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The Fraudulent

Gore's Climate out of touch with Reality Project

It seems that all the time the Clinton White House didn't work to achieve environmental betterment, was spent learning how to operate fraudulent charities when they left the White House. Gore has his Climate out of touch with Reality Project.


CRP is well funded, even though with more than a decade of effort CRP has proven they have no solutions, and has achieved hugely negative results. That is mainly because CRP will not allow solutions, when solutions are presented to them. The end result is, CRP has job security, which needs to end. CRP has to do like Billie Jean King did when I convinced her her GreenSlam was a GreenSHAM. CRP has to close their fraudulent doors immediately, and turn themselves in for their fraud and global eco terrorism. If CRP doesn't, I believe the DC Attorney General has to do it for them, so I'm asking it of the DC AG.


Unknown to the world is, the CRP has prevented the solutions they non stop announce the world needs and have proven they don't have, since the day CRP opened their doors. CRP has never once even replied to the EE requests to lead the world environmentally. Why would CRP? CRP is headed by Gore, who has been refusing the solutions the world still needs, since 93/4 and a provable 98 by his letters to me on this site. The CRP  won't even let the EE be one of their climate ambassadors. The goons who repeat to small groups Al's stale message. The world needs solutions, more than it needed them yesterday because things just keep getting so bad. The CRP will not talk about real solutions, or allow real solutions to be talked about. Surprise. To the world right now, but not to me. 

CRP's solution is, tell congress they have to be the solution. The government isn't doing enough. I'm sorry, I thought Gore was the environmental genius. Right, Gore a genius. That is TBS funny. No Gore has spent decades embarrassing himself, announcing his highly rewarded work, is a complete failure. Therefore CRP's work is just a continuation of that complete failure, which is proven with their own non stop announcing how dire the situation is. As CRP has never once mentioned, CRP is preventing the solutions the world needs. 

Gore gets his climate ambassadors to get small groups together, to repeat Gore's stale message that the world needd solutions. The CRP hosted a we need solutions pep rally in Bozeman MT on March 13, 2015 I believe. The ambassador was one of their skier voices Doug Stoup, who is now with Not Protecting Our Winters skiers.A local brewery brought a keg, and the environmentally concerned audience all drank that beer in a disposable plastic cup the brewery brought, because not one person brought a reusable cup, even though the beer was in the promo for the pep rally. When Doug announced I'll take one last question, I didn't take the chance and just spoke. I pointed out this cup issue, and the audience turned on me. Then they turned more when I stated what frauds Gore and CRP, even though it was backed up with truth. Among the outraged audience was two Big Sky residents, who own the Wrap Shack, which is a disposable food business. One of them Don and I spent a summer as the Tuesday night 320 Guest Ranch wait team. We had such a great time. The summer ended, but every time I ran into Don, Don always greeted me with a big hi or hug, and gave me a discount when I went to the Wrap Shack. I pointed out how these two could be the solution, but when I asked Big Sky to lead the world these two were on the side of the town who rang the sheriffs phone off the hook. Before the pep rally people were hanging out in the lobby. When the wife Karen was signing a waste of paper and ink petitions for congress to do something, I went to Don and said, I can't believe you are here because you didn't come to my meeting. It was hilarious. Don told me he just wanted to hear what CRP had to say. I said I can tell you right now, they are going to tell you how desperately solutions are needed, with no solutions being presented except sign our petitions. How ridiculous. Then Karen saw Don and I talking, and was glaring across the room at Don like, why are you talking to a person who wants us to be the solution. It was so funny. 

When Doug left the stage and something else was going on. Doug stopped by my seat and chatted. He left saying we'll talk in a bit. When the pep rally was over and people were again in the lobby, Doug came over and we chatted again. That ended with Doug walking away saying, he doesn't believe Gore won't give the world solutions. I said I'm going to prove it to you. Then I emailed Doug the proof.  Doug then stooped so law, that Doug keeps up his climate activism, while never giving the world the solutions he continues to seek. 

So does CRP, even though their website says to help defend the historic progress we've made. Historic progress? I guess the huge negative global results is historic, but it isn't progress, it is the problem. CRP doesn't see it that way. This was written just before CRP and Gore had their 24 hour Dec 4-5, 2017 event. Another ridiculous stunt announcing how desperate the world needs solutions, while offering none, and never mentioning they are preventing the solutions that have been on their desk since 93, and would have solved our environmental problems decades ago. Gore and the CRP, and Doug I stoop so low Stoup will continue their shallow, lacking substance pep rallies, being frauds and eco terrorists whose inaction creates the devastation they announce we need to prevent. As Gore's office wrote to me in 2017 it is "pointless" to bother Al with solutions, which is why the EE believes DC Attorney General is obligated to shut this fraudulent organization down.

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