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Open Letter To One co-founder Bono


Bono I'm the Environmental Educator, who has the light years best environmental education and agenda the world needs. Today One continues to work for environmental progress, stating One's goal is to tackle climate change in 15 years. I say continues, because I believe One has always had environmental goals, which like everyone else One has never achieved. That is because One has not embarked on the solutions the world needs. However those solutions have been and remain on One's desk. They are now on your desk Bono. I've told One to get them and this to you, but that doesn't happen. So this is the avenue I have to get to you, so you Bono can give the world the environmental betterment the world and you seek. Bono how about being the One person who finally leads the world into the environmentally literate and reusable future the world needs? Because Bono not much else matters if we don't take care of and respect the One planet that we know in the entire universe, that supports life.

The Environmental Educator (EE) will end global environmental illiteracy, and our disposable society, which are our two biggest environmental problems, even if no one else tells you that. It can't be argued against. Just watching weeks 1-5 of the Environmental Educator education, about 4.5 minutes a week, will significantly increase your environmental iq. So will the world when you help end their environmental illiteracy. Then everyone will understand why ending our disposable society is essential. If One is ever going to tackle climate change, partnering with the Environmental Educator is essential. One continues to in words tackle this problem, because One has refused to tackle it action since I heard about One, which was shortly after its opening. The good new is, we don't need 15 years. The EE will solve this problem in a fraction of that. Well the needed solutions will be implemented. Then the decades of negative consequences will take time to filter out, but the needed work will be done. Without bringing the world into the needed environmentally literate and reusable future, no environmental betterment will ever happen, just like it hasn't since 1993 because no one will allow solutions. 

This picture is Seattle May 2017, where you Bono told us how great Bill and Melinda Gates are. You may have socialized with Bill and Melinda, but I went to their Foundation's public area, the Discovery Center. In it Melinda does a video ending with, we hope we've inspired you to do something great. I don't need to be inspired. I've been inspired since November 17, 1993 when the Environmental Educator started. Problem is, as you see in this website, no one will allow environmental solutions. Not even Bill and Melinda Gates. Not even when you can get 3 of 4 of Bill's Zero Wish Variables down to zero, and apparently no one else can get one to zero. Maybe this just hasn't gotten past Bill's layers to Bill yet, despite every effort I've taken. I've even in my book told Bill to come over, because his Big Sky home is literally 1,000 feet up the hill from me. However to date Bill and Melinda or their people, continue to prevent Bill from getting his Zero Wish, which also will give the world the environmental education and agenda the world needs, solving our global environmental problems. So maybe you can get this to Bill, and help turn his incorrect decision into the correct one. Provided this gets to you Bono, which is why I did it in an open letter, because without an open letter I don't stand a chance. I've asked forever, and again in early November 2017, that One get this to you, but One never will. Unless people call, so do that people. Let One know someone needs to lead the world with real solutions, and Bono is a big someone.

Bono you need to flex your co-founder status with One, but if One continues to suppress the Environmental 911 Call the world needs, then Bono you can use your voice yourself. You're Bono, you don't need One. Bono can get the environmental education the world needs to the world. Bono can get the stadiums that you play, to lead the world with reusable stadium concessions and so many other needed changes. This works to reduce by reusing, the top two levels of the environmental hierarchy, so it can't be argued against. See the Not Green Sports Alliance and Billie Jean King information on this website. I can't get this needed cooperation, but you can. Preferably by your 2018 tour. I can get to work immediately. You get the cooperation, and I can lead the world. Most importantly, the world needs this. You know that, this remains one of One's unachieved goals.

Bono in Seattle you dedicated a song to strong women. Take a look at the history of everyone I asked for cooperation from since 1993, and how I've stood up to them. That takes a strong person, but I don't want to be strong, I just always wanted cooperation. Had anyone including One cooperated when asked long ago, this global situation should have been solved long ago. I begged environmental voices to not give me the truth they have given me to say, but they laughed at their fraud. So then I had to stand up to them. This website is all that right now. That wasn't my goal, but if environmental betterment is ever going to be achieved, I have to do what you also said, they insisted and persisted. So now I'm persisting you to Bono. If you need, ask the strong woman in your wife. She'll just wonder why you are wasting time asking. Anything less than your full and immediate cooperation, then close your environmental doors, like Billie Jean King did when she wouldn't be the leader the world needs. Actually Bono, keep your doors open, just be better than Billie Jean King and get on real and needed solutions. 

So Bono, how about it? Get the light years best environmental education and agenda the world needs to the world, or shut One's environmental doors. Preferably not the second. Get Bill Gates his Zero Wish, with or without his cooperation, preferably with. Even without Bill we can achieve what One will never achieve until One partners with the Environmental Educator. Then we'll get Bill to thank us. Getting him on board would be better. His voice will get global cooperation immediately. With his voice I don't needs his handing out money, but since this is such a global urgency, that would  be of benefit too. 

So Bono, lets bring the world into the needed environmentally literate and reusable future the world needs. Check out the education and agenda. Then lets get solutions implemented. 

Anyone reading this who want solutions implemented, call One. Let them know. Call right now and call again until you hear Bono and One are on board. 

The best number to get your voice to Bono is any of the One international offices on

The DC number is 202-495-2700. has a contact form, but works too.


If Bono doesn't hear from you, Bono will never know environmental betterment is on his desk.

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

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