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Aspen is environmental like everyone else, in words. Aspen gets a lot of good environmental press, which is hilarious because luxury Aspen is one of the most environmentally abusive places on earth. 

The ski company environmental leader Auden Schendler gets national news, and even a Big Sky newspaper gave Auden credit for having the best environmental agenda in the ski industry I believe. Sure Auden does. No it's just this Big Sky newspaper, the Big Sky Weekly, continues to ignore, blacklist, and get sick and demented pride in keeping the best environmental agenda in the world suppressed. So suppressed that the Big Sky Weekly will not even let the EE run paid ads in their N Korean newspaper. Then the Big Sky Weekly incorrectly and knowingly incorrectly, gives the beyond complete proven failure Auden glowing praise. The Big Sky Weekly is an Outlaw Partners business. The Outlaw Partners is a really cool old western name, that in 2017 translates to the Politically Correct Partners. Or as I put in my book, unless you include their being global eco terrorists. U.S. law is not preventing terrorism is terrorism. Auden and baffled to solutions friends, say the complete devastation of island nations that we saw this summer and so much more, is because the world doesn't have solutions. Actually the world does, it's just Auden and friends, and the Politically Correct Partners and the rest of their Big Sky partners in eco terrorism, won't give the solutions to the world. The Politically Correct Partners proves Auden has no solutions with this misrepresentation, because like Auden the Politically Correct Partners would never partner with someone who has solutions, but praises everyone who doesn't. What is really funny is, when Big Sky town center has their Christmas  Stroll evening, I got into the Politically Correct Partners. By site, they don't know who I am. I chat and leave with them telling me how nice it was talking to me. 


Not having solutions is how Auden keeps his job. Aspen is beyond environmentally abusive. I haven't been there since the 90's, but I don't need to be there to know how abusive it is. Auden keeps his job, by never pointing that out. How could Auden, he doesn't even know it. True, but Auden was presented the EE needed leadership solutions, that Auden ignores.  Auden can at the same time, truly believe and promote his work as grand, while announcing how desperate the world is for solutions, while never telling the world he is preventing solutions. Grand. Yeah, so grand that decades of Auden's leadership later, Auden is still non-stop announcing how dire the situation is. This is just funny. Well not really. Now when it is holding up desperately needed betterment, and according to Auden and friends creating wiping out entire island nations. Having or promoting solutions will not get or keep you in a job. I have proven that. It also won't get you press in a Politically Correct Partners publication.

Auden will however humiliate himself with his endless non-stop announcing how desperate the world and ski industry are for solutions. Auden partnered with Bill McKibben and his Got Earth To 400+ organization. They did a Memorial Day ski race without snow, to show how desperate the world is for solutions. This stunt got press, and basically announced how worthless Auden and Bill and his Got Earth To 400+ are. I mean they have been on the job forever now, and are such complete failures they go to this great length to embarrass themselves, announcing they are complete failures. Then some years later, Memorial Day 2017 Aspen skiing opened for the weekend, because they had so much snow. 

Being a complete failure like Auden gets you press and paychecks. Auden does speeches, chairs Not Protecting Our Winters, talks to Congress, partners with Bill McKibben, etc. Wow Auden, how do you find the time? Oh never mind, I know. Not using  your voice to get solutions implemented, gives you a lot of time to be a has no solutions activist. I've presented Auden the solutions the world needs, for a long time now, and have never gotten a reply. I don't know exactly when I approached Auden, but it was I believe in the 90's, when Vail Associates Joe Macy told me how I was wasting myself in won't lead environmentally Vail. That Aspen had a think tank and I should go to Aspen. So Vail wasn't letting me lead. so I bothered the Aspen Institute, and I believe this is when I started having Auden ignore the solutions he sought then, and decades later still seeks. I have never, ever gotten a reply from will not allow solutions Auden. Although I might be hearing from his lawyer, when the EE goes global and Auden starts having his meltdown. This is all true, and truth can be reported, so man up and then shut up, because you are never going to put up. Your hot air is warming up the planet.

Aspen also has the environmentally concerned Aspen Institute, which is another not really thinking think tank. When Joe Macy told me to bother the Aspen Institute, I eventually did. Vail wasn't letting me lead, so maybe Aspen would. I'm pretty sure the AI is so uninterested in solutions, that my email is blocked. I think I told Joe, this would probably go better if you called and made the introduction. If I call and say Vail said I should work for you, they are going to laugh at me. But if you call and say you should talk to her, the Aspen Institute would have done the courtesy to at least talk to me once. So the AI is really more Aspen in words is environmental, but in action unenvironmental.

Then there is the Snowmass recently ex-Town Manager Russ Forrest. Russ was the Town of Vail's environmental worker, until I basically convinced the town council he wasn't doing and didn't know anything. So Russ got promoted to something else, and then went over to Snowmass as its town manager, and is now town manager in Gunnison Co. I emailed Russ in Snowmass, saying want to reconsider finally leading environmentally? I never heard back. 

So yeah Aspen, beyond environmentally abusive luxury Aspen. I don't even have to be inside the operations all over town, to know that like every other high end ski town, Aspen endlessly expands beyond environmentally abusive actions. Aspen also has a chapter in my book, that expands on this riders digest version here.

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