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One has and I think always has had the environment as a goal. Now, Nov. 2017, on One's Issues page, it says they are going to tackle climate change in 15 years. Sure they are. No One is not, not unless they finally decide to partner with the Environmental Educator, and get the world to the needed environmentally literate and reusable future.


One says they have this 15 year goal, but I haven't seen how they intend on achieving it. It's also irrelevant because One has already proven working on this for so long, that they don't have solutions. So more whatever ridiculousness they are doing, is only going to continue to produce the more negative results. Until they partner with the Environmental Educator. 


One was first asked them to lead with the education and agenda the world needs long ago, basically whenever I first heard of them and their environmental goals. Which wasn't long after One started. Had One allowed solutions, One could be using their donations to solve another issue by now. I don't have the time to ask everyone who won't allow solutions everyday to change their minds. So I didn't bother One with solutions as much as I have bothered Gore or Redford and Sundance, but I did present One the solutions the world needs over the years. One either can't recognize solutions, or care if they were able to recognize solutions. When this website was getting ready to get back online, I emailed One a draft of the Trump Paris Agreement Open Letter, and I said get this to your co-founder Bono. I asked for their cooperation a few times after that, and One was notified when this went live, which this is all November 2017. One was again asked for their cooperation, and to get Bono's open letter to him. Bono needs to be the one to decide what he and his organization embark on. Bono needs to know, the solutions the world seeks are on his desk. As of right now, everyday since early November 2017 that Bono and One don't embark on this, just proves again how much they don't care. But I don't believe Bono as seen this yet. And Bono won't until you let One know they should care.

they have a contact form works too. Or did until maybe I gave it out.


DC # 202-495-2700

the website has more international numbers too.

One won't care until you let One know they should care,

or close their environmental doors.

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