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U.S. Tennis Association & Billie Jean King

Refused To Lead Environmentally

For About A Decade Now

The U.S. Tennis Association, host of the two week U.S. Open tennis event, and Billie Jean King have refused to lead the world environmentally, since BJK started her GreenSlam to win the planet back, about a decade ago. They have their own chapter in my book, but here are the highlights.

BJK started her GreenSlam when the USTA named their entire NY City facility, where the tennis U.S. Open is played, after her. I had wanted to lead forever at the U.S. Open stadium, but I couldn't get Vail to care about the environment, so how could a NY sport event to care? But when GreenSlam started I presented BJK and the USTA, the environmental leadership the world needs. When environmental voices wouldn't allow solutions forever, I always thought it was going to take someone outside the environmental world to lead. Someone with character, integrity, a reputation for doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. So I hoped BJK would step up to serve. Instead she remained in a shallow cheer leading box. The USTA has a green initiatives that was and maybe still is run by a worthless embarrassment Renee, who called me to let me know how serious she and they are, until I proved otherwise. An email from BJK contact email, told me BJK was given my information. But like with everyone else, there was no interest in real solutions.


Then the USTA, GreenSlam and the Green Sports Alliance had a conference before a U.S. Open with other stadiums, so the other stadiums could follow the USTA and GreenSlam lead. The EE was not allowed to speak to all the other stadiums, who I've also contacted to be literally laughed at thinking they would lead the world environmentally. The EE thought maybe if I had a real presentation I could win someone over.  But no. These three had this conference promoting the remedial recycling program they put in, and some other remedial work. That is nothing to promote when you are refusing to lead the world, by converting the irresponsible disposable stadium concessions to the responsible reusable, which would eliminate most the U.S. Open recyclables. Plus all the plastic garbage bags they get thrown into, and all the transportation getting these recyclables to their recycling manufacturing operation, another polluting and greenhouse gas emitting process. It also would have eliminated all the processes that the garbage bags, their packaging and transportation packaging, manufacturing and transportation went through, etc. But why do real solutions when you don't have to, and you can promote ridiculous and environmentally abusive actions as grand? So they had their conference, and BJK did U.S. Open green promos. Then I convinced BJK that she was a fraud, and her GreenSlam is a GreenSHAM and to close her doors. BJK did close her GreenSHAM doors, without any press. I told the USTA to end their green initiatives too, like I tell everyone to close their will not allow solutions doors. But the USTA is still being beyond environmentally abusive, while promoting remedial actions as grand.


Then in 2017 BJK was part of  some commercial with Melinda Gates and other women, telling women to achieve. I again contacted BJK's representative telling BJK to either end her participation in this campaign, or get this woman achieving environmentally. Again there was no interest in substance. Then I sent an email saying that BJK maybe once was a person of substance, a person who did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, but no longer. Today BJK is a sell out, and a person of one compromised principal after another comprised principal, that has no substance, quality, character or principles left. But you wouldn't know that with the promo BJK got in 2017. That movie about her came out. She got and accepted press, promoting her as a person she maybe once was, but no longer is.


On Nov. 12, 2017 The Guardian ran a G2 Interview by Rebecca Nicholson article about BJK which in part reads, "When meeting King, it is obvious why she has been at the vanguard of so much change." Well not really, and certainly not when it really matters. When it really matters, BJK will close her we're going to do good and global change doors. BJK found out she won't do good, and she choose to not do good, silently while basking in global press of what a god send she is. The article was headed with, BJK: 'Be ahead of your time - that's what you have to do'. Really except when you aren't even ahead of your time, you just have solutions your time needs. And I can guarantee it isn't good to be ahead of your time. Sometimes others see you as crazy. I'm ahead of my time, tennis wise that is. My entire life, until I was 40 I non stop unsolicited heard, you can't play the tour, you'd have to play the men's tour and they won't let you. Unsolicited. I had to yell at Howard Head, Head skis and tennis racquets Howard Head, to get him to stop complimenting me.  I didn't know who he was until years later, after his death when I saw a picture of him. I had given Howard the hint many times to not compliment me. Then one day I replied to his compliment stating everything I was doing wrong, and ended with, stop telling me I'm hitting good, I'll just hit worse. Then Howard stopped complimenting me and we became buddies. Well buddies who knew each other in passsing, but had nice chats without knowing who each other was.  Then years later in Beaver Creek, Roy Emmerson who held the record for the most grand slam wins ever, for like 30-35 years before Pete broke it and then Roger broke the record, had a weekend clinic with some other retired tennis pros. I went to the exhibition match they had at the end. After the match, the Beaver Creek tennis guys, who I only knew one but they all knew of me, the head guy put me face to face two feet away from Roy and introduced us. I'm not kidding when I say to these guys, it was about Roy meeting me, not me meeting Roy. However crazy that is and sounds, they'll tell you it's true. I meet many named and accomplished people, and talk to them. Roy ended a chance of that happening by saying to me, in half a question half a statement, this is the greatest things the world has never seen. I just shook his hand, said hi, put my hand up and walked away. It was numbing hearing that from Roy. He and the Beaver Creek boys will verify this. Point is, after BJK didn't get on board leading the world environmentally, I played this card. I told her to check Roy as a reference. I'm am unknown so what. Your NRDC consultant is an idiot. Renee is an idiot. My work should speak for itself, but here is a reference. Bigger point is, I never cared. After hearing how good I was and being nonchalant about it, the next thing I heard was you don't get it, you just don't get it. I didn't. Really I didn't until about 5 years after Roy. But not being allowed to give the world the environmental solutions it seeks and needs, I wish I wasn't ahead of my time because then I'd have my own microphone, and I could have gotten solutions implemented years, decades ago.


So BJK it isn't what the world thinks she is. So BJK seriously, give it a rest. Stop acting like you care, because when you are put to the test, you don't. 

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