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Dear Bill Gates,

I'm your Zero Wish.

Dear Bill Gates,


You gave a Ted Talk about your Zero Wish, which is to get carbon dioxide emissions down to zero. You said high school algebra told us you need to get one of the variables down to zero, while discussing only one solution, clean energy. Sure clean energy is needed, but the fact is clean energy has been sought for about four decades and it still is not a reality. At best it being a reality is a decade or more away. But the Environmental Educator can get three variables in your equation closer to zero, than apprently anyone else can get one variable close to zero.

Your equation is:

CO2  =  people   x   services per person   x   energy per service   x   co2 per unit energy


Bill I did better than you on the people part, because I didn't reproduce. Other than that, that variable is out of my control. However, the Environmental Educator can get services per person, energy per service and co2 per unit energy variables down very close to zero, easily. The first five on the Environmental Educator agenda will achieve right now, not decades from now. Ending our disposable society is way more important than clean energy. We didn't have environmental problems, when we were a reusable society. Ending manufacturing to dispose of 24/7/365, solves many problems including pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, energy demand, oil demand, all the way down to municipal waste problems, and the huge expense it is to disappear the disposables we discard.


First I will end global environmental illiteracy, which is the biggest problem we have today. Education is the key to all success. 99.mosteveryone including you Bill Gates is environmentally illiterate. That means people can't take good care of the one planet we know of that supports life. Just watch the first five weeks of the Environmental Educator education, and your thinking will be changed forever, and you will understand the next four on my agenda. So will the rest of the world.


Second is where I can get three of your four variables close to zero. We have to end our disposable society. Period. We didn't have environmental problems when we were a reusable society, because this works to reduce by reusing, the top two levels of the environmental hierarchy. This means service per person isn't 1:1. That every time someone wants a disposable cup, lid, plate etc, it is manufactured, packaged, transported, and disposed of, every time. A reusable cup, plate, etc, is manufactured, packaged, transported, and disposed of once for potentially millions of uses before it is no longer functionable. This means energy per service is reduced by 99.something%, which also does the same to co2 emissions. I told you it was easy.

Going back to a reusable society is the solution the world needs. From homes to fast food, to stadium concessions, to packaging and transportation packaging, ending our disposable society is essential. It isn't just the disposable product, it's the packaging and transportation packaging that were also manufactured and transported then disposed of. It's also all the plastic garbage bags these disposables  get thrown into, and their packaging and transportation packaging that will no longer be needed. Many disposables including garbage bags are plastic, whose main ingredient is oil. Oil that we are always looking to reduce our demand of, that we literally obtain to throw away. Converting to the needed reusable future, is as big a snowball effect of good, as our disposable society has been a big snowball effect of hugely negative consequences. We are conveniencing ourselves out of the only livable planet that we know of. 

Third is individual cooperation. I especially with your and Bono's and others cooperation, will get people to live responsibly. To don't do disposable, and turn off electricity. It's estimated that 40% of electricity demand is unused electricity. That is a beyond services per person abuse, which will be significantly reduced, simply by people taking personal responsibility to turn off things they aren't even using. Then we can expand on that, to reducing energy demand. Our global environmental problems are the direct result of every irresponsible action each person does, so replacing irresponsible actions with responsible ones is the solution.


Fourth is leadership by example, which is non-existent today but I will provide.

Fifth is hemp which has so many uses. It will also immediately reduce the oil demand the U.S. has been talking about doing for decades, but still has not achieved. Hemp will be a zero wish asset.


Last and sixth is clean energy, because sure it is needed, but it being a reality is at a minimum a decade away. However the EE first five are achievable right now, and would have already solved our global environmental problems. Then you wouldn't of even had your Zero Wish. 


So how about it Bill? In another youtube video you said that we need solutions either one or many, that have unbelievable scale and unbelievable reliability. I deliver both. You say we need to do innovation for all humans, and you don't care where inventions come from so long as we can all get to use it. I can bring the world back to before we had environmental problems, and still live our advanced lives. It is simple and I can make the people understand how to and why the should cooperate, because that is how you get people to cooperate.


Bill I am your Zero Wish. It would be great for you and the world if you helped get your Zero Wish to the world. Mostly I just need your voice, but at this point, that money you are just giving away will be an asset too. You have talked about investing $60 million in a didn't achieve much battery. With $60 million I will be leading the world, achieving desperately needed global good and your wish in quick time.


So Bill give the world your zero wish and the environmental betterment it needs. Or get it as known that you have decided you don't care about your Zero Wish, because the needed solutions aren't what you had in mind.

Let's get to work. We're practically neighbors. I live 1,000 feet down the hill from you in Big Sky. In my book I invited you over. 

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

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