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Oscars Knowing Gore's Preventing Solutions Fraud Allows Sequel To Be Best Documentary Contender

The Oscars just announced that Gore's inconvenient sequel is one of 15 documentary that are contenders to be the final five in the Best Documentary category. The Oscars have done this having been presented for over a month that Gore is a complete fraud, who has prevented the environmental education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4 and a provable 98.

More interesting is that an Oscar Documentary Governor is Rory Kennedy, sister of Joe Kennedy, who was the person who got the Environmental Educator just about daily requests to Gore, past Al's subordinates to Al. Then the Environmental Educator got the 98 and 99 letters from Gore, stating how impressed he is with the Environmental Educator work and ideas, but basically and as proven, do not bother Al Gore with the environmental solutions Gore has proven he doesn't have and worse prevents.

The Oscars are fully aware of their fraud, through just about daily emails from the Environmental Educator, and even with proven delivery mail. Apparently the Oscars aren't going to care until the Environmental Educator gets the global break it needs to be leading global environmental policy, who will then have a global microphone. Then the Oscars will be globally humiliated and beg for forgiveness from this very serious and known to the Oscars fraud.

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