Barack Has His Nerve Criticizing Trump Environmentally

December 9, 2017

By Eileen Connors the Environmental Educator


Barack has been out criticizing Trump environmentally, saying today the U.S. has a lack of environmental leadership. Like that is something new. 


Barack and all Trump's environmental critics have their nerve, acting like they did anything environmentally. Well besides achieve huge negative environmental results that is. Had Barack allowed solutions since his first presidential campaign when asked, our global environmental situation would have been solved long ago. Longer ago had Gore or anyone allowed solutions since 93/4 when first asked. 


Barack and everyone has prevented the Environmental Educator education and agenda the world needs since 93/4, starting with Gore, Redford, Sundance and the NRDC. Barack has been since his first campaign. These are solutions that can't be argued against, because they work to reduce by reusing the two highest levels of the environmental hierarchy. Basically this means ends our disposable society, from homes to fast food to stadium concessions to packaging and transportation packaging. This is needed and easy to accomplish, and or global environmental problems will never be solved until we end our disposable society. The EE will also end global environmental illiteracy, which is our biggest problem. 


So shut up Barack. Learn the Truth. Environmental


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