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Mr. BS Bernie Sanders

Shut Up

You Won't Allow Environmental Solutions


Mr. BS Bernie Sanders talks we've got to do something because our planet is in bad shape. Blah, blah, blah. So in April 2014 I believe I called into a Thom Hartmann Friday segment Bernie does, to be hung up on after I said the solutions the world needs. I sent emails too. The only reply I got was an email from a staffer, that asked something like is this the correct email? I said yes and I have never heard back. Of course I didn't. Like everyone else Mr. BS is just that, BS.


But that hasn't stopped Mr. BS from endlessly continuing his blah, blah, blah announcing how we have to do something, anything. Anything except viable solutions. Mr. BS  never offers solutions, while mostly unknown to the world will not allow solutions. He criticizes Trump for not believing in global warming or climate change, and for correctly exiting the U.S. from the beyond ridiculous Paris Agreement. As Mr. BS continues to prevent the solutions the world needs. Had Mr. BS embarked on solutions when they were presented to him, Trump will be on board the Environmental Educator viable solutions. So Mr. BS is just spewing hot air, warming the planet, endlessly embarrassing himself most every time he opens his mouth. We need, as I suppress, but he never mention that.

Mr. BS is an embarrassment to America, the human race, and every person on this planet who wants to live in freedom, and keep Earth the one planet we know of that supports life.  So Mr. BS do America and every person on this planet a favor. Go to the communist country of your choice, take your brain-dead unAmerican followers with you, so we can restore America from the communism you are trying to collapse America into. And shut your fraudulent environmental voice up. Oh and congratulations, you and Thom Hartmann must be so proud of the death, destruction and complete devastation of island nations this summer, that you with all your getting press, never use it for good and solutions. So congrats on your, seriously how is it not global eco terrorism, that your will not give the world solutions created this summer. You must be so proud. Now go to the communist country of your choice and shut up. 

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