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Oscars Told They Need To Take Back Envir Fraud Al Gore's Oscar

This past Sunday Fox news reported that the Oscars have Gore's sequel on the short list for best documentaries. Since Sunday, every night the EE has been emailing the Oscars that not only can this not happen, but Gore's first Oscar must be taken back, because I proved to the Oscars that Gore has been prevented the solutions he does not have and will not allow since a provable 98.

The Oscars isn't too happy about this. It isn't like they have told me that, but their silence is deafening. The Oscars acted fast to unmember Harvey Weinstein, once the truth the Oscar world had known forever got past all the censorship and into the public domain. Once the story broke, then everyone finally reported this known truth.

The world doesn't know about Gore's truth, because the same press has been censoring Gore's truth since the 90's. But the Oscars now does know this truth, yet they are not acting on it. I think Gore will not be in the best documentary category, but I don't think the Oscars will be quality enough people to break the truth to the world, and strip Gore of the Oscar he should have never accepted. Not until this story breaks, which the Oscars hope doesn't, just like it hasn't for decades now.

So the EE will continue to get the Oscars to take back the Oscar that Gore never should have accepted. Then the same has to happen from the Nobel Prize.

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