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Open Letter To Oscars

Officers & Documentary Governors

& Get Envir Solutions To Your

Hollywood Envir Voices So They Can

Give The World Envir Solutions

Hollywood & The World Seeks

Gore's Inconvenient Sequel

Can't Be

A Best Documentary Contender


Gore's Last Oscar

Must Be Taken Back

December 11, 2017


To Oscars

Officers: John Bailey, Lois Burwell, Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Tronick, Nancy Utley, Dawn Hudson

Documentary Governors: Kate Amend, Rory Kennedy and Roger Ross Williams,

Actors Branch: Laura Dern, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks

Directors: Michael Mann, Kimberly Pierce, Steven Spielberg

Producers: Albert Berger, Mark Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy


Al Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel can’t be included as a contender for Best Documentary, Al Gore’s prior Oscar must be taken back, and the Oscars must get the environmental education and agenda the world needs to Hollywood green voices so they can use their voice for good.


Unknown to most the world, Al Gore is an environmental fraud who has prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie since 93/4, and a provable 98 by Al’s own 98 and 99 letters to me. I got those letters because I randomly picked up a phone and Joe Kennedy was on the other end. Yes relative to Rory on this distribution. Joe didn’t even like me at first and hung up. Then is wife made him call me back and apologize. Then Joe couldn’t put down the phone for 2.5 hours, when he was a congressman. The call ended with Joe ensuring me that my daily requests to Gore would get past Al’s subordinates, who sent me the 95 letter in That was January or February 1998, shortly after the Aspen accident, and Joe was coming to Vail to meet some Denver lawyer. Then I got the 98 & 99 letters from Gore, stating how impressed he is with my work and ideas, and that my proposal has been thoroughly read and considered. Then you can see the 2017 email from Gore’s office, telling me it is “pointless” to bother Al with solutions, something I’ve known for decades and the world needs to know.


Since 93/4 Al Gore and everyone else you can think of, including Bobby Kennedy, has been preventing the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs. Then Al Gore put out his announcing he has no solutions Inconvenient Truth in 2006, which Sundance showed knowing Sundance, Redford and Gore have all been preventing the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4. Then Sundance showed Gore’s second movie. I tried to get an injunction preventing it. It is Third District Court, Summit County, Park City UT, Connors vs Sundance, case number 170500002. I didn’t stand a chance in Park City against Sundance, but I proved that these people are all frauds, who continued their fraud of searching for solutions that they have been and continue to suppress. Solutions that can’t be argued against because they work to reduce by reusing the top to levels of the environmental hierarchy, and the Environmental Educator would have ended global environmental illiteracy long ago.


These solutions also would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago, had anyone allowed solutions. Al Gore has prevented the solutions he seeks. According to Gore’s and everyone else, them preventing solutions creates the storms that destroy island nations. The Oscars officers and documentary governors must not include Al’s sequel as a best documentary contender, and you must take back the Oscar Al should have never accepted.

Also the Oscars must get the Environmental Educator education and agenda to Hollywood green voices, who non stop announce the world needs environmental solutions. The Environmental education and agenda are the solutions the world needs. So Hollywood green voices, including Bono who is close enough to Hollywood and has an organization to combat climate change, must be informed about this, so they can use their voice for good. The Environmental Educator is also available to consult with Hollywood, so Hollywood stops its environmentally abusive habits in their offices and production sites, and in the messages Hollywood delivers in its product.


This is also an open letter on


This is very serious and needs to be taken and acted on very seriously. That is why whoever opened the email and envelope with this in it, has to get this to the Oscars officers and documentary governors.


Eileen Connors, The Environmental Educator

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