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National Resources Defense Council

Anything But

The Environmental Saviors

They Promote Themselves As

The NRDC has been preventing the environmental solutions the NRDC non stop announces the world needs since 94/5. Simultaneously, and really unknown to the NRDC, the NRDC is also announcing the NRDC does not have solutions. The NRDC proclaims greatness, while simultaneously claiming how dire things continue to get, announcing the NRDC is anything but great. To this day the NRDC remains adamant the NRDC is not giving the world the education and agenda the world needs, as the NRDC continues to seek donations based on they are about and would implement solutions, if only someone smarter than them could come up with desperately sought after solutions.

The NRDC was one of the first groups the Environmental Educator asked to help bring us to the still needed environmentally literate and reusable future. To get the education and agenda the world needs to the world, and to get the solutions movie the world needs made and seen. I don't remember exactly when this started, but it was 1994 or 95. The EE started in Nov 1993, and I didn't waste time looking to get solutions implemented. The NRDC was a no brainer group to approach. Problem is no brains is what the EE encountered at the NRDC. No interest in solutions was and remains what the person with solutions encounters at the NRDC. 

The NRDC has a chapter in my book with many more details, but here are highlights. These requests started pre internet, on paper sent with a stamp. Then there was endless emails, and phone calls, but no reply. Calling the NRDC with solutions I never got past the never nice switchboard person. So well into this one day I said I'm calling at night and just leaving a message, because I'm not going to be treated horribly again. I expected a leave a message in the general mail box, but instead it said type in the person you want. I typed in the president Frances Beinecke. I left her a message stating what a complete failure she is, with proof, including her own blog admitting it, just with analysis so she finally figured out the bottom line of what she said was I'm a failure.  I told her to resign. I called back in a night or two, but Frances was no longer an option on the menu, and she resigned shortly thereafter. It is all in my book. I had never before or after this seen her blog, but I saw one that said it was her daughers wedding, and she wondered if we would solve our problems or if her daughters future was negatively impacted by her or our paralysis. Paralysis, meaning she just announced she and everyone else doesn't have a clue what to do. 

Problem is to this day the NRDC, unknown to the world, continues to prevent the education and agenda that can't be argued against, when there is nothing else or better to try, as the NRDC continues to seek donations pretending they seek and would give the world solutions if only there were solutions. If you are donating to this will not allow solutions NRDC, consider redirecting that donation to the person who has solutions, which is the Environmental Educator.

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