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The open letter to you is below. Without it, it seems there isn't much chance of getting the environmental education and agenda the world needs, through your staff to you, then to the world. The world looks to the U.S. for environmental leadership. I'm that leadership. 

To Trump environmental critics, the truth is had your environmental voices allowed solutions since the 93/4, this wouldn't be on Trumps desk. If your environmental voices work achieved, you wouldn't care what Trump does environmentally, because this problem would be solved. It's not solved because the environmental voices you cheer, have prevented the solutions since 93/4. Also this Paris Agreement is irrelevant. It will achieve the exact same thing that every other global treaty has, huge negative results. 

President The Donald Trump

December 6, 2017


Open letter to President The Donald Trump &White House Adviser Ivanka Trump,

&  - The 300 CEO’s who opposed exiting the Paris Agreement

        - especially Vail Resorts who has prevented the solutions the world needs since 1993 when the

          Environmental Educator (EE) started in Vail, who constantly expands it’s abusive

          operation & town,

     - and especially Sir Richard Branson who called for more to be done after the recent hurricanes,

   - Al Gore who has not allowed solutions he is impressed with since 93/4 & a provable 98, whose office

     in 2017 instructed me it is pointless to bother Al with environmental solutions,

   - Robert Redford & Sundance, who have not allowed solutions since 94/5 but showed Gore’s movies

     knowing all three won’t allow solutions since 94/5,

   - Bill Gates I will get 3 of your 4 of his Zero Wish variables to zero, which again was sent to

     you in Oct 2017,

   - the Harvey/Irma Telethon - Get this to all your celebs - which you already

     haven’t because drafts were sent to you telling you to get your voices on solutions yet they haven’t,

   - Billie Jean King & the US Tennis Association who will not lead the world environmentally,

   - Not Green Sports Alliance who will not be green or allow real and needed solutions since it started,

  - Montana Gov Steve Bullock who criticized Trump but literally laughed in my face

     not allowing solutions,

   - NRDC who has not allowed solutions since 94/5,

   - Mr. BS Bernie Sanders, who has not allowed solutions since Thom Hartmann April 2014,

   - Bill McKibben & his Got Earth To 400+ Org who will not allow solutions since inception,

   - Aspen Environmental Leader Auden Schindler who will not allow solutions since 90's,

   - Not Protecting Our Winters who has refused solutions since they opened a decade ago,

   - Congress Climate Solutions Caucus who has ignored this since Oct. 10, 2017,

   - U.S. Climate Alliance, which is Governors for solutions after the Paris Agreement ending,

      got this starting 10-19-17 & is uninterested in real solutions,

   - Citizens Climate Lobby more accurately Carbon Tax Lobby was emailed this starting 10-5-17,

   - Barack, Clinton & Bush’s who raise money for devastation they wouldn’t prevent, & Barack is

     criticizing Trump for not being on board, but had Barack allowed solutions the

     envir would be solved,

   - James Hansen whose office in 2008 threatened to have me arrested & prosecuted to

      the fullest extent of federal law if I bothered James with solutions again, but is now suing

      the gov for not doing enough,

   - Big Sky MT with 4 ski areas, negative envir interest & gets sick pride preventing

      solutions since 2007,

  - FL Governor & Key West Mayor, as I’ve asked since Oct 6, lead & get to SC, GA,

     Puerto Rico Govs,

  - etc every other environmental voice who has proudly prevented solutions since 93/4,

  - all the mainstream not journalists who have refused to tell the world these truths since the 90's,


President The Donald Trump & Ivanka Trump,

The Donald on Dec. 6, 2017 the news showed videos of you saying,

“When I came into office I promised to look

at the world’s challenges with open eyes and fresh thinking.”


Great, because the one planet that we know of that supports life needs that. Ivanka this is to you too, because during the campaign you talked environmental. Then I got an email saying the campaign was considering my ideas. I never heard back, and you stopped talking about the environment. However I am the ideas you said on Hannity you are interested in. It’s over due for this White House to give the world an environmental Christmas present, which is the education and agenda the world needs, to solve our environmental challenges, that are even one of six top priorities the Department of the Interior has. I am the fresh thinking the world needs. It is your global responsibility to give the environmental solutions the world needs to the world, which the world has sought for decades. It is also long overdue for your environmental critics to be silenced, because had they given the world the solutions they have proven they do not have when asked starting in 93/4, this situation would have been solved long ago.


When you exited the U.S. from the environmental Paris Agreement, 300 CEO’s signed an open letter stating their opposition. That sounds like they care, until you learn that Vail Resorts (VR) CEO signed this letter, yet VR has refused the environmental solutions the world needs since 93, when the Environmental Educator began in Vail. I’ve contacted every environmental voice, and every one is opposed to and won’t allow solutions since 93/4. So I can guarantee all the other CEO’s who signed this, are equally uninterested. As a matter of fact, after hurricane Irma Richard Branson spoke louder that we need to do more. I liked his facebook page, and posted a draft of this letter. I was then not allowed to post comments on Sir Richard posts, and his page turned off my following him. So there you have it. Proven they are not interested in solutions. Also uninterested in solutions is the Congress Climate Solutions Caucus, and the U.S. Climate Alliance that Governors that started after you exited the Paris Agreement. Both will not listen to real and needed environmental solutions. It seems they’re only interested in and associate with the Carbon Tax Lobby and Not Protecting Our Winters, who promote the crippling, unnecessary and nothing close to a solution carbon tax. Your environmental critics have their nerve criticizing you, because had they allowed solutions since 93, this problem would’ve been solved long ago, so it wouldn’t be on your desk. This problem persists because environmental voices have proven they’re failures in providing solutions. Worse they prevent solutions when the education and agenda the world needs is presented to them. Shut these critics up. Lead the world to the needed environmentally literate and reusable future. There is nothing else or better to try, and the Environmental Educator education and agenda can’t be argued against.


President The Donald Trump I’m not a kid wanting to mow the White House lawn, or former presidents that are seeking donations to pay for devastation they wouldn’t prevent, so I haven’t gotten your cooperation. That needs to change. It’s your responsibility to give the world sought after solutions, regardless if you’re not sure there is a problem. It’s irrelevant if global warming is real or not. Everything that is believed to create human global warming, creates so many other problems, that it’s just responsible to live to reduce by reusing, the two highest levels of the environmental hierarchy, which the Environmental Educator (EE) works to. Your campaign emailed me they were considering my ideas. That’s more than Gore or any environmental voice ever did, but apparently your decision makers declined desperately needed global solutions too. That needs to end. On October 24, 2017 Ivanka was on Hannity stating she is all about ideas. It’s irrelevant who the ideas come from, but good and needed ideas must be embarked on. I’m the Environmental 911 Call the world needs. There is nothing else or better to try. Something and someone new is needed. I’ll significantly increase your and the world’s environmental IQ. First is that you prevent, not recover from devastation. Last of the relevant solutions is clean energy, because when you live to reduce by reusing, you eliminate so much energy demand and many other things like natural resource demand including oil and water, many pollutants, a huge waste stream that creates endless problems, and according to the experts devastating storms like Harvey and Irma. Billions, potentially a trillion is being spent to recover from these events, yet not a cent to prevent them needs to change.


These CEO’s are ridiculous to think the Paris Agreement will achieve any environmental betterment. Every environmental treaty has achieved one thing, the same thing every environmental voice and these companies have achieved. Huge negative results. They cheer lead their much less than adequate work, but global results say their lack of achievement is our constantly increasing problem. If their environmental work was anywhere near what it’s incorrectly promoted as, we wouldn’t have environmental problems and these environmental voices wouldn’t care what the White House does. Actually these companies, very much including not just the ski companies that signed this letter, but their ski towns too, do nothing but continue to expand their beyond environmentally abusive operations. They will continue to do that until the Environmental Educator education and agenda is implemented globally, and it is needed immediately.


Had Gore or anyone else allowed solutions since 93/4, this global headline would not be on your desk to solve. Your office has Gore’s 98 and 99 letters to me. The 98 letter stated, “you can be sure that it (my letter) has been read thoroughly and that your comments have been carefully considered. …I fully intend to keep my focus on the solid record of achievement that has characterized this office since we first took office.”. Gore’s record of achievement is proven to be hugely negative. The 99 letter states, “I am impressed with you hard work and commitment to the ideas contained in the material you provided to me. … Thank you for keeping me informed of your efforts and for bringing this proposal to my attention.”. With all my requests to Gore to date, it took until April 28, 2017 to get another reply. It was from John Hunsberger in Gore’s office stating, “"I'm sorry we are unable to assist you with your request. … You are welcome to continue sending emails, but since we are obviously in disagreement you can be certain that they will not be passed along to VP Gore. Mr. Gore has no obligation to receive emails from you, but as I said, you are welcome to continue sending them to me. Please consider taking action that can be of use as opposed to sending pointless emails.”, again proving it’s pointless to bother Gore with solutions. Gore doesn’t have, isn’t interested in and won’t allow solutions since a provable 98. On Oct. 5, 2017 a draft of this was sent to Gore’s office, and still no Gore action, as always.


The same for Robert Redford and Sundance, who showed both Gore’s movies, knowing that Gore, Redford and Sundance had prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since a decade before Gore’s first movie. I tried to get an injunction preventing Sundance from showing Gore’s second movie. The injunction wasn’t granted, but it proved Sundance continues to suppress solutions while knowingly fraudulently promoting Gore and them as seeking environmental solutions. That is Connors vs. Sundance, Third District Court, Summit County UT, Park City UT case number 170500002.


Every environmental voice you can think of isn’t interested in solutions. Montana Governor Steve Bullock laughed in my face telling me he doesn’t care about solutions, yet criticized you for backing out of this agreement because everything that can be done must be done. Mr. BS Bernie Sanders proved his disinterest in solutions in an April 2014 Thom Hartmann Friday segment Mr BS does with Thom. Florida Governor Scott will not meet with the EE to talk solutions. Neither will Washington Governor Inslee who is part of the Governors U.S. Climate Alliance, but he meets with Not Protecting Our Winters because both won’t allow solutions and endorse the not a solution crippling carbon tax. The education and agenda the world needs, and the history of everyone who won’t allow solutions is in the book Stop Terrorism US Style - Greenhouse Gases Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction Too. The following is what is needed, but not allowed by all your critics.


1- End Global Environmental Illiteracy which is our biggest problem with the education that makes the environment make sense. People will understand how to and why they should cooperate, so they will cooperate, everywhere including in their home, at recreational activities and work. This is needed by everyone, including at the top level. YouTube EnvirEducator. Just the first five weeks will change the worlds thinking and action.


2 - End our Disposable Society which is our biggest abuse. From homes to fast food to stadium concessions to packaging and transportation packaging, this is essential. This works to reduce by reusing, the two highest levels of the environmental hierarchy, which is the complete opposite of non stop manufacturing, packaging, transporting and disposing of everything we use for 10 minutes. These endless processes emit pollutants and greenhouse gases 24/7/365, and use natural resources beyond the rate of replenishment. This is correctable virtually immediately, but only when someone will finally lead the world to the reusable future it needs.


3 - Gain Individual Cooperation because the solution to our global environmental problems is not clean energy. It’s every individual replacing dozens of abusive daily actions with responsible actions, which is achievable immediately. No government involvement. Just people being good global citizens, because it is the right thing to do, but to date no one puts the solution where it needs to be, including this individual responsibility solution.


4 - Leadership by Example which does not exist today but the Environmental Educator will provide.


5 - Hemp which can be used for basically everything, and last.


6 - Clean Energy which is needed but hasn't been achieved in four decades and at best is a decade away, but the first five in the EE agenda are achievable immediately and would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago, had anyone allowed solutions since 93/4.


The Donald many belittle your environmental position, but they’re unaware that their environmental heroes have prevented the solutions the world needs since 93/4, which would’ve solved our environmental problems decades ago. Hand In Hand celebrities continue to insult you on your environmental position, but a draft of this was sent to the only contact their website has, starting in September 2017, yet you will never hear these celebs getting the education and agenda the world needs to the world.


The world needs the White House to provide the global leadership, the world seeks from the White House. Shut up these CEOs, Gore, NatGeo, Hollywood, Mr. BS Bernie Sanders, Redford & Sundance, Billie Jean King and the U.S. Tennis Assoc., Clinton's, Barack, Bill Gates, NRDC, James Hansen, Not Protecting Our Winters, Vail, Aspen, Big Sky (BS) MT, McKibben and his Got Earth To 400+ Org, One, etc. Correction, BS with four ski areas doesn’t seek environmental solutions. BS has negative environmental interest, and is actually sick and demented proud to keep desperately needed global solutions from the world. BS is even prouder to keep this American not only not achieving to her desperately needed global level, but basically unemployed. So in Big Sky N Korea, I am blacklisted from employment by companies that fraudulently tell the U.S. government they can’t get American workers, because I asked BS to do this global good, and to be Americas solution hiring Americans and stop bringing foreigners here to work. On October 3, 2017 a Big Sky chamber board of directors member Greg “Carnie” Lisk, co-owner with Kyle Wisniewski of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill (which I accurately call the 3T’s, because it is where Big Sky’s endless treason against America, global eco terrorists and brutal fascist tyrants gather) sent this in an email to me. “Eileen you are as crazy as Bat #$@#! I don’t know how to block you , in fact I don’t think I want to because I enjoy, like everyone else to see how much free time you have.", proving Big Sky loves unemployed Americans and preventing desperately needed global environmental betterment.


So President The Donald Trump and Ivanka, I really need to get to work, achieving the desperately needed global betterment that apparently only I can.

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

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