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Inconvenient Truth
To Environmental FRAUD Al Gore

Al Gore Has Prevented

The Environmental Education & Agenda

The World Needs & Gore Endlessly Seeks,

Since 93/4 & A Provable 98.

Apparently So Gore Can Continue 

To Endlessly Announce His inSincere Concerns,

& Make Millions In The Process

While Living A Beyond Abusive Life.

The biggest inconvenient truth there is,

& the biggest needed truth to power there is,

is telling Al Gore to close his fraudulent environmental doors,

and to turn himself in for his eco terrorism.

Al Gore is a complete environmental fraud, who has prevented the solutions that would have solved our global environmental problem long ago. Al has also prevented preventing the massive death, devastation and destruction Al constantly attributes to our unsolved global warming and environmental problems. 

Al has a chapter in my book, so all the details are there, and Al will have many articles about his fraud on this site,  but here are a few highlights.

Today some on the left say if you don't believe in global warming, you should be arrested. Yikes, how scary is that? That is communist totalitarian and beyond unAmerican. However years ago I did call the Billings MT FBI office. I knew the end result, I just needed to prove it. I said the environmental experts say greenhouse gas emissions cause massive death, destruction and devastation. Since not preventing terrorism is terrorism, then these voices who are not preventing these devastating events they say is because of our greenhouse gas emissions that they won't prevent, is terrorism too. There was no interest by the FBI in this. Surprise. I'm sure my Nazi federal file got updated, but Al Gore's and everyone else's fraud continues, which is another part of it. Their fraud. Gore makes personal millions. Gore and his Climate out of touch with Reality Project, and other environmental voices gets donations, yet these organizations work against the cause they say they are working for. That includes and is headed by Gore. 

I got the 98 and 99 letters from Al, because in Jan 98 in Vail I picked up the phone and Joe Kennedy was on the other end. Yes the Joe congressman of the Kennedy's Kennedy. He didn't even like me at first, and gave me the I'm a congressman treatment, and hung up. Then minutes later the phone rang again. It was Joe. His wife made him call me back and apologize. Then Joe couldn't put down the phone for 2.5 hours, when he was a congressman. The call ended with Joe being so impressed with me and my work, that he ensured me he would get my just about daily request past Al's subordinates to Al. Then when Al and brother Bobby proved themselves environmental frauds, Joe didn't want to hear from me anymore. 

You can see Al's letters to me, and his 2017 office staffer telling me basically go away, because it is "pointless" to bother Al with solutions, on this site. There is going to be so much more Gore news so stay tuned. 

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