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Bill McKibben & His

Accurately Called 

Got Earth To 400+,

Because That Is Their Achievement

The background for this page

is hot air balloons,

because according to McKibben,

earth's hot air is rising.

That is in part because of the endless hot air

McKibben spews, seeking solutions

that McKibben has proven he doesn't have.

Worse, unknown to the world

McKibben & his organization

prevents the solutions he seeks

since Got Earth To 400+ opened their doors.

Bill McKibben and his Got Earth To 400+ organization need to close their doors, then do the world a favor, shut up and go away. Take Gore & every other won't allow solutions environmental voice with you.

It actually took me a while before I tried to contact Bill, because you never get through to these people. Especially when you have to get through his preventing solutions staffers. But there it a bill@ email and I've sent many, along with many emails to staffers and facebook comments. Got Earth To 400+ blocked my facebook participation, because Got Earth To 400+ will not let anyone know Got Earth To 400+ blocks environmental solutions. 

Bill partners up with Mr. BS Bernie Sanders, who also prevents the solutions he seeks. Bill and Got Earth To 400+ also partners up with Aspen's environmental worker Auden Schendler. A while ago they did a Memorial Day ski race without snow, to show how dire the ski industry will be without solutions. Thing is, had either of these people allowed solutions, this sideshow stunt wouldn't have been necessary. 

Got Earth To 400+ has days of action, that they promote is going to be the solution, just like their last day of action was going to be the solution, and the next day of action will be the solution as soon as their present worthless day of action, ends up being the predictable failure they always are. Failures because Bill McKibben and his Got Earth To 400+ will not allow solution. As I've told Gore for decades, screaming for a solution isn't a solution, and neither is preventing the solutions you can't argue against, especially when there is nothing else or better to try, and Bill and his employees have proven they don't have solutions. 

But that doesn't stop Bill and Got Earth To 400+ from seeking donations, so their hard work of searching for solutions continues. They are more frauds who need to close their doors and if you are donating to this will not allow solutions group, consider redirecting that donation the the Environmental Educator who has the solutions the world needs, and needs funding to get Bill's truth known, and solutions implemented. Actually when this website gets loaded up, the EE will be contacting the Vermont Attorney General who needs to be the one to close Got Earth To 400+ fraudulent doors, because McKibben and his staffers will never do it themselves.

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