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Robert Redford& Sundance

Robert Redford and Sundance have been preventing the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 94ish.  I don't know the exact date, but they were asked to give the world the environmental solutions the world and Redford seeks, since shortly after the EE started in Vail in Nov 1993. The long version of Redford and Sundance not allowing solutions is in their chapter in my book, but here is the condensed info.


When Vail and Gore were not interested in leading the world to the environmentally literate and reusable future we still need, or making and getting seen the solutions movie the world needs, I asked myself who else could help. This was 94, 95 at the latest. Redford and Sundance seemed perfect. They are environmental activists and help people make movies, especially documentaries and this was pre home technology. I said help make and get seen the solutions movie the world needs, which will get the Environmental Educator education on the comics page. Then hopefully Gore would change his I won't allow solutions stand, and get corporate cooperation to get us to the reusable future we need. But Sundance was disinterested too. Some at Sundance blocked my requests, but I persisted, probably even then using a second email, but Sundance remained adamant they are not interested in environmental solutions, or giving the world the solutions movie it still needs. As Redford and Sundance constantly fraudulently got press for their deep environmental concern and seeking solutions. 

Then Sundance showed Gore's first movie in Jan 2006. I emailed reminding Sundance them that they and Gore had been preventing the solutions movie since 94ish, but again Sundance didn't care. I kept bothering Sundance and the Redford Center, and they kept thinking not giving the world their desperately sought after solutions, was a good idea. 

Then sometime after Sept 13, 2006 I got the postcard above in the mail, in this envelope. The postcard reads Happiness Robert Redford. I emailed Sundance telling them to tell Robert that I'm not a groupie and to make me happy. But still Sundance and Redford would not give the world desperately sought after environmental solutions. I don't know who sent this, but Sundance and Redford have not denied it was them, even when this was presented as evidence in court. 

In 2008 the EE submitted the solutions movie Environmental 911 = You to the Sundance Film Festival, The movie that Sundance, Gore, Vail NRDC, and others wouldn't give the world for over a decade. When I got my email rejection, I replied this can't be, and they sent back yes it is. Of course it was. This was in a year when Sundance was looking for movies that were made by unconventional filming methods.  The EE movie was made like the educational videos, with the EE boards and audio, so I meet that criteria. The EE is of course also the environmental solutions Redford and Sundance endlessly seek, but continued to not give to the world. I guess not giving the world solutions, allows Robert to continue to be an activist. 

Fast forward another decade, during which at times I'm sure I bothered Sundance, I resurfaced when I heard that Sundance was showing Gore's newest movie in 2017. I emailed Sundance many times over days, reminding them of their complete fraud. I'd send the same email like 5 times in a row to be sure they saw it. I knew Sundance wasn't going to care, so I asked a judge to. I sought an injunction preventing Sundance from showing the movie. It is Third District Court, Summit County, Park City Utah case number 170500002, Connors vs Sundance. Sundance didn't reply when they got papers delivered. But I think it was talked about in the office. It was close to the film premier date. Then I called and said, I need to know who to send the papers of our hearing date. The lady on the phone said hearing, as if she knew exactly what I was talking about. Immediately a law firm emailed me, we're handling this. This was the Wed or Thu before the film festival, with a hearing 6 days away, a day or two before the premier. I'm sure Redford and Gore were both made aware of the situation, because if this injunction was granted, this movie would not be showing. 

I believe six people from Sundance chimed into the phone hearing. Three from the law firm, and I believe three from Sundance. Surprise I didn't get an injunction granted against Sundance in Sundance's home town, but I did win. I can now beyond of a shadow of a doubt say that Sundance again knowingly, fraudulently misrepresented to the world that they and their partner Al Gore continued with this charade, even after being reminded of their with intentional deception in this strong fashion. 

But again Sundance didn't care, and Sundance will continue to not care until they are globally humiliated, which is well earned and deserved. However it was interesting to see Redford doing the Today Show promoting some new movie, when hurricanes Harvey and Irma were completely destroying complete island nations. Yet Redford didn't talk the environment. Redford who never missed an opportunity to be his activist self, was silent. Sure this was promo for a movie, but this is Redford and if he wanted to get in his activism in, he would have, but he was silent. And you haven't heard him out crying for solutions after this summer of devastation.

Redford and Sundance both need to go completely environmentally silent. Actually they should be joining Gore in prison for their fraud. I mean how much money has Sundance raised, based on their fraudulent environmental misrepresentation? A lot. Redford and Sundance are not seeking, but rather have been and will continue to prevent the solutions the world needs, that can't be argued against, especially when there remains nothing else or better to try. 

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