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Truth To Gore
Shut Up
Go Away
You Preventing
Listening To You
Drives People
To Drink

These letters prove I've been asking Gore to give the world the needed solutions since before September 1995, and that Gore himself has refused solutions since 1998. Solutions he was impressed with, and fully read the proposal of.

Gore has had decades, and Gore has proven he does not have solutions. He and every other environmental voice are baffled as to what could achieve environmental betterment. Well Al, as I've been telling you since the 90's, the Environmental Educator education and agenda that you have not allowed since the 90's, remains the solutions you seek. Solutions that can't be argued against, and it is clear that there is nothing else or better to try, at a time when something new has to be tried, and someone new needs to be leading global environmental policy. 

As I have endlessly told Al Gore since the 90's, screaming for a solution isn't one, and neither is preventing the solutions you seek. 

Gore has a chapter in my book. It is truth the world needs to know.

Also see my open letter to Gore here, telling him to turn himself in for his decades of fraud and the global eco terrorism that has happened because Gore hasn't given the world the solutions he seeks. 

Stay Tuned.

The EE will 

give analysis to 

Gore's continued


It will be


Inconvenient Truth 

To Environmental Fraud

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