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The Not Green Sports Alliance

The Not Green Sports Alliance is one more organization who is going to green something, but won't allow solutions. They partner with stadiums who increase their environmentally abusive actions, while doing remedial mickey mouse action they promote as grand.

The NGSA partnered up with the US Tennis Association, and Billie Jean King's GreenSlam. Together they along with their NRDC consultant had a conference with stadiums before a US tennis Open, to have other stadiums follow their recycling lead. The EE was not allowed to speak to the conference, to get a stadium that would embark on real solutions, like eliminating recycling by converting their disposable stadium concessions to reusable and so much more. The real solutions the NGSA, USTA, BJK her GreenSHAM and their NRDC consultant wouldn't allow. Neither would the other stadiums before this conference. I know because I called stadiums claiming to be green years before this, to literally be laughed at by them telling me no stadium would do what is needed. 

The NGSA needs to do one of two things. They and their stadium partners need to either do what BJK did with her GreenSHAM, close their environmental doors because they are frauds. Or the NGSA can embark on real and needed environmental action, and stop expanding their beyond abusive actions. Period. 

It is very easy to have all stadiums converted to reusable within two years. By next teams season is preferable. I've reminded the USTA of that after the US Open concluded, but still there is no substance to go with their shallow cheer leading. When one stadium leads, every other one will have to follow. This could have been achieve in the 90's if Gore or any other environmental voice like the NRDC allowed solutions in the 90's. It's 2017 almost 18 and still no one will allow solutions. But this conversion is easy and essential to environmental progress and betterment. And so much more they are refusing to do. 


There is more on the NGSA is in my book, but this is the overall summary of the NGSA. The NGSA is just another lacking substance, lacking solutions, preventing solutions while promoting ridiculousness and claiming greatness as their partners expand their beyond environmentally abusive operations. The NGSA will continue to claim greatness, while non stop announcing how much more desperate the world is for solutions, while not allowing solutions and pretending they are doing all they can do. So get real or close your doors NGSA. The NGSA is not worth the greenhouse gases and pollutants they emit.

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