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Dear Al Gore,

December 5, 2017


Al there truly is only this truth to tell you, go turn yourself in for your decades of fraud and eco terrorism.

Al Gore you have refused the environmental education and agenda the world needs since a provable 1998. Your office in 2017 emailed me it is pointless to bother you. I know that. The world needs to know that too. The world does know that you are baffled as to what the solutions you non stop seek are, because that is completely obvious with you embarrassing yourself non stop announcing it. Every time you globally announce things are getting worse, even faster than expected, you announce your work is a complete failure. You have concretely proven you do not have solutions. Worse is, unknown to the world, you have prevented the solutions you are impressed with, since a provable 98. There is nothing else or better to try, at a point when something new needs to be tried. Especially solutions that can't be argued against. Especially at a time when you  non stop announce how dire the situation is. 

Also dire is the massive death, destruction, complete devastation and massive insurance claims, that according to you, happens because we don't have solutions. Solutions the world doesn't have, because you and others - as in every environmental voice, won't allow solutions. 

In the past year or two the communist indoctrinated left states they believe that anyone who doesn't believe in global warming or climate change, should be arrested. People have the right to not be on board. But global voices, making millions during their crusade to search for solutions, while preventing solutions is another story. No global voice for a cause can be working against the cause, especially when such complete devastation is on the line. 

U.S. law states that not preventing terrorism is terrorism. According to you, our greenhouse gas emissions are weapons of mass destruction. So not preventing those emissions, means you are not preventing the massive death, destruction and devastation you say are because we don't have solutions. Solutions you prevent. So I called the Billings MT FBI office years ago, and asked that they investigate you. There was no interest. I'm sure I probably got investigated, because that is how it works. But point is, maybe they should reconsider that. If not, you need to turn yourself in. These storms and devastation are because of your inaction, your refusal to give the world solutions. You and your friends that is. So why don't you round yourselves up, and if the federal prisons you belong in don't take you, then you and your eco terrorist friends can be like the Saudi royal family, and home arrest yourself. 

In addition to being a global eco terrorist, you are also a complete fraud, who has made tens of millions off  your fraud. You wouldn't give the world the solutions movie the world still needs since 93/4 and a provable 98, but in 2006 you made a profitable announcing we need solutions movie.  A decade later you made another one. Well this one is not so profitable, but you are still trying with this ridiculous Dec 4-5, 2017 2 hour event, that is days after I wrote this. When you got your Nobel Prize, I wrote to the not very Nobel committee, and told them that no way could they give it to you, because you are a fraud. To fill the time when you were not getting this award, they should show the solutions movie you have refused since 93/4. Al Gore it is long past due for you to return this Nobel award, that you should have never accepted. 

So Al Gore seriously, go close your fraudulent Climate out of touch with Reality Project doors, return every contribution you ever took, then turn yourself in. If the authorities mock this, then put yourself under house arrest for the rest of your life. You and your friends that is. That could even extend to your friends in the press, who didn't do their job for decades, and give the world this truth but rather censored it. I tried for this truth to be reported, but our fake news has been state run government propaganda forever now. You have been protected. So have others, but recently that protection dam has burst. I hope this truth becomes part of that breaking censorship dam. I mean this isn't a sex scandal, but it is high profile global fraud, and eco terrorism.

Do the world a favor. Shut up and go away.

Good bye you environmental fraud Al Gore. 

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

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