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I have singularly supported this effort since it started in November 1993. Now (Nov 2017) it's time to take this to 21st century fund raising. 

If you are donating to environmental organizations and voices that have proven for decades they do not have solutions, your donation will be better donated here, because I have the solutions these voices are baffled to, and worse have prevent since 93/4. 

The EE needs to be leading the world environmentally. Your donations will finally help get solutions implemented. It takes 60+ hours to make a week of 7 daily 40 second videos. The rest all takes times too. This is news, truth and analysis that you won't get anywhere else. That is proven by the fact that you haven't gotten it before.

I live in Big Sky, MT, where the exclusive Yellowstone Club also resides. When the YC wants you funded, you get funded. They have raised millions overnight for some causes. The YC Community Foundation is a major contributor to the Bozeman, MT based Thrive ( program, which states that Thrive "believes that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed." Just children, Thrive also states, "Thrive is proud to serve families of all ages and backgrounds.", but just like Big Sky, the Yellowstone Club and its Community Foundation, Thrive has no interest in getting the environmental betterment the world non stop cries out for achieved. Point is, the YC runs all the downhill skiing in Big Sky, with negative environmental interest. If the YC had environmental interest, the EE would be well funded and publicized. Instead  the YC is proud to blacklist the EE from Big Sky employment and funding, so the EE needs outside assistance. 

So, Thank You for visiting this page and for your donation.

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Will Lead The World With The Environmental Solutions It Needs

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When Planning Where To Spend Your Tourist $$$$ - Remember Big Sky MT,

Hates America - Isn't Hiring Americans,

Has 4 Ski Areas & Negative Environmental Interest,

& Won't Give The World The Environmental Solutions It Seeks

Because Big Sky Doesn't Have To & Big Sky Doesn't Care.

Chamber board member Greg "Carney" Lisk, co-owner of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill

with Kyle Wisniewski, emailed me knowing I'm Big Sky blacklisted from employment,

by employers who tell the government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans, 

& BS won't partner with the EE to lead the world environmentally,

"I enjoy, like everyone else to see how much free time you have.".

Don't Spend $$$$ in Big Sky - Especially at the Riverhouse

which I call the 3T's because it is where Big Sky's

treason against America, global eco terrorists & brutal fascists tyrants gather.

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