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Gore Has Prevented

The Environmental

Education & Agenda

The World Needs

Since A Provable 98

Gore's 99 Letter To Me

He is impressed with my work, and I gave him a proposal

Gore's 98 Letter To Me

He Thoroughly Read & Carefully Considered My Comments

The 95 letter shows how long I've been presenting Gore solutions.

It takes a long time to get replies. Most never reply. The EE began Nov. 17, 1993 and I started presenting Gore the education and agenda the world needs shortly thereafter. 

April 28, 2017 Gore Office Email To Me

Carthage Group <>

To Eileen Connors

first email that day

Thanks again for your interest in Mr. Gore and the crucial work he is

doing for our planet. 

I'm sorry we are unable to assist you with your request, but wish you much continued success in our endeavors. 

All the best. 


second email that day

You are welcome to continue sending emails, but since we are obviously in

disagreement you can be certain that they will not be passed along to VP


Mr. Gore has no obligation to receive emails from you, but as I said, you

you are welcome to continue sending them to me. 

Please consider taking action that can be of use as opposed to sending 

pointless emails.

Thanks again and best wishes for much continued success. 

John Hunsberger


Office of Al Gore

3810 Bedford Ave, Suite 250

Nashville TN, 37215

Partnered With

I'll Let You Know When Someone

Will Lead The World With The Environmental Solutions It Needs

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