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Oscars Took Contact Emails Off Website, After EE Contacted Them Stating Gore Is A Fraud

Yesterday Fox reported that Gore's sequel is on the short list of Oscar best documentaries. Last night I emailed the Oscars and told whoever opened the emails to get them to the Officers and Documentary Governors, the top people. It stated what a fraud Gore is, that his sequel can't be in contention at the Oscars, and the Oscars must take the Oscar Al should have never accepted back. Today the Oscars website took down the contact emails they had public yesterday.

I've never been on the Oscars website until yesterday. I assume the public emails that were there yesterday, have been there. But they were gone today, which I believe is because of the truth I sent the Oscars last night. I told the Oscars in an email today, that that is like the NRDC president, who was on the phone system when I called one night, but not there shortly thereafter when I called back to leave her another message. That is on the NRDC page in the EE website. I explained exactly why she needed to resign, backed up with her own blog post stating our paralysis, meaning environmental voices don't know what to do.

I told the Oscars to see the 98 & 99 letters Gore sent me, stating how impressed he is with my work. Letters I got because I randomly met Joe Kennedy who after a 2.5 hour one on one conversation, was so impressed with me and my work, that he got my work past Al's subordinates to Al. The Oscars can easily verify this, because Joe's sisters Kathleen and Rory are an Oscar Officer, and a Documentary Governor.

So I just found it interesting that Oscar public contact emails were taken down, after Gore truth was presented to the Oscars through those emails.

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