It's all in my book. It's all true and sometimes comical. 

In the meantime, there will be news and analysis you won't get anywhere else, and can't be argued against here.

Stay Tuned In

Be A Good Global Citizen & Be The Solution The World Needs You To Be

Now enjoy Lake Powell National Recreation Area,

then Rainbow Bridge National Monument within Lake Powell,

then Old Faithful ,

and  last a visual of me. 

You're Welcome.

The Environmental Educator

also likes national parks. 

This is Eileen the Environmental Educator.


To date this picture isn't accurate, because the  EE is not leading the world environmentally from the WH, but the EE needs to be.  Or at least leading the world with WH cooperation, and leading global environmental conferences. The EE is the unknown something that will somehow achieve what every environmental expert and voice has proven they can't for four decades.

This was taken at the privately owned White House Gift Shop, which is near the White House.

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