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The Yellowstone Club

Destroys EE Property


the YC Tyrants Can

All of this

was on the plowed line.

This shows the force of this vicious attack by the huge plow

the YC sent out to destroy 

my property.

The YC now runs all three Big Sky downhill ski areas, the YC, Big Sky & Moonlight Basin. No one should ever support ski areas run by such assaulting criminals, all because Big Sky and the YC has negative environmental interest.

Since the EE is basically blacklisted from employment in Big Sky, for asking BS to be decent and quality people which is never going to happen, I had some time to take signs to the street. I have the time because BS being so proud to not employ Americans or lead the world environmentally, I didn't have a job to go to, so I can't afford insurance or a ski pass so I can't ski, which is the only reason I live here. BS residents get so much sick and demented pride and pleasure from this, so I thought I'd let people know this sick truth. 


I had called the sheriff office to see where I could put signs, and they said the pullouts were fair game. I emailed the sheriff Brian Gootkin and told him that I could use some help keeping the peace, because I have been threatened with violence by the has no quality Big Sky people before, and I knew these babies weren't going to react well to this, because Big Sky N Korea hates America starting with the first amendment. Then I got a call from a counselor that Brian had call me, because Brian thought I needed someone to talk to. I explained to the counselor what I need is to achieve, to my desperately needed global level, and this man believed me.


Then I went out to the streets with signs. It was bad enough near Big Sky Resort, with all the BS babies letting me know their disapproval and hatred of America, and their complete lack of respect for the environment, and Kevin Jong-un Germain reporting my email to spamhaus. Then I went to where I knew Bill Gates had to drive by to get to his beyond environmentally abusive YC home, when I assumed Bill was in town, because he is always here at Chrismas/New Years. I was in the parking lot across the street from the pullout the signs were in. Then a massive black beyond environmentally abusive SUV turned into the parking lot. Actually the driver, realtor I don't care if you have skiing in future in the ski home I make huge commissions selling Martha Johnson, had gone by the parking lot entrance but decided to turn anyways. So Martha took a sharp left turn, over lawn dropping about a foot down to finagle her way into the parking lot. Then Martha was on the phone. She never looked at me, but I watched her talking about an American getting past the North Korean Big Stepfordwifeville censorship, and getting truth out. Then Martha drove off, back the way she came, snapping pictures of my signs saying "I'm on it". 

Then the YC sent their huge massive plow out, days after huge plows aren't plowing because we didn't have new snow, to an area the YC doesn't plow. The plow blade was only down to hit my signs. This was an intentional and direct hit. I sent Brian and the counselor an email with the pictures on this page. I told Brain to never insult me again, and that the YC management needs to be ordered to anger management. 

That never happened. Even with a confession by YC plow driver Jake Rylander or something very close to a deputy, nothing happened. Jake drove down from the YC past me. Then I saw him coming back. Jack was moving much faster than speed limit, and put his blade down only when he got to my signs. How fast he was going, and the massive blow from this massive plow is demonstrated by how far my property was flown. Jake should have been ticketed and never allowed to drive a plow again. The deputy told me Jake was sorry. I said no way. This was a direct hit. Jake hit two sets of signs at both ends of the pullout, because he put his plow blade down only when he got to my signs. He also didn't stop, so this was a hit and run. I told the deputy to follow the order up the chain of command. No way was that going to happen, because I believe the deputy believes like I do that the command came from the YC top, and like the Clintons, there are no laws for the brutal fascist tyrants who run the YC and now basically Big Sky. I said at a minimum I need their insurance, because this was a hit and run. The deputy told me this was a civil matter and I could take the YC to court, he would do nothing else. I sent the YC a bill, with the first line item being for the 45 minutes it took me to pick up the wreckage. I never heard back from the brutally violent, needs anger management YC tyrants.

Actions say everything. This YC action best shows what the YC thinks of taking care of and respecting the environment, and the one planet we know of that supports life. That and giving their most prominent member the one wish he can't with all his money buy, but globally seeks. That and preventing wiping out entire island nations. But who cares about that? Not one person in Big Sky, the YC or the never buy real estate from her Martha Johnson. Not only does Martha not care if you have skiing in the future in the ski home she makes a huge commission selling you, but she and every other realtor in Big Sky doesn't care if your island, or coastal, or flood area suffers the consequences the experts say are because of our abuses, that Martha and BS and the YC will not help prevent. And to date Bill Gates. And sure Al Gore and every other environmental voice too. However thing is, most every ski town has two environmental workers. The ski area has one and the town has one. They at least pretends to care about the environment. They really don't but they at least pretend. Big Sky and the YC are so opposed to having respect for the one planet we know of that supports life, that they are his violently opposed. The YC needs to watch the Environmental Educator education, week 38, Wealth Is Not An Exception To Environmental Responsibility. Every other week to, but they need to understand wealth is not a golden ticket to living irresponsibly, and all their money can't restore all the consequences of their abusive actions. Plus it isn't like they are trying. I haven't seen them write a blank check to Puerto Rico, or Dominica, etc. Here are some EE boards to highlight that.

The Yellowstone Club now runs all three Big Sky downhill ski areas. They are they private and h you're not getting into YC. Which is fine. Actually when I lived in Vail, Vail and Beaver Creek were #1 and 2 on the Robb Report best ski areas. The ski area announced this is their clientele. The world's wealthiest is the clientele of a national forest public land ski area. How wrong is that? Very, so I told Vail. It was always obvious the Vail ski area had robbed public lands from the public,for the rich. In my book I call it the greatest heist of the 20th century. But Vail was so comfortable with it that Vail announced, this is our clientele after this article. So I told Vail, the real estate developers they are, to go build their own private ski area. But why do that when you have the jem of national forest ski areas? Yeah, I told Vail to do this long ago. But today the YC now also runs the private land, not national forest, Big Sky Resort and Moonlight Basin ski areas. They bought Moonlight Basin in bankruptcy, and with some agreement is the management at Big Sky Resort. No one should ever support a YC run ski resort, or area at any time of the year. No one should ever buy BS real estate, any BS real estate but especially a ski home from Martha Johnson, who is now an agent at the I believe YC associated Big Sky Real Estate Co.

This is how you are treated by Big Sky when you have the environmental solutions the world and the ski industry seeks. It isn't me saying the sky is going to fall in, it's the world and the ski industry. I just have the solutions both seek, but are baffled on how to solve. Also the YC Community Foundation donates to the Bozeman MT based Thrive organization (, because the YC is all about people thriving to their ability. Unless you have desperately sought after solutions, that even the ski industry cries out for. 

Scarier is the sick and demented pleasure Big Sky residents and business owners got from this, when word got around town. Even many people that used to be my good friends, got pleasure from this. Big Stepfordwifeville convinces themselves that being wrong in total, makes them right, and I'm the bad one here. BS cheer leads America, but is outraged when someone who isn't allowed to run paid ads in the North Korean Big Sky newspapers, uses the constitution to bypass BS's brutal censorship. But they love America, they just hate every fundamental principal of America, like free speech and free market capitalism where you offer wages and benefits until you attract workers, not kill America bringing foreigners here to work when 102 million Americans don't have a job, and you can't even lure people off of welfare. And you are proud to have a food bank. Big Stepfordwifeville.

Below are more images of this horrific event that I firmly believe was a top YC management ordered hit.

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