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The Clintons

& Their Foundation

The Clintons and their foundation, or whatever it is they are operating as a foundation, have as much interest in environmental solutions as Gore, Mr. BS Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Redford, NRDC, Not Protecting Our Winters, etc., meaning they have exactly no interest in the environmental  solutions and betterment they non stop announce the world needs.

When Al Gore was VP and not interested in solutions, I started sending my White House requests to Bill, saying Al's a fraud so either get Al on solutions or shut him up, preferably get Al on solutions and your WH leading the world to the needed environmentally literate and reusable future it needs. I got a letter from Bill basically saying, blah blah blah, go away and stop bothering us.

Then the night Bill played sax at the Ford Amphitheater in Vail, I delivered two pizzas to the Ford's and Clinton's, at the house next to the Ford's house in Beaver Creek at midnight. I was in Vail for about 8 weeks that summer, and I had a couple part time nothing jobs. About 3 nights a week I delivered pizzas maybe 4 hours a night. Gerry's secret service routinely had deliveries, and when the Clinton's massive team was there, there was a lot of pizza deliveries. So no one thought anything about this call. I met secret service at the fire station thinking the ss had ordered more pizzas, only to find out an agent got in my car, the road block at the Ford's road opened up and I drove through to the front of the house the Clinton's were staying at. The agent in my car got out and took the pizzas in, as I sat there with about the 25 agents that were in front of the house. Some of the agents came over and talked to me as I was waiting. When the agent came back and we were driving back to the fire station, he told me the pizzas were for the two couples who were socializing.  No kidding.

Then the Clinton's left the WH, they started their whatever it is they operate as a foundation. I can guarnatee what it isn't is interested in environmental solutions. The Clinton Foundation has never once even replied to the many requests it has gotten to give the world the environmental education and agenda the world needs. Not really a surprise to me, but it states their true environmental position and the world needs to know it.

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