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Open Letter to Ryan Zinke

Secretary of the Interior

before the letter - enjoy Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

Bryce is like nothing you have ever seen before.

December 5, 2017

Ryan Zinke,

Are you aware that the per the Department of the Interior website, climate change is one of your top priorities? I find that interesting because when you were a national public non-servant in the form of a congressman, you or your office on your behalf, has not given the world the light years best environmental education and agenda that the world non stop cries out for. As a national public servant who deals with global issues, it was your responsibility to give the world desperately needed solutions when they were presented to you. It actually is your responsibility to talk to people with solutions, but public servants never think that, or allow that. It's not like I didn't try. So here we are, with your public servant responsibility being upgraded to the Secretary of the Interior, a President Cabinet member. A cabinet member who today has climate change as one of your six top priorities.  

Under Climate Change on, it says,

The U.S. Department of the Interior manages one-fifth of the land in the United States, 35,000 miles of coastline, and 1.7 billion acres of the Outer Continental Shelf. The Department also upholds the federal government's trust responsibilities to 567 Indian tribes; conserves fish, wildlife, and their habitats; manages water supplies for more than 30 million people; and protects America’s natural treasures.

The impacts of climate change have led the Department to focus on how we manage our nation’s public lands and resources. The Department of the Interior contributes sound scientific research to address this and other environmental challenges.

That is it. That and these five agencies, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Climate Science Centers, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey that were links to their sites. That's it. Top Priority and not a solution on the agenda. Actually there isn't even an agenda. In 2017 going on 2018 the DOI is only going to contribute to sound scientific research. That's it. We have done decades of research, while huge negative environmental consequences have been achieved, because no solutions are implemented. And still solutions are not even on the agenda. Not even a pretense of solutions. It doesn't even have any goals, that like everyone else they will never achieve, but you could at least pretend. Today contributing to sound scientific research should be much lower on the to do list, well below implementing solutions which needs to go to the top of it, so we stop creating environmental challenges. We start fixing them. Sure these departments probably cheer lead themselves making it sound like problem solved, but that isn't true. Because these departments have been doing their does not achieve work for decades, as they continue to announce how desperate they and the world are for solutions. So desperate, it is a top DOI priority. Now the DOI needs to get on solutions, real solutions, the Environmental Educator solutions.

Like your national park concessions. They are doing great environmental things, in words that is. Xanterra who operates many park concessions, including big parks like Yellowstone, have refused since 2011 to lead the world to the needed environmentally literate and reusable world the world still needs. They have a chapter in my book. Xanterra was very hostile to even listening to work that was and remains significantly superior to the not great things they promote as great. Hostile as in their lawyer a Kirk Anderson sent me an intimidating email, which is below this letter, along with all the emails that had been sent, proving this intimidation was unwarranted. Who does Kirk think he is, a national public non-servant, treating people like this? But this is how you get treated when you have solutions that are light years ahead of what companies like Xanterra are willing to do, but promote as grand. But Ryan Zinke, our national park concessioners need to do much better, but as Xanterra proves, they won't voluntarily. 

The big thing was converting Xanterra's disposable food concessions to reusable. And of course ending our environmental illiteracy. Both of which are still needed. Instead Xanterra promotes their remedial and environmentally abusive recycling program. I work to reduce by reusing which doesn't have recycables. Xanterra does the abusive recycling, which needs to change, but won't until you Ryan Zinke mandate this responsible solution. Change by you, with the impressive title you have Ryan. The Interior Department needs to partner with the Environmental Educator, and by partner I mean work with as a paid consultant not only with the DOI, but the departments under you and their contractors. Then the Department of the Interior must mandate all concessions must become reusable, and so much more regardless of how opposed Xanterra is to it.


These solutions can't be argued against, especially at a time when there is nothing else or better to try. Whatever government money is finally spent on giving the world the environmental leadership it needs, it is a small fraction of what the U.S. government is spending to simply restore the power grid in Puerto Rico. You know, a place that suffered devastating consequences from our unsolved environmental challenges. 

This is giving the world the environmental leadership it needs. Ryan you boast about your leadership skills, so how about showing us some? I tried to get this to you when you were a Montana national public servant. But people don't ever get to talk to their national public servants. It is outrageous how beneath our servants it is for them to talk to us, their bosses the public. It seems either your staffers suppressed the environmental solutions the world needs, or they presented them to you to have you mock leadership or caring about the environment. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that this didn't get to you, but I certainly tried. One time when I called and said I need to talk to Ryan, the receptionist basically said stop joking. Then I said I need to talk to the top person in your office. The receptionist said, he's in a meeting with Ryan. I said great, put me through I need to talk to them. She said who is this, and I replied their boss. I didn't get through, and I never got a return call. You or your office on your behalf showed you or they decided for you that you have no environmental concern. Ryan also had absolutely zero concern that 102 million Americans do not have a job, and that Big Sky brings foreigners here to work, and that I am basically blacklisted from employment in Big Sky because I asked Big Sky to be America's solution and stop being America's problem. 


Recently I've been trying to get to you through your head cheer leader, a.k.a. your wife Lola, your co-national public servant, who has some impressive title in Troy Downing's senate campaign. Weeks ago I sent Troy's campaign drafts of your and Trumps open letter. Yet still there is not one environmental solution in your DOI leadership. So apparently Lola is still making very bad decisions for our country, the world, and is censoring solutions that you need to get climate change off the DOI top priority list. For the readers here, co-national public servant because when Ryan had to vote for the citizens he represented in congress, Ryan would  post on facebook that he talked to Lola, as if this was a Zinke household decision. Apparently Lola didn't know her place, and never told Ryan you talk to the public when you are voting for the public, not me. No Lola liked her co-national public servant appointment. I was also was tickled pink. Sure, I wouldn't put Lola in charge of feeding stray cats, but Ryan put Lola in charge of making national decisions. I told Ryan that, but Ryan like the rest of DC simply doesn't talk to his bosses, the public. Servants not talking to their bosses only happens in DC. Not even talking to someone who has desperately sought global environmental solutions. 


So Ryan how about reversing all the bad decisions you, your staffers and Lola have been making environmentally? Ryan as a President Cabinet member who has climate change as one of your six top priorities, it is your responsibility to get desperately needed global solutions to the world. That is much more important than whatever studies you are participating in. It also is what is needed by the $20 trillion and multiples of that in unfunded liabilities, beyond broke U.S. U.S. leadership needs to operate to the financial betterment of the U.S. Implementing environmental solutions to solve problems, as opposed to paying for the consequences when solutions are not implemented is the leadership America needs. Anything less than immediately doing this, means we need a new Secretary of the Interior. Someone who has leadership skills and the character and integrity to do the right thing, and the intelligence to recognize solutions when they are in front of you.


Ryan it is also your responsibility to get this to President The Donald Trump's desk. Trump needs to give the world the environmental leadership and solutions it seeks. I'm doing this open letter, because environmental solutions to solve our environmental challenges are never getting through the DOI to you. I'm also telling Troy and Lola as soon as this website and letter went online, which should be Dec 6th, to get this to you, immediately. So you can lead and also get this to The Donald, so he can give the world the environmental Christmas present it has sought for decades. Also so his environmental critics are silenced, because had any of them allowed solutions since 1993, this wouldn't be on Trump's desk to solve. Also because $20 trillion in currency collapsing debt America, has much better things to do with money, than using it on research and rebuilding completely devastated islands, instead of using a fraction of that cost to implement solutions. Or worse, continuing to choose to ignore solutions. 

Anything less than hearing from you and The Donald by say December 10, 2017, proves that you Ryan Zinke have no interest in real environmental leadership. Or that Troy and Lola kept it censored this from you, and therefore The Donald and the world. Don't do that Troy and Lola, the world will know and you will not be as proud when the world knows, then when it was censored so it was easy to be proud of doing wrong. Guaranteed. Global humiliation is everything you have ever seen it be, and it doesn't come with pom poms Lola. Ryan needs to show us his much talked about character, integrity and leadership skills, or get out of the way so someone with those qualities can lead and do what the world desperately needs. So needed that it is a top DOI priority. So Try and Lola get this to Ryan, immediately. I mean immediately upon being informed of this. This is a weeks old request, that to date has not gotten their cooperation.  But Troy and Lola you must change that. Ryan needs give the world a Christmas present. Ryan you, which from experience I assume means you and Lola, decide which one it is. Give the world the environmental solutions the world for decades has sought and solve one of six of your departments top priorities, or give the world your resignation so someone with character, integrity and leadership skills can.

I'd like to be happily surprised that when this finally gets to you, that will you be the leader I endlessly have to hear you are. Lead or get out of the way Ryan. 

Eileen Connors

The Environmental Educator

The Email Exchange Between Me and Xanterra

Proving I Didn't Harass or Anything Bad

Feb 7, 2011

Dear Ms. Connors:


I have read your numerous e-mails to Cathy Relihan, Executive Assistant to Andrew Todd of Xanterra Parks & Resorts, including the one below.  These e-mails contain numerous false statements and are offensive and threatening to Xanterra and Ms. Relihan.  Xanterra hereby demands that you cease sending false, threatening and offensive communications to Xanterra and that you cease all other actions intended to harass Xanterra and damage its reputation.  Thank you for your immediate cooperation.



Kirk H. Anderson

General Counsel

Xanterra Parks & Resorts®

These are the emails I sent with Cathy's replied.

I sent on 1-6-11

From: Eileen Connors 

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 9:07 AM

To: Cathy Relihan

Subject: happy envir new year??


I know you said Andrew & Chris were out until after the new year, so I just thought I'd send this reminder email. I can enhance their environmental efforts by light years, & millions of Environmental Educator magnets and stickers could be sold in your retail operation this year. That would help expand the Environmental Educator to other languages,h and expose it to an international audience, giving humans the best chance of preventing emitting the greenhouse gas that will break the environments back.

I can meet these guys by phone, in Yellowstone or Denver as soon as they are willing to achieve light years more, light years faster.

Let's make this a good environmental new year.

Eileen Connors

cathy replied with this

Cathy Relihan  01/06/11 at 9:36 AM
Eileen Connors
I forwarded your email to Chris Lane.  He leaves on a 2-week vacation Jan 13 so he may or may not have the time for a meeting prior.  I will send your follow-up e-mail to him this morning.

Thanks, Eileen.

Cathy Relihan
Executive Assistant to Andrew N. Todd
Xanterra Parks & Resorts |
Tel: 303.600.3406  Fax: 303.600.3606

January 11, 2011 there was this correspondence


Thank you for proposing the Environmental Educator program. Currently, Xanterra has embarked on a comprehensive environmental education program very different from this. If we determine that your program may fit into our current efforts, we will contact you.


Chris Lane

Vice President, Environmental Affairs

Xanterra Parks & Resorts


Cathy Relihan

Executive Assistant to Andrew N. Todd

Xanterra Parks & Resorts |

Tel: 303.600.3406  Fax: 303.600.3606


-----Original Message-----

From: Eileen Connors 

Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:07 AM

To: Cathy Relihan

Subject: iphone just rated my app strong


Just fyi here, iphone just rated the Environmental Educator app strong. I hope Chris has a good trip and we talk when he gets back. Xanterra can help get this education to the world.


January 12 2011 there was this exchange.


Thank you for your additional comments.  I will make sure the appropriate individuals see a copy of all your correspondence.


Best regards,



Cathy Relihan

Executive Assistant to Andrew N. Todd

Xanterra Parks & Resorts |

Tel: 303.600.3406  Fax: 303.600.3606


-----Original Message-----

From: Eileen Connors 

Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 9:09 AM

To: Cathy Relihan

Subject: forward last email 2 pres


That last email that was a reply to Chris needs to also be forwarded to I believe Andrew, your President whose letter to the public makes people believe he'd be doing so much more environmentally if only he knew what to do. He needs to know Chris is maybe not on board with that. Maybe it's Andrew I need to be talking to so he can direct Xanterra to significantly better environmental achievement that Chris is too fast to dismiss but will wish he hadn't when the Environmental Educator does a week on what Xanterra won't allow.

This needs to be Chris's bosses, the top guys decision because Chris appears to not be interested in light years better achievement. I'll get Xanterras cooperation. It would just be better if I got it voluntarily, or if need be, exposing what isn't being allowed always gets people to finally do the right thing. Neither one of us want that.

I need to talk to Chris's boss.

Environmental Educator

Then there was this which prompted Kirk's reply. Sure there was a little well earned sarcasm, but nothing that Kirk implied.

From: Eileen Connors 
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 4:26 PM
To: Cathy Relihan
Subject: InGreenwashingWeekXanterraShouldSay???


Hey Cathy,

I'm just wondering how much negative information Xanterra and Andrew Todd wants me to about them in my Greenwashing Week of the Environmental Educator, which is tenatively scheduled for summer 11, and will then be out there forever.


Have Andrew call me so we can

 1 - embark on a light years real cutting edge environmental agenda

 2 - environmentally educate Xanterras staff to light years above anything Chris Lane could ever come up with,

      regardless if he believes his program will be "comprehensive"

 3 - put Environmental Educator magnets and stickers in your stores to

      a - introduce this to your global audience who may have never heard of it yet

      b - generate revenue for Xanterra and the Environmental Educator which will mean

            1 - the Environmental Educator can hire interpreters so this desperately needed education gets put in

                 front of the world faster

 4 - give us a chance of preventing emitting the greenhouse gas that will break the environments back.


I'm writing my Greenwashing week as you read. I've been doing a lot of traveling and students especially are all for keeping us in a livable planet, and they want the highest level environmental agenda in action, and they love my stickers and magnets so the definately would buy them in your stores.


Once I put my light years better analysis to the public, it will be out there forever, which will be longer than Andrew will continue on as President of this company, because once exposed Xanterra will insist on new leadership that will embark on cutting edge environmental agendas.

I'd have Andrew call me.


Environmental Educator

Eileen Connors

There isn't one thing here that warranted Kirk's intimidating reply, or Cathy forwarding this to Kirk. This is how you get treated when your work is light years ahead of anything people are willing to work to. Xanterra continues to not allow solutions that are far superior to anything they are willing to do and promote as grand. Ryan Zinke needs to put an end to this.

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