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U.S. Climate Alliance

This alliance was formed by Governors Chris Coumo- NY, Jay Inslee - WA, and Jerry Brown - CA, after Trump  did America the service of exiting the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. Their website lists 15 Governors that are involved. The EE guarantees all 15 Governors will be as equally uninterested in the needed solutions as Jay Inslee is, who has refused to meet with the EE. I don't have the time to individually contact these Governors. Their forms are cumbersome, and you are denied. Rick Scott, Florida Governor not part of this alliance, but whose state was devastated during the recent hurricanes, and Key West Mayor Craig Cates were asked to lead. But Denied. I've emailed this alliance with the solutions the world needs, to receive silence. These people can lead. They don't need Trump to be the solution. They also need to stop saying Trump is our environmental problem. Trump inherited this problem, because all you environmental do gooders, don't and won't do good. 

Now these Governors organized to tell Trump and the world, basically they are being babies. This alliance is as ridiculous as this Paris Agreement, which will never meet it's goals, just like every other global environmental treaty hasn't. So this alliance is ridiculous. Proving it's ridiculous is their website Alliance Principles, which are front and center on their home page, under the 15 states. According to this alliance, 

"States are continuing to lead on climate change: Alliance states recognize that climate change presents a serious threat to the environment and our residents, communities and economy. 

State-level climate action is benefitting our economies and strengthening our communities: Alliance members are growing our clean energy economies and creating new jobs, while reducing air pollution, improving public health, and building more resilient communities. 

States are showing the nation and the world that ambitious climate action is achievable: Despite the U.S. federal government's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Alliance members are committed to supporting the international agreement, and are pursuing aggressive climate action to make progress towards its goals."

So do it. If everyone did it, Trump can't stop you. So if you were actually doing what is needed, this problem would have been solved long ago, and you wouldn't care what Trump or DC was doing. This isn't news. This also isn't ambitious climate action, or pursuing aggressive climate action, unless you key in on key wording here, 'to make progress - progress - towards its goals'. Not achieve its goals, make progress towards, admitting they don't intend to achieve the goals. But they are making this anti-Trump noise. Trumps bad for withdrawing, but we're only going to try to make progress toward goals. Just shut up. Plus with their ridiculous and remedial objectives, it's never going to happen. Especially when they continue to DENY working with real solutions. 

Jay did meet with Not Protecting Our Winters, and did an interview with one it's ski riders. Jay and this Ingrid I believe talked about, oh how cool, you ski that back country ridge too, me too. Problem solved cuz we're so cool. Not really. The only thing they really did talk about was how for carbon taxes they are. Ingred said, yeah NPOW supports carbon taxes too, cuz we're so cool. So cool. The general population is going to love being taxed to death, for carbon emissions these Governors and Not Protecting Our Winters will not enact solutions to prevent. Basically carbon taxes are a new world order tax to tax citizens into poverty, which most Americans are already in. The point is, when you are equally as uninterested in environmental solutions as the Governors are, like NPOW is, you get to meet with this not taking aggressive climate action alliance. But if you have solutions, aggressive and real climate action, you are denied. 

So until the EE has a global voice, and until people let this nothing more than an anti-Trump alliance know they are frauds, this alliance will continue to meet with more frauds like Not Protecting Our Winters, and refusing real and needed solutions. Simultaneously this alliance will continue to spew anti-Trump propaganda, while proclaiming they care, while preventing the solutions Gore and Not Protecting Our Winters and everyone else has forever now, which is why the world is still announcing how desperate the world is for solutions. 

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