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Bundy's Are Home

The Bundy's were set free yesterday, after just shy of 700 days in federal prison for Cliven, and a little less for the others who recently exited the actual prison, but weren't really free.

The Bundy's were not arrested because of fines. Many others owe the government much more than what the federal government says Bundy owes them. They were also not arrested because the government was protecting a turtle. The Bundy's stood up to the federal U.S. government, who had put every other rancher in their county out of business, something like 52 or 53. Bundy was the last one and Bundy wasn't just going to sign over his water and grazing rights, to the federal government who per the constitution isn't allowed to own land except for a few small parcels.

So the EE is very happy for the Bundy's and for America today. Quality men can go back to their families, back to being productive members of society. The EE hopes the federal overreach, which discovery in the Bundy case proves that the government planned and carried out a military operation against the Bundy's, gets rolled back, and public lands become accessible for the many purposes they have always been used for but recently the government continues to shut down.

The EE also hopes the Justice Department investigation into the Nevada and Oregon cases frees the Hammonds.


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