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Fraudulent Environmental Voices

& Organizations

Who Need To Close Their Doors

Inconvenient Truth 2 Gore

Al Gore is an environmental fraud who has prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4. 

Gore has proven he doesn't have solutions. Al's decades of efforts has produced huge negative results, because Al's biggest work has been preventing the solutions the world needs and can't be argued against, especially when there is nothing else or better to try.

Clintons &

Their Foundation

The Clintons in the White House & through their foundation or what ever it is they are operating, are not about the environment. 

The administration wouldn't allow solutions, and the foundation has never replied to EE requests since it opened.  So again they are just more blah, blah, blah talk, while preventing solutions they seek.


The NRDC has prevented the environmental education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4, right up today. 

The NRDC cheer leads their work, but doesn't realize that their work is summed up by their own non stop announcing we need solutions, & in every global report that states things are getting worse even faster than expected, proving their work is not close to good. 

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More Blah Blah Blah

Barack is as unenvironmental as everyone else that proclaims how much they care, but actually prevents solutions. 

Barack's White House was as proud to prevent solutions since their campaign started, as everyone else. To this day like everyone else, Barack has prevented the solutions he seeks. 

Redford & Sundance

Robert Redford & Sundance have prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4, right up to today.

They're environmental in words, but in action they prevent the solutions the world needs since 94ish. They promote Gore while aware all prevent solutions since before Gore's first movie, and even after being challenged in court before showing the second.  

McKibben & His

Got Earth To 400+ Org

Bill McKibben and his have not allowed solutions since they opened their doors, which is why we are now at 400+.

That is why the EE accurately calls 350, Got Earth to 400+, because that is what they, along with everyone else not allowing solutions have achieved. So close your preventing solutions doors.

James Hansen

James Hansen is an environmental voice who he or his office speaking on his behalf has exactly zero interest in real or any solutions.

These days James is suing the US gov with some kids, claiming the US gov isn't doing enough for the environment, but James is the US gov who won't allow solutions. His office threatened to arrest me if I bother them with solutions again. It was so intimidating that I haven't.

Mr. BS Bernie Sanders

Mr BS talks enviroment solutions are needed, but actually prevents them.


Mr BS does or did Fridays with Thom Hartmann, In an April 2014 segment Mr BS proved he  could care less about solutions. The EE called in, presented solutions and was disconnected. The EE also sent Mr BS emails, that go unrespnded to.

Not Protecting

Our Winters

The organization titled Protecting Our Winters, works against the cause so the EE accurately calls it Not Protecting Our Winters. 

NPOW is a fraudulent group that has prevented the education and agenda the world needs since basically the day they opened their doors.  Their new director as of Oct 2017 comes from Gore's won't allow solutions Climate Reality.  Close your doors NPOW.

National Ski Area Association

The NSAA talks that their industry seems to have a bleak future, yet is adamantly opposed to solutions. 

The NSAA environmental worker was asked many times to have the industry together environmentally lead the world. It got nowhere.  So I went above her ending with the Denver Police calling saying I will be arrested if I bother the NSAA again.

Not Green

Sports Alliance

The Not Green Sports Alliance is another won't allow solutions group, but could lead the world.

They need to either be green or close its doors, like Billie Jean King did when the EE proved to her that she was an environmental fraud, partnering with this group promoting recycling, while not leading the world with reusable stadium concessions & more that is needed at her stadium.

US Tennis Association

& Billie Jean King

The USTA promotes their much less than adequate green work, but fails to mention they prevent so much more.

The USTA along with the Green Sports Alliance and Billie Jean King promote the beyond remedial work the USTA will do, while preventing light years better leadership and never telling anyone that truth. BJK bowed out of her participation when BJK was told how fradulent her participation was. 

US Congress Climate

Solutions Caucus

The US Congress Climate Solutions Caucus is not interetsed in and won't even  consider or talk to solutions. 

Not even Mia Love will talk to the EE so this caucus can increase their and the world's environmental IQ, and lead the world to the environmentally literate and reusable future. But this caucus does meet with the Citizens Climate Lobby, which is really the Carbon Tax Lobby because that is all they allow.

Governor Formed

US Climate Alliance

Some Governors formed the US Climate Alliance after Trump ended US Paris Agreement participation.

That sounds like they care, until you learn the Alliance will not meet with the EE to implement solutions, but meets with some Not Protecting Our Winters partners to push their carbon tax agenda. This Alliance is not interested in solutions, but rather crippling Americans with an absurd and not a solution tax. 


The One organization has a goal to tackle climate change in the next 15 years, but never will because One will not allow solutions. 

One has been asked many times by the EE to lead the world to the needed environmentally literate and resuable = sustainable world we need. The last time was on Nov 1, 2017, but to date One still remains adamant that they last thing they care about is real and needed solutions.


Vail which here means both the town and ski area, has prevented the solutions the world needs since 93. 

The Environmental Educator started in Vail in Nov. 93. The EE asked both the town and the ski area for their cooperation to lead the world, but both could care less, regardless of the publicity stunt the mountain pulled recently when their CEO signed the open letter to Trump when he exited the US from the Paris Agreement.


Aspen here meaning Aspen Skiing Company and Snowmass, talk a good environmental talk, but lack the walk.

The skiing company environmental leader Auden Schendler non stop says how dire the situation is, but has refused solutions since the 90s. Ex-Snowmass town manager is Russell Forrest, was the town of Vail environmental worker, that I got removed from that position because he wouldn't lead, and he still won't from Snowmass.

Big Sky. Montana

Big Sky is such an environmental embarrassment, because BS doesn't even recognize the world or ski industry is searching for solutions. 


I accurately call Big Sky Big Stepfordwifeville, because it is. BS has four ski areas, and negative environmental interest. Negative because BS is very hostile, even threatening to bull doze my condo, and the Yellowstone Club destroying my property because BS will not lead the world environmentally. 

Gore's Climate

out of touch with

Reality Project

The CRP has no solutions, and has prevented the education and agenda the world needs, since they day they opened their doors. 

This fraudulent organization needs to close their doors, and everyone in the organization, including their leader and founder Gore, needs to be in prison for fraud & eco terrorism.

Xanterra - National

Park Concessioner

Xanterra runs national park concessions, including in big parks like Yellowstone. 

Xanterra claims environmental concern & leadership, but refuses to do light years better than what they do do & promote as grand. See our email exchange, that ended with their lawyer  showing their real environmental concern. The emails follow Ryan Zinke's open letter here.

Richard Branson

Just read the first half of the second paragraph in Donald Trumps Open Letter on this site, to see how not interested in environmental solutions Richard Branson is. 

Private jets, yachts Richard Branson already said enough environmentally, but what is in the letter proves he isn't even interested in solutions.

Another Voice Coming Soon

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Another Voice Coming Soon

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Another Voice Coming Soon

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