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The Environmental Educator

Education & Agenda

The World Needs

As I have told Gore since the 90's,

until these solutions are implemented,

the world will non stop

continue to cry out for solutions,

that every global environmental

voice has proven they don't have,

& worse prevent.

Every global environmental voice & organization

non stop announces the world needs,

an unknown something that will somehow finally achieve

what they have proven they can't. 

The EE is the education and agenda the world needs.

EE solutions can't be argued against. 

There is nothing else or better to try, 

at a time when something new is desperately needed. 

The EE is the something new,

and the Environmental 911 Call the world needs.

1 - End Global Environmental Illiteracy, which is our biggest problem. 99.most percent of the global population, including the U.S. President is environmentally literate, therefore can't make responsible environmental decisions or lead a responsible life. The EE education is the education that makes the environment make sense, so people understand how to and why they should cooperate, so they will cooperate, which is easy. Just watching weeks 1-5 of the EE education, about 4.5 minutes per weekly video, will change your and the world's thinking and actions.

2 - End Our Disposable Society which is our biggest abuse, and a huge pollution and carbon emitter. It also uses resources beyond the rate of replenishment, which is not sustainable. 


The environmental hierarchy is reduce by reusing, then recycle.  A disposable society that discards endless products after a ten minute use, isn't living anywhere near close to reduce by reusing.  Recycling isn't responsible. It is a manufacturing process, that requires many processes to transform something that shouldn't have been here if we lived to reduce by reusing, into something else. To eliminate all these processes, and the negative consequences from these processes, our society has to return to a reusable world. We didn't have environmental problems when we were a reusable world. 

The endless processes from getting materials, to transporting materials to the products manufacturing plant, to putting them in their packaging and transportation packaging and transport them to their usage point. The packaging and transportation packaging also went through all these processes of getting materials, transportation, being manufactured then transported to the products manufacturing plant, also uses resources and emits emissions and pollutants. Then the disposable product is put in a plastic bag. That garbage bag and its packaging and transportation packaging also utilized all these polluting processes. Then the disposable product gets transported to a disposal point, whether that is a landfill, incinerator or recycling plant, they all have their own emissions. All these processes use endless electricity, water, oil, paper, etc. that will no longer be needed when we aren't manufacturing to dispose.

Many disposables are plastic, whose main ingredient is oil. Oil that we are always looking to reduce our demand of, but never stop increasing our demand of. So no longer using disposable plastic, is a major way to reduce oil demand. Then we wouldn't be manufacturing so many oil based plastic garbage bags too. And so on and so on.

All these processes will no longer be happening, these resources will not be being used, and pollutants will no longer be emitted. We didn't have environmental problems when we were a reusable society. This is all so easy to do, and it can be done immediately.


Ending our disposable society from homes to fast food to stadium concessions to packaging and transportation packaging, is essential. Homes and individual daily lives can make this needed responsible change immediately. Everyone has the ability to never use a disposable product again, so start, right now. Then fast food can be brought into the needed reusable environmental future. Stadium concessions can easily be converted by the teams next season, but to date no stadium will allow this but all need this conversion. Then stores need to have bulk shopping, where people bring reusable containers they refill. This is essential and achievable within two years if it was embarked on. 

3 - Gain Individual Cooperation is the first needed and easiest solution there is. Clean energy isn't the solution, you are. Our global environmental problems are the direct result of each person doing dozens of irresponsible actions everyday. It is true. These actions are easily replaced with responsible  actions, like using a travel coffee mug and reusable soda thermal travel cups. Use these everywhere. Never use a disposable cup, lid, and heat wrap again, or a plastic soda bottle on the go. Your cars have cup holders. Use them. Refill, as opposed to getting a bottle of soda. This one simple action saves so much per person, then multiple that by billions of people. The solution to our global environmental problems is, you living to reduce by reusing, which is easy, even outside the home.

A super simple and money saving solution is, turn off unused electricity. It is estimated that 40% of electricity demand is unused electricity. The tv no one is watching. The lights on with no one in the room, or home. This electricity is probably produced by burning coal. That means many processes and natural resources were used to mine the coal, transported and then burn it, so it is all the pollutants from these processes that will also be reduced by about 40%.  Take responsibility and turn off unused electricity. I'm not even asking that you stop using electricity, just stop abusing it. Respect it, then I will ask that you eliminate electrical appliances. 

People can implement wind and solar into their lives today, for maybe about $25. Put up a clothes line. We didn't have environmental problems when we didn't have clothes dryers. As a matter of fact, our environmental problems really excelled when we started putting in clothes dryers in our homes. Dryers and dish washers, and many other electrical appliances were added into homes in the 60's and 70's. It was also when we started our disposable society, then never stopped expanding it, which is our biggest problem. But also correctable, immediately. 


This easy and needed back to the future solution is not talked about, but needs to be. Make it cool to do. You are being the solution the world needs. Lead by doing and encouraging others, because we all need to be good global citizens. This is a super simple way to install wind and solar into your lives, and reduce electricity demand and pollutants, and your electric bill. In colder weather, you can hang clothes on hangers. They'll dry. That is how I dry my clothes.

There is so much more to do. It is in the Environmental Educator education, which is cool information, and analysis you won't get anywhere else. It makes you understand how to and why you should cooperate, so you will cooperate. 

When every individual replaces dozens of irresponsible actions everyday, with responsible actions, we'll achieve more in a year than all environmental voices have ever achieved. You are the Environmental 911 call the world needs. Dial it. Live responsibility. Live to reduce by reusing. This is problem solved. Well, that would have been the solution if we stopped our abuses when they started. Decades later, of constantly expanding all our abuses, we have some emission and pollutants and trash build up. So we have a hurdle to get over, but we will never get over it if we don't stop the bleeding. 

4 - Leadership By Example which doesn't exist today, but the Environmental Educator will provide. When environmental voices lead beyond environmentally abusive lives of private jets, massive homes with monthly electric bills that your home doesn't use in a year, yachts and endless other abuses, no common individual is ever going to believe that their much less minimal contribution is a problem. But that isn't true. You and your home's contribution is a problem. A correctable problem. The environmental voices are a much bigger problem. This is a very big part of the reason only hugely negative environmental results have been achieved to date.


Environmental voices never even really give solutions, and if they do generally the solution is a mixed message. Like one celeb, ok Julia Louis-Dreyfus says don't use a plastic bag, but then does commercials for Healthy Choice disposable dinners. It's the same disposable plastic. It makes no sense. It is static that will never produce positive results. For decades Gore has proven he has no solutions, but rather only announces we need solutions, and we emit too many greenhouse gases. Then Gore is private jets, emitting more in one ride than maybe you car emits all year. Mixed messages come through as static. They make no sense, so they will never deliver results. But leadership by example would.

Any leader working against the cause, is not a leader. The Environmental Educator walks the talk.

5 - Hemp which can be used for everything. Hemp used to be so valuable, that you could pay your taxes with it. Renewable hemp can build homes, dress you, etc., to it can be used in place of oil, that society and governments are constantly looking to reduce their demand of. 

Hemp is proven. The world is storming ahead with it, as America lags behind. Had anyone allowed solutions since 93/4, America would have already lead the world into the hemp future we need. It is well past time for America to step up to the plate and do hemp, even if the isn't on America's side DC government says you can't. 

Last on the needed list is

6 - Clean energy which is needed but hasn't been achieve in four decades, and at best is a decade away. However the first five on the Environmental Educator education and agenda, are achievable immediately and would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago had anyone allowed solutions. 

As I have told Gore since the 90's, until the world does this the world will continue to be searching for environmental solutions that Gore and everyone else will not allow. Which is exactly where we are today. Gore and everyone has had decades. Their achievement is endlessly globally announced in every global report that states things are getting worse even faster than expected.  The EE education and agenda can't be argued against. There is nothing else or better to try at a time when something new has to be tried. 

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