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For those unfamiliar with Troy, he is a Big Sky resident who was called to service after 9-11 and is now running to be a U.S. national public servant, and promoting his service to America, while ignoring his duty as an American citizen to protect and defend America from invasion on U.S. soil. Troy is concerned with the illegal immigration at the border, but is oblivious to the invasion of foreign workers, green card whores and the never ending invading this country rest of their family is massive right here in Big Sky, MT, collapsing America with Troy being as oblivious to it and his duty to prevent it, as Troy is that 9-11 was an inside job, whose call to duty would have been taking out the treason against America U.S. government that Troy now wants to join. 

Dear Troy,


Now that we got formalities out of the way, how about doing some service to America that is worthy of being thanked for. 


We met in mid October, in the Big Sky town center. You pulled in with your senate decal on the truck. I asked if you were Troy, and we chatted. I asked you what you thought about the environment. You only talked about thinning forests, because you were tired of inhaling smoke all summer. I asked about immigration. You were furious that about a million people invade our country through the southern border. I said really, you're worried about the border when apparently you don't realize Big Sky is a green card whore haven, where green card whores and the rest of their never ending never ending families and friends invades and destroys America constantly. Then they all have their anchor babies, and you are oblivious to it. This invasion has overrun America and Big Sky. How you don't see it, is because you live in Big Stepfordwifeville, that hugely overestimates all your intelligence levels. Hugely. This isn't the only thing you and BS are oblivious to. Then multiply that by all the invader attractive tourist towns, and all the green card city whores, and that is as big if not a bigger American problem than the borders, that you seem oblivious to.


Troy regardless of the propaganda, these are not quality people. They walk all over America and Americans when the enter America with no intention of leaving. They walk all over America and Americans everyday when they work, and they laugh in your face when they walk all over you, especially when your Big Sky boss rolls out the red carpet over Americans backs for these invaders to walk on. These invaders are not quality people. Quality people can't get in. I know some really quality people, spent a fortune on lawyers trying to get in. Because they contributed to America, and didn't drive America into the ground like these invaders do, quality people were/are not allowed in. But any green card whore, and whatever not quality people they welcome to America can waltz in, because citizens like you, especially veterans who want to be thanked for their service, don't do America service. Anyone who signs up to work in America, can get hired by any company that intentionally pays significantly below the cost of living without a benefit in the world. All the company has to do is say they offered a job but can't get an American so we need foreigners. But quality people can't get in. Denied. This already has collapsed America, the bottom just hasn't fallen out yet. But the thing is Troy, these invaders are not the real problem. The real problem is all the treason against America Americans. The voluntary communists Americans and Big Sky residents, who roll out the red carpet for these invaders, killing America. America is America because Americans live here, and because Americans have jobs, good jobs, but not anymore. America is invaded, overrun with anyone who welcomed themselves, and they know their first class citizen place in this country, which needs to change. It is long overdue for these invaders to be told we Americans rule America, and your time is over.  

Yale Constitutional lawyer, Ron Paul staffer, veteran and founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes says in the Constitution, it's every citizens duty to defend America from invasion, and from all enemies foreign and domestic. We the people right Troy, are the rightful rulers of this country. At least in design and on paper, but certainly today not in action. America has existed for 241 years, and it is today's Americans that have destroyed it by not protecting and defending it. That invasion doesn't have to be an armed invasion by a foreign army. The endless illegals, and scamming their way into America green card whores, their anchor babies and their never ending family that invades after them, is an invasion too. It is reported that 1 in 6 people in America today is an invader, or started as an invader, who then welcomed everyone they have ever know to what was America. Invaders, not Americans welcoming the most lacking quality people to America, as volunteer communists like you Troy let them and are oblivious to it, tolerating America into collapse. 

This is the Cloward-Pivens agenda to collapse America, to bring America into the new world order that every President tells you they are taking America to. Every President but Trump that is, which is why the we're taking you to the new world order, and we will succeed Bush.1 and Bush.2, are criticizing Trump, because Trump is trying stopping the new world order agenda. That and Trump said he was going to get to the bottom of who brought down those towers. We are headed to the Hunger Games for real, because volunteer communist Americans, including you Troy, are a complete failure in doing your duty to protect America from from the invasion that is massive in your own small town. Every citizen also has the duty to protect and defend America from our domestic enemies, who in case you can't figure that out either, is DC that has run America into the ground, with volunteer communist Americans letting them. Now you are trying to go join the DC treason. I'm betting you will continue to not be interested in doing your duty as an American citizen to defend America from your own town, Big Sky MT. Troy the U.S. Congress, who you aren't going to change, are working for illegals, invaders and their corporate masters. They give illegals and invaders everything for free, when our country is $20 trillion in currency collapsing debt, while imposing a huge dollar penalty to Americans who can't afford insurance because they can't get a job, or their foreigner overrun workplace doesn't provide insurance or enough money to buy food. Big Sky is so proud of it's food bank, because Americans don't make enough to buy food, but get a huge dollar penalty because they can't afford insurance. That is treason which must stop, but it isn't going to be stopped by joining them. 


The fifty year long Cloward-Pivens agenda to collapse America is at completion. We are at complete collapse, and the bottom is going to fall out one day very soon. It is long overdue for American citizens to participate in Operation Roll Up The Red Invader Carpet, and shake it out on the other side of our border, where every invader needs to go. It is long overdue for Americans to let every invader, regardless of their invasion is now decades old, know that we the American people - not you invaders say how it is in America. And how it is is, you need to exit this country so we can restore America to pre-invasion America, because we are no longer America anymore. So Troy, Operation Roll Up The Red Invader Carpet needs a real leader, someone who promotes his service to America, to actually do some. So how about it Troy? Actually Troy what I know needs to happen is, round up the tens of million illegals, invaders and the rest of their never ending invading families including anchor babies, and put them on a chain gang for decades rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, before we tattoo never to step on American soil all over them before we send them home.  If they ever get sent home, because base chain gang penalty has to be 10 years per every invader including green card whores and their anchor babies. Then an additional three years for every year these scum were in America, walking all over America and Americans. It is long overdue for these scum collapsing America invaders to learn who American's boss is and it isn't them. And I love these people, in their countries. But when they invade with no intention of leaving against American's wishes, they become scum just like someone invading your home would be called. 


I watched in BS a retiree or second homeowner type, walk over to a group of foreigners and offer them a ride to work. The foreigners said they were ok, but the lady explained oh I just thought you might need a ride, especially to get to work. It's so important you get to work. That same lady and so many more like her, would drive by an American worker, who has their thumb out because they need a ride, because their car broke down, because they can't afford a good car because foreigners rule their workplace, and treason against America people like this lady roll out the red carpet for invaders, being oblivious to the treason she just did. This lady and her Stepfordwife friends look down on American guest service professionals who make our economy, because they don't have money, because they work in a worse and worse sweatshop with every new foreigner who enters it, which is non stop. The U.S. tourist industry has been a complete sweatshop since its start, but it has gotten so bad that BS is proud to send its American workers to the BS food bank, because BS doesn't pay its Americans enough to buy food. But when these foreign workers who leave, and take their American dollars home with them, and convert it to their currency, they live like kings, as America collapses, with your blessings. This red carpet needs to get rolled up, and fast. America needs to be restored, town by town, with citizens like you doing their duty and service in defending America from invasion. But good luck to America waiting for it's treason against America citizens to even realize there is a problem. 

Invading America with not quality people is the top thing in the Cloward-Pivens agenda to collapse America. This is treason against America. So is the $20 trillion currency collapsing debt. and the $100+ trillion unfunded liabilities. This happens because America's national public servants in DC commit treason all day everyday, working against America and Americans, working for illegals and invaders, and bankrupting America. Worse this happens because illegals are in the streets demanding, as volunteer communists American citizens sit at home and get mad, but don't do their duty to protect and defend America from invasion, and against our domestic enemy government. Worse Americans, roll out the treason against America red carpet. Americans should have been in the streets long ago, taking our country back, from our treason against America government and illegals and invaders. DC should have Americans outside their offices everyday, and those who can't make it to DC should be taking their needed turn, gathering outside their state capitol until every treason against America national public servant is in prison for their treason, and every illegal and invader is off U.S. soil, regardless of how long they have been here. But Americans are worthless volunteer communists.  Now after having never even thought of doing your citizen duty, I'm betting you will reject it now that it has been presented to you. Instead Troy you intend on going to DC and joining this has already collapsed America treasonous government. Troy you are not going to do any good for America and Americans in DC. You will like everyone else get on board this treason, that you are already on board. Not doing your duty as a citizen, regardless if you cheer lead your service to America because you signed up after 9-11, which isn't service to America. It happened because you can't figure out that at the site of a plane crash you need a plane. That is times two on 9-11. That and the might of the American military was no where to be found on 9-11, because they were ordered to stand down. That and everything in two 110 story steel towers doesn't get pulverized to dust because a plane hit buildings designed to sustain being hit by a plane. That and so much more that proves 9-11 was an inside job.

The service to America America needs from all citizens is, to town by town participate in Operation Roll Up the Invader Red Carpet. America is country of immigrants, within reason, and by quality people, not a collapsing America invasion of not quality people. This roll up the red carpet needs to happen, by everyone especially people like you who are so proud of the service you like credit for, but haven't really delivered. I am not putting down the military, or those who join with good intentions and put themselves in hostile to Americans places. The problem is, all of you who promote and enjoy being thanked for your service, really hasn't done service to America. You overlook your actual real duty of protecting and defending America, in America on American soil in your own towns, as citizens who are supposed to rule America. You aren't doing anything for America over seas. What you are doing is serving and fighting the battles the new world order wants.  You never win. The wars never end, intentionally, because the new world order doesn't want them to end. They are designed to go on, because the new world order makes money funding both sides, and investing in companies that make the goods used in war. 

Lets take a look at what you Troy and everyone who enjoys being thanked for their service has achieved. While you believe you served America, America has collapsed. The Constitution is shredded. America has become a police state. Illegals and invaders welcomed themselves and their anchor babies, and the rest of the never ending family to America, and the endless caliphate soldiers Barack welcomed to your country in such overwhelming numbers that America now has sharia no-go zones.  This has been so outrageous, that now invaders and illegals tell us how it is in our country. America is $20 trillion in currency collapsing debt, with $100 plus trillion more in unfunded liabilities debt that has collapsed America already, it's just the bottom hasn't fallen out yet. Americans are so empty and void with no hope of a future, because 102 million Americans don't have a job, or if they do have a job it is horrible one with sweatshop pay where they work behind illegals and invaders. Millions more are significantly underemployed. This has left Americans so void and hopeless, they seek happiness in heroin and opioid based drugs, creating the crisis we have today. That is in part because the US military who is "serving" America, is protecting poppy fields in countries the U.S. military invaded. Some service Troy. As your own town Big Sky, MT is overrun with invaders and is a horrendous sweatshop because of it, while you are oblivious to it, which is the biggest problem. 

Americans and Big Sky residents are going to be horrified and baffled, when the consequences of their tolerating America out of existence enters their living rooms. Omg, how could this happen? We loved America. I'll tell you. It happened because you beyond abused, walked all over, spit on, and completely disrespected America. When you have the Hope Diamond, the jem everyone looks to, you don't abuse it, you protect and defend it to ensure it survives to be what everyone continues to look to. But Americans can't commit enough destroying America treason. These invaders wouldn't be here, if  treason against America BS businesses didn't give them jobs - plural, or if BS residents didn't roll out the red carpet for this treason. When 102 million Americans don't have a job, that is not 5% unemployment in a country of 310 million legal citizens. How long do the Stepfordwives of Big Sky and America think Americans can not work, and a huge percentage of Americans can be on government welfare, in a country that is $20 trillion in currency collapsing debt without huge negative consequences happening? Well I can assure you, it's not much longer. You should get on America's side Troy, and fast. I've asked this of BS before, and BS called the sheriffs on me. Maybe Troy you, Mr. Service To America, could end this treason. Waging economic war against your country, and not defending America from this invasion is treason. This is waging war against America. Silence is consent. America needs you to do your duty in your own neighborhood, times all the service to America vets and every other citizen. Town by town America needs to be restored to pre-invasion America, and  all Americans need to immediately participate in Operation Roll Up The Invader Red Carpet.

Troy let me explain Christmas for American workers in hates America Big Sky. My December 2016 Christmas was, the green card whore invader was given the day off to spend with her never ending invading including illegals family, while us second class American citizens were told that if we didn't show up we'd be fired. The green card whore got the day off, because invaders know their first class place in BS and America. She, Osmane Harris of Bozeman MT, threatened to quit if she had to work, walking all over Americans like every invader does, constantly, and laughing in our faces while they do it. This green card whore works only Saturday and Sundays, for years, so she has had the past five Christmas's off. The rest of us, us Americans work other jobs, and we've worked most the last five Christmas's. She would have had to work one Christmas in 11 years to her next weekend Christmas. But she was too good, and she knew she would be given it off. I've been in the beyond sweatshop tourist industry since Nov 1990, and I have never once heard of anyone getting Christmas off, but this green card whore invader got it off, to have a holiday with her never ending invading and collapsing America family, including people illegally here and working. I asked twice and how many illegals were there, to be greeted with an outraged face and I have still not heard zero, because it isn't zero, just like with most all invaders.. That last I knew, in Dec 2016 it was her cousin's girlfriend who was the most recent invader, and Osmane was trying to get her illegally employed And then you know what Troy, on Christmas while the invaders were having a grand holiday, us Americans had to do our work, and then this invaders work before we could go and try to salvage a Christmas. Was it solely because of management? No. The volunteer communist American workers who were outraged, wouldn't stand up for themselves. I said well then we all need to say we aren't coming in, but no, that was a horrendous idea. I was told how horrible I was for making demands. I said I'm not, I'm countering horrible demands. But the volunteer communists I work with, wouldn't stand up for the right thing and to put this horrible invader in her place. Actually in her place is back to her own country where she belongs, but Americans roll out the red carpet for this and all other invaders to get walked all over, and they let it happen. Simultaneously they say our government is America's problem, but that is not right. These volunteer communist citizens are America's problem, and why this horrible invader got to have a holiday with her huge invader family including illegal(s), while us second class citizens worked. Also Troy this green card whore invader told me she doesn't care if America collapses because of her invasion. Her family has invaded Canada too, so when her actions collapse America, she'll move north. She doesn't care. I'll destroy America and move on. Oh and probably she isn't a green card whore. She probably is the only foreigner who has ever come here with no intention of staying, but never leaves because she fell in love, then never stopped having her family invade, to walk all over Americans. It seems the only people in the world who aren't aware of green card whores, is Big Stepfordwifeville that is overrun with green card whores.


That is the invasion that is overrunning America from right here in Big Sky, with your blessings. Silence is consent. Worse you are oblivious to it, and most likely won't do the right thing now that this is presented to you. If you do, I guarantee you the other Montana national public servants, who think servant means brutal dictator won't let you play with them, or correctly stated commit treason with them. Every national public servant since I have been in BS has never cared that Americans don't have jobs, while endless invaders and illegals do. That includes the communists Max Baucus and Jon Tester, the pompous rear ends brutal fascists Steve Daines and assailant Greg Gianforte, and America's savior soldier Ryan Zinke, whose coattails you are trying to ride, and even have his top cheer leader wife Lola as your campaign manager or chair or something impressive for a not impressive pom pom holder. All are treason against America, and have never cared that BS isn't hiring Americans. Jon and his treats Americans horribly staffers have never cared. Max and his Hitlers soldier staffers are beyond obnoxious to Americans, and have literally laughed in my face about this, including when they kidnapped me. So are Greg and Steve and his staffer Liz Dellwo. I ran into Steve in my neighborhood in September 2017, when Steve spoke at the BS Treason Against America & Global Eco Terrorists Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. Steve told me that BS needs to bring foreigners here, because they need to attract the best talent.  The best talent for sweatshop jobs that pay significantly below the cost of living without a benefit in the world. By best Steve means anyone who will help Steve and friends collapse America into the newest and worst third world country the world has ever known. People that will work for the lowest rock bottom lowest sweatshop wages, proven by BS not being able to lure people off welfare and having a food bank. The best talent when 102 million Americans don't have a job? Are you kidding me. Bigger are you kidding me is, after his assaulter friend Greg, whose company Steve worked for and I'm told made a lot of money when it was sold, said when Greg got arrested for assaulting a reporter while campaigning, dropping a reporter to the ground in a split second, that Greg just needed to apologize. To be a highly titled and paid Congressman, you can assault people and just have to apologize, but a sweatshop needs the best talent from half across the world while 102 million Americans don't have a job. Steve and Liz walked away from me with Steve saying we'll talk. I said when. Steve, my national public brutal Nazi fascist dictator, in a mocking me tone laughing with Liz said we just did as they walked away. Ryan I hate America Zinke, also never cared about unemployed Americans, and this collapsing America invasion. And Ryan or his staffers for him choose to be a global eco terrorist, and not give the world the light years best environmental education and agenda the world needs, to prevent the massive death, destruction and complete devastation of island nations that we saw this summer. For his hating America Ryan was rewarded by one of Trump's worst decisions, and is now the Secretary of the Interior, whose one of six top priorities is climate change, but still won't give the world the solutions it needs to combat climate change, being an ever bigger global eco terrorist. Troy, this is who you want to join and pal around with in DC? This bigger level of treason. Troy you are never going to change DC, or do America any good from within DC. The only thing you are going to do is continue your non-service to America, that you do everyday in your death to America home town Big Sky MT. You are going to become a much worse person,  who commits higher level treason with your already associates listed here and the rest of the treason against America and global eco terrorists in DC. 

Troy if you get elected will you be the first national public servant who does America taxpayers the favor, of running the same workplace that congress gives to your sweatshop home town Big Sky and everyone else in the private sector? Will you make your and every other national public service office, every federal job, mandate every state, county and town job also participate in the death to America sweatshop practices your town Big Sky does? Why in America does everyone who gets paid with taxes, gets great wages, raises, insurance, paid holidays, vacation, sick and personal days, along with a retirement plan, etc.? Governments at all levels need to get on this death to America program. Why are tax payers paying for those who get paid with tax dollar to get great everything, when we who make the economy work in foreign invaded sweatshop? It is long overdue to end that good job. There is no reason to pay these wages and benefits. What is good for the U.S. Congress to have the private sector embark on, is good for the tax payer paid sector to embark on. In the sweatshop that is BS and the rest of he tourist industry, wages are significantly below the cost of living, without a benefit in the world. When you change jobs, your experience does not matter, you hear what the starting wage is. Then that is it. There not not a single benefit. It is long overdue for every federal job to respect the American taxpayers, and offer the same. It was recently reported something like federal workers wages are 1.77 times private sector workers, and that's workers who work for companies that aren't the sweatshop tourist industry. Companies that pay wages and benefits. Federal workers wages and benefits to sweatshop tourist industry workers, that figure is probably ten times the pay, not even factoring benefits in.  That is communism, and needs to end. To save the bankrupt U.S. needed dollars,  you need to immediately implement these practices in your national public service office, and all federal offices. You offer minimum wage or fifty cents above it, without a benefit in the world. Then when you in your Congress office can't attract American workers, the government can simply fill their workplace with death to America foreigners. If you have any questions how easy this is, just call sweatshop operator Taylor Middleton the BS Resort Sweatshop General Manager or any other BS Resort management like Madeline Fuhrer, or Barb Star or any of them, or David O'Connor owner of Bucks T4, or John Richardson who runs the 320 Guest Ranch Sweatshop, Long Mountain Ranch, or Rich and Shawna Bennett of BS Cleaning, or any of the many builders who are building Yellowstone Club homes that are not hiring Americans and have overflowed Big Sky recently with Mexicans who I'm endlessly told are illegals and who are creating huge crime problems in Big Sky. I guess the world's wealthiest can't pay Americans a decent wage to build their fifth or tenth home. Or ask any other BS business owner who is proud to kill America in their not employing Americans sweatshops. I'm told even the Yellowstone Club, the only private ski area in the world with wealthy residents including Bill Gates, also kills America this way. The world's wealthiest can't possibly pay their workers respectably, so the YC needs foreigners. No they don't, they just now how easy it is to not employ Americans. I'm even told the YC actually brings their foreign workers here in their private jet. If that is not true I will correct this, but the YC won't confirm this, because they don't have to answer about it. So Troy if you have any questions, just ask any treason against America friend you have in BS how easy this is. Then then get this implemented across all federal, state, country and town jobs. Only then will the horrible people who work in national public dictator offices, who also need to be arrested for their treason against America, will start to care about America, because now they are negatively impacted by policies they laugh in American citizens faces about today, and your staffers will be no different, just like I hate America Ryan Zinke's and his staffers weren't. 

Troy maybe this got past you too, but in the past year a hundred or hundreds of Mexicans have invaded Big Sky. Not just workers, but their whole families. You go to the BS community park sometimes, in Montana, and it is all Mexicans, speaking spanish, with way more offspring then there are adults, and not one should ever be on U.S. soil unless they are here as a tourist contributing to our economy. Which means not one of these death to America invaders should ever be on U.S. soil. I'm endlessly told these are all illegals, working for the builders who build Yellowstone Club homes, because the builders who build YC homes can't afford to pay Americans. Yes they can, it's just they too are not hiring Americans. You go to the Conoco (for the readers the Big Sky gas station and convenience store) just before or after work hours, and you'll swear you are in Mexico. All because citizens like you Troy let this death to America treason happen. Quality people can't get green cards, but any worker a BS business brings here and green card whores can invade. Green card whores are not picky who they marry. Anyone that will commit treason against America, is good enough for them to pretend the love. You now like beer makes white men think they can dance, green card whores make people who have not much expect a green card to offer seem attractable, and then they can pretend they have a marriage because a green card whore can't leave them. Since this massive Mexican invasion, I am hearing there are serious crime problem starting in the BS meadow residential areas. Attempted abductions of women into cars, prowlers outside homes at all hours of the night. But don't let that bother you. You just be concerned about the border while America collapses in your own town. 

Troy these invaders need to be dismissed from U.S. soil, immediately. It is long overdue for invaders to stop telling Americans how it is in our country. It is also long overdue for Americans to stop being voluntary communists, and to start being the ones to say how it is in America, starting with telling these invaders to get out. Stop rolling out the red carpet for them. Rather start rolling the red carpet up with these invaders in it, and then shake it out on the other side of the border. Stop bringing foreigners to work. Stop giving foreigners and invaders their second and third jobs. Everyone, before you ever support a business anywhere but especially in Big Sky and tourist towns, call them first. Ask if there is a foreigner working there, or contracted to work there, and foreigner means any foreigner including an a green card whore invaders regardless of how long their invasion has been, or any invader they brought in, including their anchor babies. Then tell businesses and resorts all over this country, that you are not supporting their business and resort while they commit this treason. Just like Americans have  shown the NFL our power, Americans needs to do this with every business and resort that is endless treason against America. Then when these invaders, all the tens of millions of them don't have work, and see people with Get Out Invader shirts and rallies and protests, these invaders will leave. If they don't, then it is long overdue for the militia, the true defenders of America per the Constitution, to get them out, which Trump should have already ordered. It is every citizens duty to not be nice to these invaders, and to roll up the red carpet that should not have been laid down. That is the service America needs from you Troy right now. It's just unfortunate for America Troy, you and others won't do this. So when the bottom falls out, you'll all be baffled as to how it happened, because you all loved and were so good to America.

Environmentally, even as a candidate for a national public servant position, it is your responsibility to give the world the light years best environmental education and agenda the world non-stop cries out for. I asked this of all my MT national public servants, but they are so busy committing treason against America to care about preventing wiping out entire island nations, and all the other massive death, destruction and devastation the experts say is because of our abuses, that apparently only I the Environmental Educator can prevent. I asked Ryan Zinke, who is now Interior Secretary to do this when he was a national public brutal dictator, and to get this to Trump who he has a direct phone line to. But Ryan Zinke doesn't care about anything other than Ryan and his head cheer leader Lola having a good life. The agencies now under his Secretary title announce how desperately solutions are needed. Maybe Ryan thought, who cares about wiping out entire island nations, I have a neighbor whose two person electric company can get a massive, and I've read basically unlimited massive contract to rebuild. Good thinking Ryan. No not good thinking. Ryan as a national public servant and especially now as a President Cabinet member has a responsibility to get the  desperately sought environmental solutions to the world. A top priority at the interior department is climate change, but Ryan is only researching it. Great work Ryan. Research which we've had decades of. What the world needs is solutions, that are on your desk, and I'm again asking Troy and his cheer leading campaign chair Ryan's wife Lola to again get in Ryan's hands and on Trump's desk. The Trump campaign emailed me they were considering my ideas, but to date haven't allowed them. It is long past due for someone who can get the environmental solutions the world needs to Trump,  to Trump, which is Ryan Zinke's responsibility to. Don't hold your breathe waiting world. 


When I ran into you in Big Sky Troy, you said you were looking forward to reading my Open Letter to Trump. I sent you a draft that night and since then, yet I still haven't heard from you, almost a month later. So here is the request again Troy, which was sent to you again on November 8, 2017. I expect Zinke will have the environmental education and agenda the world needs in Trump hands on November 9, 2017. No no I don't. It should be there but I'm dealing with you and Lola and Ryan who apparently don't care to prevent wiping out entire island nations, because you don't have to be good people. So again Troy good luck on your judgement day. And readers since I didn't hear from Trump on Nov 9th, I send this again on Nov 10, with Troy, Lola and Ryan Zinke continuing to not care.

So Troy, do some service for America which is not ever going to happen in DC. So do America some service, real service. Clean up your invaded town and restore America. How long do you brain dead BS residents think you can walk all over, spit on, abuse and completely disrespect America and still have it be here for you? The answer is not much longer.

Troy if you ever intend on being of service to America, this is needed immediately. Sure you will find yourself with not many friends in death to America Big Sky Montana, but there are a few quality people here. A very few. You can hang with us. You know have quality over quantity of friends and a better judgement day than you are now facing. Good luck with that one, with all your treason and global eco terrorism working against you.

This is what is needed by you Troy.

Get Trump to call me and get desperately needed environmental solutions to the world, right now. 

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

Open Letter To

US Senate Candidate

Big Sky's

Thank You For Your Service

Troy Downing


Dear Troy,

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