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Oscars Needs To Unconsider Gore For The 2018 Honors

Sunday December 10, 2017 Fox news reported that Al Gore's Inconvenient Sequel is on the short list for Oscar contention. The Environmental Educator is contacting the Oscars, informing the Oscars submissions@, documentaries @oscars.com, because Al Gore is an environmental fraud who has prevented the education, agenda and solutions movie the world needs since 93/4 and a provable 98.

This just can't happen, again. Al Gore needs to return his first Oscar and Nobel Prize, because Al Gore has proven he has no solutions, and worse, prevents the solutions the world needs for decades. Had Al Gore allowed the Environmental Educator education and agenda since 93/4 when first asked, the Environmental Educator would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago.


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When Planning Where To Spend Your Tourist $$$$ - Remember Big Sky MT,

Hates America - Isn't Hiring Americans,

Has 4 Ski Areas & Negative Environmental Interest,

& Won't Give The World The Environmental Solutions It Seeks

Because Big Sky Doesn't Have To & Big Sky Doesn't Care.

Chamber board member Greg "Carney" Lisk, co-owner of the Riverhouse Bar & Grill

with Kyle Wisniewski, emailed me knowing I'm Big Sky blacklisted from employment,

by employers who tell the government they need foreigners because they can't get Americans, 

& BS won't partner with the EE to lead the world environmentally,

"I enjoy, like everyone else to see how much free time you have.".

Don't Spend $$$$ in Big Sky - Especially at the Riverhouse

which I call the 3T's because it is where Big Sky's

treason against America, global eco terrorists & brutal fascists tyrants gather.

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