"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed;

everything else is just public relations."

George Orwell

Ski town papers are public relations.

The EE is journalism.

Stay Tuned - More Truth Coming

Big Sky, Vail, Aspen, Not Protecting Our Winters & more

Check out this open letter to US National Public Servant Candidate,
who is called to service,
but ignores Big Sky hatred of America,
bringing foreigners here to work
when 102 million Americans don't have a job.

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I'll Let You Know When Someone

Will Lead The World With The Environmental Solutions It Needs

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When Planning Where To Spend Your Tourist $$$$ - Remember Big Sky MT,

Hates America - Isn't Hiring Americans,

Has 4 Ski Areas & Negative Environmental Interest,

& Won't Give The World The Environmental Solutions It Seeks

Because Big Sky Doesn't Have To & Big Sky Doesn't Care.

Chamber board member Greg "Carney" Lisk, co-owner of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill

with Kyle Wisniewski, emailed me knowing I'm Big Sky blacklisted from employment,

by employers who tell the government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans, 

& BS won't partner with the EE to lead the world environmentally,

"I enjoy, like everyone else to see how much free time you have.".

Don't Spend $$$$ in Big Sky - Especially at the Riverhouse

which I call the 3T's because it is where Big Sky's

treason against America, global eco terrorists & brutal fascists tyrants gather.

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