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Hansen & Youth vs the Gov Case Must Be Dismissed Info Arrived To Judge Today

James Hansen, NASA's top climate person and a decades long seeking environmental solutions vocal activist is suing the U.S. government along with a group of kids, because the government isn't doing enough environmentally for the kids. That sounds good until you realize that James Hansen is just one in a long line of high profile environmental activists who have prevented the solutions the world needs for decades, and in James case since November 2007 when the Environmental Educator was threatened with arrest and prosecution to the fullest extent of federal law if the EE bothered James with solutions again.

So today January 18, 2018 UPS has guaranteed delivery of this truth to Judge Ann Aiken who is ruling over the Juliana vs U.S. gov case. This delivery contains truth the and judge is previously unaware of, but must become global public knowledge, and this case must be dismissed because James and his co-plaintiff the Our Children's Trust who is representing the children, has proven their disinterest for the solution they seek for a year now, and James since 2007 with his very intimidating treatment of solutions the world needs.

So we will see what happens here, but it is crystal clear this case must be dismissed, and that James should never be allowed to pretend to seek environmental solutions or use his voice to announce how desperate the world is for solutions ever again.


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