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Stop Terrorism U.S. Style - Greenhouse Gases Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction Too presents the environmental education and agenda the world needs, and the 18 year history of everyone who won't allow it including Gore, Barack's administration, NASA's James Hansen, Robert Redford, NRDC. Stop Global Warming,, Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative, Harvard, the European Environmental people screaming for U.S. leadership, to even Billie Jean King and the ski industry and more.

"I am impressed with your hard work and  commitment to the ideas contained in the material you provided to me." Al Gore 1999

This book lays out the agenda the world needs, which goes far beyond clean energy which is last, because although it is needed, it is not achievable today. However the first five in the Environmental Educator agenda are achievable right now. They are end global environmental illiteracy, end our disposable soceity the biggest environmental abuse we have today, from homes, to fast food, to stadium concessions, to fast food, to packaging and transportation packaging., because this is conveniencing us out of a livable planet, responsible leadership by example which is non-existent today, gain individual cooperation and utilize hemp. and highly rated app is the education NASA's James Hansen says the world needs but no one is teaching. If Gore or anyone including James had gotten this to the world, we would not be in the critical environmental situation we are in. But Barack's Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and James Hansen office are so opposed to environmental progress, the Environmental Educator is under the threat of arrest and prosecution to the fullest extent of federal law, if the Environmental Educator bothers them again. 

The Environmental Educator education and agenda is the environmental 911 call the world needs. It is the something that will somehow finally achieve, what every one on the environmental betterment job has proven they can't achieve for four decades now. 

Book excerpts ... the biggest experiment we are doing on earth is with earth ... So really Al it's not everyone else's fault, or now Barack's fault. Man up, not environmentally achieving is your fault ... So it turned out that wanting to be environmental in Vail, became the not fun part of living in Vail ... Yeah (Prince Charles) we are going to have to figure out how you can still live your royal life but responsibly. That could be a problem. You might have to tone royal down a bit. Okay a lot but I think your little new one is worth it, don't you? 

This book is rated E4E - Essential For Everyone.

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