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U.S. Congress

Climate Solutions Caucus

The U.S. Climate Solutions Caucus is about as interested in climate solutions, as congress is in caring about America and Americans, meaning they don't care at all and need to close their caucus doors. 

The EE began contacting this caucus two leaders, Mia Love and another lady whose office I talked to in October or November 2017 when I learned this caucus met with Not Protecting Our Winters, and that the caucus associates with the Citizens Climate Lobby. The CCL needs to accurately retitle their organization to the Carbon Tax Lobby, because that is their only goal and interest, and they will have nothing to do with solutions. But that is who this caucus associates itself with, I think because that is the lobbyists that congressional donors fund. They fund the congress people and the lobby people congress will talk to. It seems. 

What I know for sure, is that not even Mia Love will environmentally upgrade her environmental IQ, or talk to someone who has the best environmental education and agenda on the planet. So the congressional climate solutions caucus, like everyone else will not allow, listen to or have any interest in real solutions.

Until this caucus is willing to get on solutions and not carbon tax their citizens into poverty, this caucus needs to close its doors and stop wasting tax payer dollars pretending to seek solutions they are not interested in and will not allow.

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