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Wk1- Atmosphere
Wk2 - Carbon Dioxide
Wk4 - Disposable
Wk6 - Environmental Myths
Wk7 - Global Warming
Wk8 - Oil
Wk9 - Practical Tips 1
Wk11 - Life Since The 1960's
Wk12-White House Leadership
Wk13 - Solar
Wk14 - Environmental Future
Wk15 - Greenhouse Gases
Wk16 - Green Taxes
Wk17 - Earth
Wk 18 - A Baby's Birth
Wk19 - Cars
Wk20 - Practical Tips 2
Wk21 - Offices
Wk 22 - Office Supplies
Wk23 - CO2 350parts per million
Wk24 - Carbon Footprint
Wk25 - Store Plastic Bags

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Chamber board member Greg "Carney" Lisk, co-owner of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill

with Kyle Wisniewski, emailed me knowing I'm Big Sky blacklisted from employment,

by employers who tell the government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans, 

& BS won't partner with the EE to lead the world environmentally,

"I enjoy, like everyone else to see how much free time you have.".

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which I call the 3T's because it is where Big Sky's

treason against America, global eco terrorists & brutal fascists tyrants gather.

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