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Not Protecting Our Winters

Refusing The Solutions

To Protect Our Winters

Since Not Protecting Our Winters Opened

That is why this page's background is a meteor. 

Because not allowing solutions is a meteor to winter's future,

according to Not Protecting Our Winters.

NPOW has refused the EE environmental education and agenda the world needs, since just about when they opened. I don't wast time in asking for someone to be the leader the world needs, so when I heard about NPOW I contacted them, which was not long after they started. To this day NPOW will not allow solutions, and torrey@, their email to partner up with them has blocked my email, and NPOW blocked me from commenting truth on the facebook page, because NPOW will not allow solutions but no one can know it.

Doug Stoup is one of NPOW skiers. Doug was and maybe still is associated with Gore's Climate Reality skiers. I met Doug when he hosted a March 2015 Bozeman MT event. Doug has proven since that day that he will not get Gore, and now NPOW to embark on the needed solutions. But Doug will stoop to low levels and associate himself with these groups, to further his career, while disregarding the sought after end results. It seems Doug knows that if he insisted on solutions, he would not be allowed in anymore. Either that or he doesn't care. Either way give it a rest Doug. Stop as U2 says,  stooping so low to reach so high. But really Doug you aren't reaching that high. You completely lack substance and positive results, results you and Not Protecting Our Winters are never going to get until the Environmental Educator education and agenda is implemented globally. 

NPOW board chair is Aspen's will not allow solutions, environmental top guy Auden Schendler. Auden gets press but it's always announcing how desperate the ski industry is for solutions.  That and stating what a god send he is, as he simultaneously announces how worthless his work is. Auden doesn't get that every time he announces how desperate the ski industry is for solutions, he announces he's a complete failure, as he also tells you how great he is. And that kids is how you get jobs in the environmental field, and heading fraudulent organizations like NPOW. Kids do not listen to adults when they say study hard, be smart and do good things in the world. Being smart only works against you. That has you sitting outside, while Auden like idiots ensure they have job security. What is worse that Auden having no intelligence and proven he does not have solutions is, when solutions are presented to Auden, as they have been since the 90's, Auden prevents the solutions he seeks. Had Auden allowed solutions anytime since the 90's, the EE would have solved this problem decades ago, and there would be no need for the fraudulent NPOW Auden now chairs.


Auden partnered with Bill McKibben & Got Earth To 400+, to have a Memorial Day ski race without snow, to announce how desperate the ski industry is for solutions. Again, simultaneously and unknown to Auden, Auden also announced he doesn't have solutions. Actually that he, McKibben and McKibben's complete failure of a 350 organization, because all it has done is Got Earth To 400+, don't have solutions. Today Nov. 28. 2017 NPOW has being over 400 is a problem on their homepage. For all Auden and others promote him, Auden here proved again, again as in always, that he and everyone he works with doesn't have solutions. That is because to partner with Auden or all environmental voices, you have to be as incompetent as they are. In the 2017 late summer or early fall, Auden and some NPOW people talked to the U.S. Congress Climate Solutions Caucus. More with people who won't allow solutions. This caucus will not talk to the EE. But Auden and NPOW gets to meet with them, because all three won't allow solutions, and all three advocate for taxing people into poverty with a carbon tax, whose carbon emissions the  EE would eliminate. The solution they and the world seek, but still won't allow.


In October 2017 NPOW hired a new CEO, Mario Molina who they promote as "was the International Director at the Climate Reality Project, where he designed the organization's climate leadership training, and oversaw its post-Paris Agreement international strategy." Talk about more meeting with people who won't allow solutions. The Climate Reality Project is a Gore fraudulent organization that also has not allowed solutions since they day they opened their doors, just like Gore hasn't since a provable 98. The CRP that wouldn't allow solutions, wouldn't allow me to be a climate ambassador, and their training was to repeat to small groups of people that Gore says we need solutions. Not Gore and his CRP have solutions, but we need solutions. That is what Mario produced, while not allow the EE solutions that can't be argued against, and especially when there is nothing else or better to try. NPOW also promotes that Mario "led strategy and programs as deputy director at the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)". This work is nothing to be promoted, proven by 99.mosteveryone in the world remain environmentally illiterate. Mario's education as big a failure a the rest of Mario's work, proven by Mario and friends continue to non-stop announce the world is desperate for solutions. But NPOW doesn't care about this reality. What Mario most brings to the table is Gore donors and a bigger mic. So now NPOW can get louder, telling Trump how bad he is, while dismissing had NPOW, Auden, Mario and his former employers allowed solutions since the 90's, this problem wouldn't be on Trump's desk. 


NPOW founder Jeremy Jones promoted Mario saying, "Mario represents a new chapter at POW. We are ten years into fighting climate change as an organization and have evolved to attract the smartest most dedicated leaders out there. Mario has committed his life to climate solutions. He brings passion, expertise, and leadership to our organization that will complement our current staff of climate rock stars." Wow. If only any of that were true, because not one bit of it is. Ok it might be a new chapter, in the same we won't allow solutions stale play book, so that's not a big deal. Mario, no solutions Mario is the smartest and most dedicated out there? No NPOW you won't partner with the smartest and most dedicated. Mario didn't dedicate himself to anything. Mario got nice paychecks to prevent solutions. I have dedicated my life to this. I don't a paycheck, because as you must know Jeremy, you and everyone else don't partner with solutions. I get blocked from commenting on facebook, threatened with arrest, blacklisted, the government turning on my computer in the middle of the night, and some other not fun things. This page is what dedication to solution is. Not Mario, you, Auden or nothing close to rock stars, more like black holes that you employ. Had you a decade ago when first asked allowed solutions, this problem would be solved. Had you associated yourself with smartest ten years ago when asked, this problem would be solved. Without me, Mario and his proven complete failure work will continue that failure, and you'll have announcing how desperate the world needs solutions security. Collecting a paycheck to prevent solutions is not dedication, it's fraud.

Auden stated about Mario's addition to the NPOW family, "In our ED search, POW was looking for someone with deep climate action experience, ideally a core member of the outdoor community, and, of course someone you could spend a week with in a tent and still be friends with afterwards. We got all that and more!" Wow. Deep climate experience, in preventing solutions is what Auden really means is, a core member of the will not allow solutions community. 

So NPOW is just another in a long line of fraudulent environmental groups, who will not use their voice to end global environmental illiteracy and bring the world to the needed reusable future it needs. Everyone here, NPOW, Auden, Jeremy, Mario are all frauds whose action of non stop seeking solutions, proves they don't have any. Worse they will not allow solutions. Solutions that can't be argued against, Gore is impressed with, and most importantly, there is nothing else or better to try.

NPOW needs to close their fraudulent doors, and Auden needs to just go away, maybe to prison for his fraud and his eco terrorism. Once this website is up, the EE is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Colorado Attorney General, the IRS because this is a non profit, and with the Bolder police, because NPOW seeks solutions based on they are about what they actually prevent. Consumers, donors and 9 year olds like Bo in the November 28. 2017 facebook section below, can't be unaware of NPOW's true work, which is most importantly reflected in what they won't do, which is give the world the solutions the world and NPOW seeks.

There is more NPOW truth in their chapter in my book. Much more NPOW truth will be coming in EE articles. Hopefylly soon the headline NPOW closed their doors.


Anyone donating to this will not allow solutions fraud of an organization, redirect those donations to anything else. If you are serious about protecting our winters, consider that redirection to the one person who has the solutions the world needs, the Environmental Educator.

See the Nov 28, 2017 facebook posts below that NPOW disliked so much, that this NPOW blocked my participation on their facebook page. 

November 28, 2017

Not Protecting Our Winters

Blocks Me On Facebook

Not Protecting Our Winters followers are as opposed to solutions as NPOW is. Whenever the EE has posted truth on NPOW, Got Earth To 400+, Gore's Climate Reality, etc, facebook page, the EE gets blocked by the page, and the page's followers insult the EE. This is routine. Honestly I am surprised how long it took NPOW to block me, because I've put many you are frauds comments out there, yet NPOW took way longer by years than anyone else to block me. Gore's Climate Reality, where the new NPOW leader just came from, etc. blocked me long ago. It also might be why I am blocked now, with the Climate -You Don't Have A Clue About- Reality Mario heading up NPOW now. Maybe Mario is flexing his, I will not allow environmental betterment or protecting our winters muscle. Blocking me right off the bat. Maybe. If it wasn't, way more than likely you will not see Mario correcting subordinates decision to block me and solutions. Mario, just continuing his no solutions allowed stale game at NPOW, that he has been doing for decades.  

On November 28, 2017 NPOW had two posts, one begging for donations and another about how NPOW is proud to steal some kids money. 

Here is the first NPOW facebook post that day. 

Today is Giving Tuesday and we're asking you, our incredible community, to show our collective strength in the form of a $1 donation. That's it. $1. We know the holidays are an expensive time and that there are a lot of great organizations doing great work out there, which is why we're only asking for $1 and for you to share the love. Donate here and help us reach our goal of $20,000 by midnight tonight. Imagine if all the people who care and want to help did just that. Alone, $1 doesn't seem like that much, but as we've seen in the mountains, a flake can quickly turn into a flurry. Spread the word by sharing with your friends. Winter is here. And we want it to stay.

I replied: Don't give NPOW $.01 cent. will be back online within a week, and it proves Not Protecting Our Winters has prevented solutions since the day they opened their doors.


Then I just sat back and waited to be attacked. It didn't take long.

A Justen Keesling replied: Go somewhere else with your bullshit. 

Justen didn't ask, what won't they do? No it was an immediate insult, as always. Then a Jon Slaughter, Kyle Williams and Joe Yak liked Justen's comment. 

I replied to all them by name, no bull, all truth. It should be loaded up in a few days. Check it out, then tell NPOW to cut their bull and close their fraudulent, global ECO terrorist doors. 

Then a Nuno Matos Lopes replied to NPOW: Done! Where will it be applied? 

I replied to Nuno: Nuno you need to learn this is a fraudulent organization who has prevented the solutions they seek and proven they do not have, actually they are baffled as to what solutions are, since the day they opened. will be back up in a few days with this truth and so much more. Don't waste a single cent giving these frauds one cent.

An Andrew Elm insulted me with: F(he spelled it out) off Eileen, you're a 9-11 truther. 

A Jessica Gazin insulted me with:Who probably voted for the cow in office. 

Nuno insulted me with: Eileen I am asking for valid, informed replied, from people that work to actually protect our winters. We have no need for Trump supporters, flat-earthers or whatever sect you belong to! Do not believe in this cause? What the heck are doing following this page and what's being discussed here! Go back to redneck-land!

I replied: Nuno Matos Lopes, if that is what you are looking for, valid info and work to actually protect our winters, then I'm your person. Interesting how no one ever asks what we should do, but rather just insults you, when you are the solutions. When the site is back up, you will see Gore is highly impressed with my ideas and hard work, in the 90's. It's just Gore too will not allow solutions since 93/4 and a provable 98. It's in his letters to me that I got cuz I met Joe Kennedy, yes the Joe Kennedy who was so impressed with me that he got my daily requests past Gores subordinates to Gore. All true. Joe along with Gore and NPOW, McKibben and his Got Earth To 400+, and more are all in the website and have their own chapters in my book a decade ago. So soon, within days to a week go to, then give NPOW this scolding and support the one person who has solutions. In the meantime check out Third District, Summit County, Park City UT case number 170500002, an attempt to get an injunction preventing Sundance from showing Gores second fraudulent movie, because Sundance is fully aware that Redford, Sundance and Gore have all prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4. This case proves they continued that FRAUD showing this movie, still preventing solutions when they continue to have exactly zero solutions. So I'll look forward to seeing you on Team Achieve soon.

Then I added this -  Nuno Matos Lopes, Andrew Elm and Jessica Gazzin, look for yourself on Not Protecting Our Winters page in the website. These comments are going to be there, to prove how horribly someone with solutions is treated by people who cheer lead we need solutions, but degrade someone with solutions. Andrew you should be a 9-11 truther, because then you'd have an intelligence. Just to let you know, at the plane crash site, you need a plane, times two on 9-11. Plus everything else that proves 9-11 was an inside job. And Jessica, yes I voted for President The Donald Trump, because it so nice to not have global eco terrorists, radical communists and caliphate soldiers in the White House. And it is so good that the complete criminal Killary didn't take the capliphate baton from caliphate Barack, because you aren't going to like the sharia world Killary promised her middle east donors. But look for yourself on the website.


Then NPOW blocked me, so my comments were not seen in this feed or ever again, because no one can know NPOW is a fraudulent organization. 


Then NPOW posted this. Nuno to answer your question, over 70 cents of every dollar donated goes directly into our advocacy and education programs, which focus on engaging the outdoor community on key issues in the climate fight. For great examples of our advocacy work, check out: and Also a great overview on our programs here: The other 30 cents? Funds our team of five staff members who are obsessively tackling this issue every single day.


This is bull. NPOW does not one bit of good, ever or ever will, and NPOW only has staff who is obsessed with ensuring solutions are never implemented. The our work page is a shallow shell. The first two paragraphs are big words but says nothing. Then it says this.

POW works creatively and opportunistically and focuses on three main areas:

youth education, advocacy and community-based activism.

Well NPOW's education is such a proven failure, that 99.mosteveryone including NPOW workers and supporters are environmentally illiterate. Lets prove this another way. Reader to look at whatever nothingness NPOW is promoting as education, the look at the EE education. No comparison. Plus NPOW is only working on youth education, when 99.mosteveryone is environmentally illiterate, so shut up NPOW. Don't worry NPOW's advocacy will be the solution. defines advocacy: the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. Great, anyone can support a cause, so this is more worthlessness. Community-based activism must be the grand slam that will achieve. No, not a chance. Not their activism. Again their activism is a proven complete failure. NPOW has made ski towns their business, and ski towns continue to expand their already beyond environmentally abusive operation. So just shut up NPOW. Close your doors or go turn yourself in. You are environmental frauds and global eco terrorists, whose inaction according to you and those you partner with, causes entire island nations to be completely destroyed.

So, this is how someone with solutions is treated by NPOW, and those who cheer lead NPOW. As proven, the cheer leaders instantly hurl insults at you, never asking what isn't being done and accurately turning their displeasure those who are preventing solutions. But like I care. Margaret Thatcher used to say, I like when people insult me personally, because it means they have no substance to stand on. What is worthy of caring about, is that you are stonewalled from achieving what they have proven they can't, but non stop cry out for. NPOW has never once called and I don't think ever even replied to solutions. Auden hasn't. Never. Since the 90's. NPOW cheer leaders have no solutions, and as proven insult solutions. Big Sky has NPOW cheer leaders. It's in my book, someone put a NPOW sticker on my car. Then when I saw that someone, I said Cooper. She laughed, thinking I was on board. Scary is that today Cooper has reproduced, and like all other Big Sky parents, Cooper can't be bothered to lead the world to protecting our winters or her kids future. So bottom line is, NPOW is just one big nothing, who truly believes they are everything. 

The second November 28, 2017 NPOW facebook post is about how happy NPOW is to take some kids money from him. This poor kid, actually thinking that because an organization says it's working for a cause, means the organization is. NPOW isn't and won't. So sorry Bo, but if you are serious about wanting solutions Bo, the Environmental Educator is the only person who can give them to you. 

NPOW posted this text. The post had a picture of the note, with a picture apparently that Bo drew of skis and a snowflake. 

"I collected this money instead of getting presents for my birthday. It's a donation for POW.

Love, Bo Pfaffman.

3rd grade. 9 years old. Carbondale, CO." 


We received this note in the mail along with a donation last week, and are still picking ourselves up off the ground. The future is bright with kids like this in the world.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Bo. 

PS. Your birthday present is in the mail. 😉


I replied to Bo. 


Actually Bo Pfaffman, sorry but your future isn't bright, not with Not Protecting Our Winters preventing the solutions the world needs so you have winters in your future. In a few days go to and learn the truth about this fraudulent organization, who has prevented the education and agenda the world needs, since the day they opened their doors a decade ago. If you are truly interested in solutions, I can't wait to have you on the Environmental Educator team. Ask this fraudulent organization for your money back, they are wasting it running a fraudulent organization and Not Protecting Our Winters needs to close their fraudulent doors. 


Then I replied to NPOW, telling them to not steal a kids money. 


Not Protecting Our Winters you need to give this young boy his $$$ back. Your fraudulent selves, who have prevented the solutions you seek and have proven you do not have, can not take this kids $$$ from him. How low are you to do this? Give this kid his money back, and tell him why, because you are complete frauds who have prevented the education and agenda the world needs since you opened your doors. 


I'm pretty sure NPOW kept this kids money. Then NPOW blocked me from posting on their facebook page, because NPOW never has and never will have any interest in solutions that will protect our winters, solutions NPOW has proven they are baffled to. 

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