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As UnEnviromental

as he is


Barack is as unenvironmental as he is unAmerican. Barack's administration would not allow environmental solutions since his first campaign started. I said since you are serious about environmental solutions, get the world environmentally literate and solutions implemented now during the campaign, showing true leadership. Then even if you don't win the progress can't be undone. So having not allowed solutions during his entire collapsing America terms, Barack and friends, and their resistance movement to the American in the White House again, is now criticizing Trump for not believing the environment is a situation. That and for doing America the courtesy of taking the U.S. out of the horrible and will never achieve Paris Agreement. Sure this agreement is going to achieve. Sure, just like all the others did. This Paris Agreement will achieve the same exactly huge negative results, every other global environmental treaty and agreement has. Barack signed this agreement, because Barack did everything he could, and still is trying to do to completely collapse America. Then in December 2017 Barack was pretending to still be our brutal dictator, and spoke in front of business leaders in Paris, Barack insulted Trump stating, “I grant you that at the moment we have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue,” which Reuters reported 'was met with laughter from the room full of French former ministers and CEOs at the invite-only event'. What Barack will never tell the world is the truth. Had Barack allowed the needed environmental solutions, the Environmental Educator would have already solved this problem, so this wouldn't be on Trump's desk, and the Paris Agreement would have never happened. Trump and anyone has the right to not believe whatever they don't believe. No one has the right to prevent the solutions they globally seek, and prevented solving, so therefore no one including Barack has the right to insult Trump for the mess Barack left of his desk. Which is the same mess Gore has left on the global plate since a provable 98. 

When Barack first took his White House oath, when he must have had his fingers crossed, a letter from me was arriving at the White House. It outlined everything in this website, and how his campaign would not allow solutions.  Later that day or the next when business was getting going, I called the White House and asked to speak to Barack. I was told I need to talk to a staffer. I said you don't understand. I have the light years best environmental education and agenda the world needs, that his staff aren't getting to him. I need to talk to him. I was hung up on. A couple years later, Barack signed the indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens without charge or right to due process into law. This violates a good percentage of U.S. citizens Constitutional rights. It is pure totalitarian, that was put together by the always treason against America national public brutal dictators. Which is why only countries like North Korea, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia allowed it. And then it came to Amerika's land. When Barack put this nail in America's coffin, I called the White House comments line, and left a how treasonous of you message. It was as crystal clear as the message I left the NRDC president, with a tone that let them know how much treason this is. When I called back to leave another message, my phone was automatically disconnected, apparently blocked by this radical communist administration. So thank you President The Donald Trump for apparently correcting this. I get through to the White House comments line again, since I tried after The Donald brought in his hammer to take the nails out of America's coffin. That includes citizens right to call their public servant administration. Then at some point in his reign I guess we should call it, Barack brought down the quality of my neighborhood by stopping by, and staying about 1/4 of a mile from me at the Big Sky Resort sweatshop. He wasn't here to see me. Barack doesn't do environmental solutions. Maybe he stopped by to thank Big Sky Resort for operating a "we don't have to hire Americans", death to America sweatshop. But it was interesting in my neighborhood for a couple of days.


Barack's Secretary of Energy Steven Chu was also not allowing solutions. At a MT national public servant Max Baucus event, Steven spoke saying everyday he looks for a home run, but the world needs a grand slam, and inaction is not an option, the risks are too great, etc.  In the question and answer session, I was next in line for the mic, when Baucus's top security Jake Maciag ushered me out. Jake brought me to a back room across the hall from the auditorium, where a uniformed Butte MT policeman and Steven's top security guy were waiting for me. Stevens guy said he was local Butte but I don't believe him. Scariest thing about this kidnapping was, two things. The sheriffs assured me I was kidnapped, but would not do anything about it, even though about 12 professional cameras were recording the event, which shows force and me having done nothing wrong. Scarier was the volunteer communists Americans in the 2,000 person audience. Not one person said let her speak. No. But they knew who I was, because 24 hours earlier Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO had the same audience applaud me. It's all on tape. Then the volunteer communist citizens snickered at me be driven away from the auditorium in a golf cart, after Steven finished and was offstage and the crowd left, when I was driven by Hitler's soldier Jake out. They snickered at me, as if I was the bad person there. Volunteer communists in Butte MT, which prides itself on calling itself Butte America. And what did Steven do when I got ushered out? At first it seems he watched, then it all happened so fast, but in glimpse when I turned around while being taken away, it seemed that Steven turned his back so he didn't watch. Steven then waited for me to be out, before he answered ridiculous questions with blah, blah, blah, ridiculousness as answers. What did they prevent me from doing? From saying Steven I send you the grand slam. I have it right here, but since environmental solutions are not allowed by this global eco terrorists, communist dictatorship and caliphate soldiers Barack administration, that had to be censored. But it really wasn't, because Steve Ballmer had the audience applaud me for it 24 hours earlier.  But it was censored from Steven, who knew it was coming. Jake had stopped by my exhibitor booth before the speech, to see what my intentions were. I said I have no intentions, but I will be asking a question. Jake said we'll I can't guarantee you'll get to the mic. I said I'll get there. Then there was a wait for Steven to come on stage, and some man told the audience Steven is here but there is a delay. I was like, I know who they are talking about. So I truly believe Steven knew why I was being taken away, and why he allowed it. And why did I allow it? To not be the crazy woman on the Montana evening and maybe CNN news. Woman has solutions Steven seeks, so she tried to present them to Steven, to be portrayed as the crazy woman who was kicking and screaming while our brutal dictators removed her. That's why. 

I like my website host, but so far I haven't figured out how to load up my videos. I can only link to youtube videos, which I haven't had time to do yet. So I'll sum up that event with these boards from EE education Friday of week 12, Lack of White House Leadership.

Details of this truly communist dictatorship action, are in Barack's chapter in my book. But after this I called and emailed Stevens office. By email I mean what I do with many emails. I'll send the same email multiple times in a row, late when people aren't emailing businesses, so the subject box doesn't get missed. With some, a few like I'm sure I've done to Gore sometimes, maybe I did load up enough so it filled the whole page to be sure they didn't miss it, but wa, you shouldn't have kidnapped me. So a couple days into this, and maybe a couple of chats with a proud to prevent environmental solutions Amy, Amy said I'm going to put you through to someone who can help. Next I heard was federal security. I was told to not bother Stevens office again. Well I could send I think one email a week, but only one, not multiple so they can't miss my email, and I could not call. As always I said put that in writing. We don't do that. It's in our files. Don't test us. So I'm not even sure if I even sent one a week. The Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, preventing the solutions he seeks, and being the complete nazi fascist that he is in the process. Steven flow from DC to Montana and back, to do this ridiculous speech, then wouldn't allow the solutions he sought. Great use of tax payer plane and greenhouse gas emissions, and that oil demand we're trying to reduce. Steven should have went to this meeting without going to meeting, like Warren Buffet this at this event using technology. 


Amy could have simply gotten my emails and ignored or deleted them, like she ignores or  deletes so many others. But with mine she knew the office was wrong in not doing this, so she didn't want to be reminded of that. So working for this communist administration and government in general, Amy like so many others, did what good communist workers do, especially government communist workers, she threatened to have me arrested for having solutions they won't allow. So like when James Hansen's office threatened me with the same, I didn't bother James or Steven again. Until their chapters in my book, and a decade later with this.

Barack wouldn't talk to me, and neither would Joe Biden when he stayed about 1/4 of a mile from my door in Big Sky. When Joe was there I left a message with the security check point. I said I know you are going to say you can't get this to Joe, but I also know you really can, so I'm just going to leave this here and hope I get a call. Then I went to the hotel front desk. I said, you can leave a message for a guest here. The lady worker said yes. I handed her paper saying Joe Biden. Her mouth dropped and I turned around silently laughing all the way to the door.  I said come over, lets talk. Just like I've told Bill Gates in my book, because I can give him his Zero Wish, and he literally has a home 1,000 feet up the hill from me. Come over, but they haven't. Maybe someday Bill will. Barack, Joe and Steven truly need to be in prison for their endless treason and global eco terrorism.


While unfortunately for America, death to America Barack remains a free person, environmentally Barack needs to shut up and stop criticizing Trump for not being environmental. The unenvironmental Barack was too, it's just Trump is honest about it. Environmentally Barack was as not forthcoming about his true White House activities, as he was about so many other dark dark dangers Barack did to America. But if Barack had allowed  solutions, this situation would be solved, and it would be one less thing Trump has to deal with. Considering Barack left Trump and America with so much damage, and $20 trillion currency collapsing debt to deal with, Barack you could have done one good thing while you were dividing, destroying, bankrupting, invading and collapsing America. 

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