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Bill Gates AGAIN

The Environmental Educator

can get 3 of your 4

Zero Wish

Variables To Zero

Bill Gates did a Ted Talk about his one wish, his Zero Wish. The one thing Bill with all his money can't buy. The Environmental Educator can get 3 of 4 of Bill's Zero Wish variables down to zero, while apparently no one else can get one to zero. Problem to date is, I can't get Bill to be interested in helping give himself his wish. 

To date it seems Bill isn't interested in solutions, or his subordinates aren't letting him know how easily the Environmental Educator can give Bill his wish. Bill gives his cooperation to others, who have some gizmo that cleans up pollutants and/or greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But that is not the solution. The solution is to not emit the pollutants, including greenhouse gases. The solution isn't some techno gizmo. It's simple personal responsibility, and leading the world to the environmentally literate and reusable future the world needs. But it seems either Bill or his subordinates not getting this to Bill, aren't interested in solutions as simple as working to the two highest levels of the environmental hierarchy. So to date the EE has not been able to gain Bill's cooperation in helping give himself his Zero Wish. That especially seems crazy when you consider that Bill and I are practically neighbors. Bill's Big Sky home is literally 1,000 feet up the hill from me in Big Sky, no kidding. In my book I've invited him over. 

So Bill seriously either get on the desperately needed global environmental solutions that will give you your Zero Wish,  or give up your Zero With, and let the world know it is because you will not grant it. I can just hear you now. The Environmental Educator solutions are completely viable and will do great global betterment, but it isn't high tech enough for me.  Spare us Bill. Give yourself and the world your Zero Wish. Your voice alone, telling the world they need to get environmentally literate, and that their cooperation is needed, and is the solution that will get the results. Especially when your buddy Bono is out there with you. 

Bill I really just need your voice, but since this is such an urgent global matter I'm not opposed to taking some of that money you hand out. It will be the best return on your donation, than you have ever received. 

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