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National Ski Area Association

Like so many others, the NSAA promotes that they are all about the environment, and that solutions are needed because the future of skiing looks bleak. It is the same blah, blah, blah that every other will not allow solutions environmental group says. The NSAA has a chapter in my book, but here is some truth you should know. 

The EE asked the NSAA environmental worker many times to get all their ski area members to lead the world with the still needed EE education and agenda. But like everyone else who has proven they do not have solutions, the NSAA wasn't interested in anything with substance.  

The NSAA Needs To

get the industry on real and needed solutions, 

or shut up environmentally. 

The NSAA environmental worker Geraldine Link I believe, was not receptive to solutions and leading the world with solutions that can't be argued against. She had her valueless work she was protecting. So eventually I went over her head, and asked higher ups. Then my phone rang. It was the Denver police telling me if I bother the NSAA again, I will be arrested. This is what people who can't defend themselves do. They just make sure they don't have to face their I'm a fraud truth. Scary though, is a friend to this day criticizes me for this NSAA defensive action. So I haven't bothered the Nazi's at the NSAA. So they are doing what I told them and everyone else they will be doing endlessly until the EE education and agenda are implemented globally. The NSAA continues to announce solutions are needed, while promoting ideas and actions that will continue to prove themselves as worthless as all their other worthless non-solutions. 

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