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President The Donald Trump,

The US government is beyond $20 trillion in currency collapsing debt, with multiples of that more in unfunded liabilities. So to save money the US government doesn't have, it is long overdue for the US government to immediately start taking advantage of the foreign worker program the treason against American government allows. 

It  was recent headlines that federal workers get a reported 1.77 times what private sector workers get. A Nov 11, 2010 Politifact article reported Rand Paul said, "The average federal employee makes $120,000 a year. The average private employee makes $60,000 a year.", which the Bureau of Economic Analysis backed up. Then they get benefits galore. They get vacation pay, holiday pay with more holidays than anyone, sick pay, personal time. They get medical and dental insurance, and a retirement plan. The Donald it is long overdue for the federal government to participate in the death to America foreign worker program, that the sweatshop tourist industry can't get enough of. 

The Donald you can ask any Big Sky employer, which is Big Sky Resort, Bucks T-4, the 320 Guest Ranch, Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky Cleaning and I'm sure others, just how easy this is. All you do is offer wages that are significantly below the cost of living, preferable  fifty cents over minimum wage, with out a benefit in the world, and when the federal government can't get workers, then they can tell themselves they need death to and treason against America foreign workers. Better is, then these foreigners can go get as many jobs as they want, so they can take more jobs near federal facilities, putting more Americans out of work and making more workplaces a bigger and bigger sweatshop. It is just more out of control US government for the US government to not already be involved in this program. 

The Donald you must immediately sign an executive order that states, immediately all federal pay is just above minimum wage, without a benefit in the world. There is no vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, personal time. There is no insurance whatsoever.  There is no overtime. There is nothing except just above minimum wage. When you change jobs, you hear what the new job starting wage is, because your experience doesn't count. Period. Oh, and soon you will work behind foreigners. They will rule your workplace, like invaders and illegals rule America these days. Especially since there will be much more of them. That The Donald is the sweatshop tourist industry, because when congress committed the treason of allowing the foreign worker program,  this sweatshop industry didn't even have to try free market capitalism, because this sweatshop was offered on a silver platter. 

Thing is, this sweatshop is also available to the get paid by taxes industry. All federal, state, county and town employers need to get on board this program. Why do tax payers have to pay a mandated tax, to pay the incredible wages and benefits that workers who get paid by taxes get? That is crazy, and so outdated these days. 

President The Donald Trump this is long overdue, and needs to be mandated to be effective immediately. Tell the federal workers when they quit, that is it they quit. No severance pay. Then at least when Americans call their federal national public servants, it will be a foreigner laughing in their face, instead of a treason against America American being outraged that an American wants a job and their town is beyond abusing this program. Let these federal workers, who are as guilty of treason against America as the brutal national public dictator whose office they work in, know what it is like to work behind foreigners, or not work because foreigners. They are all so annoyed that you think their boss, your servant would care. None do. Not even I don't care about Americans Ryan and his appointed co-brutal dictator Lola Zinke. These not servants but brutal dictators don't destroy America by themselves. It takes their staffs cooperation, and the staffers at national public servant in actuality brutal dictators offices could care as less about America and Americans as the brutal dictator they idolize. 

President The Donald Trump it is long overdue for the federal government to partake in this program. Immediately all federal pay must be brought in line with the sweatshop our brutal dictators offer, but only the private sector like the sweatshop tourist industry can't get enough of. 

So The Donald I expect to hear this announcement immediately. 

Eileen Connors

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