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Death To America, Global Eco Terrorists

Big Stepfordwifeville, North Korea

a.k.a. Big Sky, MT

Big Sky, Montana has four ski areas, and negative environmental interest. Yes negative, because BS is hostile against leading the world with the light years best environmental education and agenda the world seeks. I guess, who would want to get great global press forever, and prevent massive death, destruction and pure devastation of island nations? Not Big Stepfordwifeville. That is sooo out of the league of the BS Stepford wives and husbands, that you will experience N Korean punishment for asking BS to be good global citizens. It's sad, but true. BS doesn't have to, and they are not going to. They're just not into that.

BS's four ski areas are the downhill skiing Big Sky Resort, Moonlight Basin and the private Yellowstone Club, along with the cross country ski area Lone Mountain Ranch. In about 2007 I asked the downhill areas to together lead the world environmentally. I said you will get great global press forever in the future, and you'll pay 1/3 the environmental worker costs that other ski areas pay for their one environmental worker. But that wasn't happening. I didn't bother the cross country area, because I had worked there, and I knew they had no environmental interest. So years later I spent three days going door to door, businesses first then homes, because both BS N Korea newspapers will not let the Environmental Educator run paid ads in their papers. Three days going door to door with a flyer about a meeting I was having. I knew it wouldn't be well received, and no one would show up, but I had to ask to prove it. I was right. It asked BS to lead the world environmentally, to be America's solution and hire Americans and stop bringing foreigners here to work when 102 million Americans don't have a job, and lead the tourist industry out of the sweatshop it is, to respecting guest service professionals with wages and benefits equal to the professional every business and manager and guests demand, and workers deliver, yet it remains the only part of professional tourist industry employers will not have anything to do with. BS responded with ringing the sheriff's phone off the hook, basically using the sheriff like their second grade principal. (BS is not a town so there is no town government or police.) Yes you read that right, the community rang sheriffs phone off the hook. Not because I did anything illegal, but because they wanted to tell on me to someone. Then I was completely blacklisted in BS N Korea by businesses who tell the government they can't get Americans, and have extensive do not hire these Americans lists, for violations that are nothing when you can't get workers.  I was and still am and treated horrible by most every resident, including many who used to be my friend, and I had many friends until I asked BS to be good global citizens. Worse BS seriously gets sick and demented pride and pleasure  doing this. Until now. Until the world finds out.

Big Sky's is so opposed to being quality people, that BS's hostile actions against me are highlighted here. Will Henslee owner of 46 North landscaping, in writing on facebook told me he wants to bull doze my condo, and I don't even know him. A green Jeep ran over my street sign and wood crate that held the sign up. I'm sure the driver celebrated with others, many others including the town when word got around. Over the years when Kevin  Germain was Director of Development at Moonlight, Kevin had randomly sent me 5-7 emails saying he wanted to talk, to get my ideas, etc. It never happened, and he wouldn't do anything. Then one day I thought maybe I can humiliate BS into giving me a job, preferably leading the world environmentally. I put some signs on the street, letting guests know some BS truth. I sent Kevin an email saying get me to work and off the street. Kevin Jong-un Germain then damaged my email by sending it to spamhaus, who works with law enforcement dealing with the world's worst spammers. I've asked many times, but Jong-un has still not reversed this, nor will the BS chamber make him, even though he is on their board of directors. Jong-un is now with the Lone Mountain Land Company, which I believe is a Yellowstone Club owned company, which is also the new BS Real Estate Co. Jong-un was an important representative at the real estate street party grand opening. One of their agents is Martha Johnson, who had her own real estate company forever it seems. Martha gets an assist for the Yellowstone Club plow destroying my signs and property. Martha was driving by, then took a sharp left turn into the parking lot I was in, across the street from my signs. A sharp turn because she had gone past the entrance, then decided I've got to stop an American who is reduced to her first amendment rights, and getting truth the Stepford wives censor out. Martha is not going to be encouraged by the public to care that the people she gets big commissions selling ski homes to, has skiing in the future. Or care that entire island nations don't get completely wiped out by storms Martha won't help prevent. Or your coastal property elsewhere. Yes Martha could reign a complete year as Mrs. Stepfordwifeville. Martha got on the phone, frantically talking. I should have took pictures, or video. Martha eventually drove away, back the way she came in, saying I'm on it, and then she started snapping pictures on her way down the road. Shortly thereafter the Yellowstone Club sent their plow out to destroy my signs. Even with a confession by the driver, the deputy would not follow the messages to who gave the order, or ticket the driver who job it is is to not destroy things on the road, especially when you did not plow anywhere else except these signs. This was not a plow day, or YC property. The only time the  plow blade was down, was when the plow got to my signs. This plow driver should never be allowed to plow again. You don't follow illegal orders. I asked for and did not get insurance information, for this hit and run. The YC never sent a check for the bill I sent, with the first 45 minutes being picking up the wreckage. Then I'm sure the YC, Martha, the plow driver and the rest of BS enjoyed hearing about this. There is an article about this violent intentional attack on me in this webstie, and it shows how hostile Big Sky is to being quality and decent people. More below the Moonlight picture.

Moonlight Basin

BS is also death to America. I actually argue it is so death to America, that it is treason. That's right, when 102 million Americans don't have a job, you're not employing Americans but bringing foreigners here to work, and giving work to every green card whore who invaded their way into our country, and their never ending family who never stops invading (they are not immigrants, they are invaders), you are waging economic war against America. America is America because Americans live in America, with a sprinkling of immigration not an overwhelming invasion, and Americans have jobs, good jobs. When businesses choose this death to America sweatshop congressional offering that congress chooses to not use, as opposed to working to free market capitalism, offering wages and benefits until you get Americans, you are waging economic war against, and eroding the foundation of America. Without a foundation, whatever is built on it collapses, even America. Even if and especially when you are not smart enough to see the end result coming. I mean seriously Big Sky, how long do you think you can spit on, walk all over,  abuse and completely disrespect America and have it still be here for you? I assure you , it isn't much longer.  Don't wonder what happened. You happened.


BS businesses, especially BS Resort the ski area, have extensive do not hire these Americans lists. Blacklisting Americans from employment, for violations that are nothing in comparison to Montana's newest national public dictator, assaulter Greg Gianforte who brought a reporter to the ground in a split second. Then these companies tell the U.S. government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans, as these companies tell Americans we're not hiring Americans. BS is waging economic war against America, which how is that not treason? Not employing Americans when 102 million Americans do not have a job, is treason. You can't argue against it. It is irrelevant if your off the reservation federal government gave you this treason, this is designed to collapse America. That is why your not on America's side federal government encourages this. National public brutal dictator Steve Daines said his buddy, the assaulter Gianforte just needed to apologize and its' all good for Greg to be a Congressman. Steve Daines also  told me, BS needs to attract the best talent, even if it's from half a world away, when 102 million Americans don't have a job. As I said the not on America's side, treason against America DC Daines. The best talent for jobs that can't lure people off welfare?  BS Resort HR has told me we follow the law, which Fox just reported is, if Americans won't do the job for the wages that are offered, employers can tell the gov they need foreigners. Imaging Americans not working for significantly below the cost of living without a benefit in the world, especially when welfare pays better. Then many other employers are also not hiring Americans. Instead they are giving the foreigners BS Resort and others brings to town, their second and third jobs. I have assured the tourist industry since I was in Vail in the 90's, that resorts can get people to come work here, you just have to respect the guest service professionals with the only part of professional the tourist industry will have nothing to do with, which is compensating for it. You'll be overflowing with workers, when guest service professionals are as respected as much as federal, state, county and town janitors are. It is irrelevant if the completely off the reservation US federal government handed you this treason. It is every citizens responsibility to protect and defend America. Not the military's, it is your responsibility. That means it isn't just treason by the company who brings foreigners here, or by the other businesses who give these foreigners many more jobs. It is treason by every citizen you does not do their duty of protecting and defending America. If you are nice to a foreigner, an green card whore invader, or their never ending invading rest of the family and anchor babies, instead of telling these invaders to get out, which they would if they didn't have treason against America jobs, then you too are committing treason. Silence is consent. Every BS resident who goes along with this, and rolls out the red carpet for this, has committed the treason that has already killed America. The bottom just hasn't fallen out yet, but you aren't going to like it when it does. And don't wonder what happened. Treason against America Americans like you happened. It's not the government that's the problem. The problem is the citizens not doing the job of controlling the government, or going along with the government's permission to completely disrespect, spit on, abuse and walk all over America. I mean seriously how long do you brain dead people think they can completely disrespect and abuse America, and still have it? I guarantee you BS and others, have allowed America to be abused to such extensive levels, that America no longer exists, and the bottom is soon going to fall out, leaving you baffled as to how it happened. Good luck on your judgement days facing your treason and eco terrorism, for the massive death and destruction you don't have to try to prevent. No you don't have to, but boy are you going to wish you had on your judgement day. When BS called the sheriff on me because I offered them the opportunity to be great people, one of the deputies who called me was Ian, who is funny. I've watched Ian go over to another deputy's car, and talk to a guy getting taken away, and the both of them were laughing. So in this chat I cracked jokes about what babies these people are, and we laughed. The call basically ended with Ian saying, you now they don't have to do this, which I'm sure they all explained because they explain it to me. I said I know, if they had to they would be doing it. A quality person would do it, which is why they are being babies. They know they are not doing the right, but nice laughing at them with you Ian. 

Since BS is so proud that BS is not hiring Americans, and not preventing massive death and destruction, I asked BS Resort and the chamber to have every business put a video on their website, telling their customers the truth, so consumers can make a decision where they spend their tourist dollars. I said just talk like you all do all the time, just put it on video and let the world know your true character. You won't see those videos, but the EE will be bringing you this BS truth. Actually BS chamber board of directors member Greg "Carnie" Lisk replied to the request with, stop being a crazy.

So that is about where it stands in BS N Korea. BS has it's own header on this website, and there will be many articles giving you truth about BS businesses and residents, and how much they hate America and have exactly zero respect for the one planet we know of that supports life. 

This was sent to me on Oct 3, 2017 by BS Chamber Board of Directors  member Greg "Carnie" Lisk, co-owner with Kyle Wisniewski of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill, which I call the 3T's, because it is where BS's endless treason against America, global eco terrorists and brutal facsist tyrants gather. 

"Eileen you are crazy as Bat #$@#! I don't know how to block you, in fact I don't think I want to because I enjoy, like everyone else  to see how much free time you have. ",

proving how much BS loves unemploying Americans and having negative environmental interest.

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