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How about we start

treating Earth

with the respect

Earth deserves.

Our disposable society conveniences us out of the only livable planet that we know of. That needs to end. The world needs to go back to the future. Back to a reusable world when we didn't have environmental problems. 

The Environmental Educator Solutions The World Needs

The environmental solutions the world needs are as follows. 

1 - End global environmental illiteracy which the EE education does. 

2 -End our disposable society from homes to fast food to stadium concessions to packaging and transportation packaging. This is essential and works to reduce by reusing the top two levels of the environmental hierarchy.


3 - Gain individual cooperation because our global environmental solutions are each person replacing dozens of daily irresponsible actions with responsible actions. This is easy to do and is the needed immediate solution it is when done by all. 

4- Leadership by example, which doesn't exist today but the Environmental Educator will provide. 

5 - Hemp which can and needs to be used for everything. And last

6 - Clean energy which is needed but hasn't been achieved in four decades At best its dominance is a decade away, but the first five of the EE agenda are achievable virtually immediately, and would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago had anyone allowed solutions starting in Nov 93 when the EE started in Vail. 

O'Keefe & Project Veritas Demand Everyone Answer To Them,
But Won't Answer To Their Fraudulent Statements

O'Keefe & PV do what the people they question do, they run away from responsibility. Well actually PV gets testy and has a juvenile reply unprofessionally.

This is a March 2, 2022 message,

with unprofessional language.

00:00 / 01:17

This is a January 11, 2022. 

00:00 / 00:31

The same unprofessional PV employee sent me these text too.





to expose the entire environmental industry, starting with Vail, Gore, Redford, Sundance, NRDC & the UN since Nov 93, right up to Greta today. 

PV says they expose everyone, hides from nothing, has no agenda, won't censor you, wouldn't say anything they wouldn't stand behind, etc., but all of that is fraudlent. When asked about this, O'Keefe & PV won't, like everyone they ridicule. 

Open Letter To Trump & His

Envir Critics = Envir Voices

The Environmental Educator Dec 2017 Open Letter To Trump and his environmental critics. 

Trump lead the world into the needed environmentally literate and reusable future. Had any environmental voice, i.e. your environmental critics including Barack who is out bashing you, allowed solutions since 93/4, the Environmental Educator would have solved this global situation decades ago. So finally give the world the solutions it seeks & are on your desk.


Al Gore

Prevents Solutions Since 93/4

Al Gore has prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 94/5, and a provable 98. 

Yes you read that right, and it's true. Al Gore will not allow solutions. See his subordinate 95 letter to me, then Al's own letters to me in 98 & 99, stating he is impressed with my work and that my proposal has been read. Then see his office April 2017 email stating it is "pointless" to bother Al with solutions, so basically stop. 

EE Can Grant Bill Gates

His Zero Wish

The Environmental Educator can get 3 of 4 of Bill Gates Zero Wish variables to zero. 

Apparently no one else can get one to zero. Concerning is that Bill seems to have no interest in having his wish be granted. Bill supports high tech clean up of emitted pollutants, which is not a solution. Bill will not support the needed solution, which is not emitting pollutants, which the Environmental Educator can easily achieve. 


Greta has prevented the environmental solutions the world needs since Earth Day 2019. 

I'm why Greta didn't get a Nobel. 

"I am impressed with your hard work and commitment to the ideas contained in the material you provided to me. ... thank you for keeping me informed of your efforts and bringing this proposal to my attention."

Al Gore, September 1999

See Gore's 98 & 99 letters to me, proving he is impressed with my work and ideas, and he has fully read my proposal. Yet Gore still pretends to seek solutions, that he has proven he does not have, but worse will not allow since a provable 98. 


Truth To Gore.

Shut Up,

Go Away,

You Preventing

Solutions Fraud.

Listening To You

Drives People

To Drink

Environmental Voices Wall of Shame

Everyone you think

is on the environmental betterment job,


Learn the Truth.

Especially Inconvenient Truth To Gore

& Redford, Sundance, NRDC, Hansen, McKibben, Sanders,

Climate Reality Project, 350 = Got Earth To 400+, Greta, the youth in the youth climate case, Patagonia & Every other envir voice

Open Letter to Oscars

Officers & Documentary Governors

Gore's Inconvenient Sequel

Can't Be

A Best Documentary Contender

Gore's First Oscar Must Be Taken Back

& Get The Environmental Solutions

The World Needs To Your

Hollywood Environmental Voices

So They Can Give The World Envir Solutions

Think the Ski Industry Cares About The Environment?

Think Again.

Not Protecting Our Winters,

NSAA, Vail, Aspen, Yellowstone Club which runs the YC, Moonlight Basin and Big Sky ski areas,


Learn The Truth

The Exclusive Yellowstone Club

sent out their plow to destroy EE property, because the EE took signs

to the street asking Big Sky

to finally be decent people.

Realtor Martha -I don't care if you have skiing in future in the ski home I make $$$$ selling you - Johnson, gets an assist

to this violent attack.

The YC now runs all the downhill skiing in Big Sky.

All Big Sky businesses, residents & real estate agents

have exactly the same no respect for the environment,

& for America.


Is Global Warming Real? 

No One Knows & It's Irrelevant

Everything that is said to create global warming, 

causes so many other problems,

that it is just responsible

to live responsibly,

to reduce by reusing

the two highest levels of the environmental hierarchy.

Also why take the chance with destructive storms

that could be because of our emissions, 

when these emissions are so easy to prevent.

Independent News & Project Veritas,  &Propaganda Outlets

(mainstream fake/censored news that I called out a decade ago in my book)


that Gore and all environmental voices are preventing solutions frauds, since Nov 93. 


Gore's Climate Reality Project, 

McKibbben's Got Earth To 400+

& Not Protecting Our Winters

The Party Is OVER


who rob the public of their donation dollars. I've told you all forever now to close your fraudulent, prevents solutions doors. Do it. Then give back all the donations you stole, working against the cause while never telling your donors your the truth that you have been and are proud to prevent the solutions you pretend to seek and have proven you don't have. 

Dear Bill Gates

Dear Gore

Dear Oscars

EE Open Letters

Dear Bono

Worth The Read

Dear Trump


It's not okay.

Get environmentally literate & become good global citizens.

It isn't hard to turn electricity off, or reuse cups, etc.

Take Responsibility. Environmental 911 = You.

Contrary To Popular Belief

Wealth Is NOT An Exception

To Environmental Responsibility

See the Environmental Educator Book
Stop Terrorism U.S. Style
Greenhouse Gases Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction Too
The environmental education & agenda the world needs
& the 18+ year history of everyone who will not allow solutions.

history from Nov 93 to 2008 publication

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