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Oscars Need To Take Back Gore's Oscar & Get Envir Solutions To Green Celebs

About a week ago Fox news reported that Gore's sequel is on the Oscars short list for best documentary. Since then the Environmental Educator has been emailing the Oscars officers and governors, telling the Oscars to not include the sequel in the best documentary category, to take back the Oscar that Gore should have never accepted, and to get to all the green Hollywood celebrities that non stop announce the world needs solutions, the solutions the world needs. 

So far the second two seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Gore still has his Oscar even though the Oscars has proof that Gore has prevented the solutions Gore was impressed with in the 90's, and that Gore's office told the Environmental Educator in 2017 that it is pointless to bother Gore with solutions. This Oscar needs to be taken back, but to date and probably until this Gore truth becomes global headlines, the Oscars will continue to incorrectly cover for Gore and not take back his Oscar. The EE has told the Oscars that will not look good for you, to not do anything until this becomes global headlines, because this needs to be acted on immediately truth is in front of you. 

Also the Oscars seems to remain adamant that they will not inform their green celebrities, who non stop announce how desperate the world is for solutions, that solutions are available and that  they can use their voice for good, getting solutions implemented. Especially Bono who the Oscars can get to, and his One organization has climate change as a situation to solve, but has proved since One opened that they have no solutions and will never achieve this goal until they embark on the EE education and agenda. 

The Oscars has a responsibility to take back Gore's Oscar and get the environmental education and agenda that can't be argued against, to their celebrities. Until the Oscars does these needed and responsible actions, Gore's  fraud and celebs endless crying out for solutions and criticizing Trump environmentally will continu

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