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Nasa's James Hansen

Preventing Solutions Like Everyone Else

James Hansen was Nasa's top climatologist forever, and has been an environmental voice for a long time. I never bothered him because I know how horrible federal national public servant offices treat the public, especially someone with desperately needed global solutions that they give themselves press stating they are seeking. James isn't even a national public servant, just on the public payroll at Nasa and then the Goddard Space Center I think. 


So I didn't bother James until 2008 when he was on a History channel I believe special, and said no one is teaching what needs to be taught. I said this is my cue. No, it wasn't. Calls and emails to his office were so unwelcomed, that days into telling them I have what James seeks, I was put through to federal security, who threatened to arrest and prosecute me to the fullest extent of federal law if I bother James office again. I was told this is a government research facility. What it was, was where James Hansen was in a tax payer paid office that I called, after he publicly searched for what I have. These offices are horrible. This man was not nice. As always I said put this in writing. He said we don't do that, but don't test us, it's in our files and we will arrest you.  It's in James chapter in my book. 

Years later James endorsed Tim DeChristopher, who pulled a really stupid stunt and interferred with a federal oil and gas lease auction. James and others including Redford, and McKibben backed Tim, even writing an open letter stating how great this was, because someone needs to do something. James even let his character be used in a mocking the court play, that Tim and his friends did outside the court. So if you are Tim, basically a sideshow without solutions, doing a really stupid stunt that he did prison time for to announce we need solutions, you are backed by people preventing solutions. But if you present these people with solutions, you are threatened with arrest and prosecution to the fullest extent of federal law. 

More years later, and I believe still going on right now today (Nov 2017), there is a court case in Washington state, where James is joining youth in suing the U.S. government, because the government isn't doing enough environmentally to give these kids a future. Omg, James is the U.S. government who has been preventing the betterment he is suing the U.S. for not giving the world, and these kids. Ok. This case should be thrown out of court. I contacted the U.S. attorney, who isn't interested in this. I'm going to send this website and page to the Judge when this website goes live again in Nov 2017. The Judge needs to rule this case be dismissed, with the youth embarking on the EE education and agenda. Being the solution, they too have refused to be. When I heard about this case, I presented them what needs to be done, and that James has been preventing it. The kids like everyone else, have no interest in being the solution. So this case needs to be dismissed. James can't tie up the court system and use tax payer dollars, to sue the government for solutions he has not given the world, and these youth are uninterested in too. Had these youth used their voice, stadiums would have already converted their irresponsible disposable concessions to responsible reusable ones, so many would be environmentally literate, and so much more. This is ridiculous, and this is James Hansen true level of environmental concern.


James is promoted as this great mind, Nasa's top guy for decades, but he can't come up with solutions. James not really very bright mind is baffled, absolutely baffled. Worse, James isn't interested in and won't allow solutions when you can't argue against them, and there is nothing else or better to try on the table. So shut up James Hansen, and withdraw this ridiculous stunt of a lawsuit you have going on in Washington state, and your support for the sideshow Tim DeChristopher.

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